Pokémon Color Variants

v21.1 Pokémon Color Variants v1.2.1

This resource pertains to version 21.1 of Pokémon Essentials.
  • Removed Bitmap class overrides
  • Updated the plugin to work on Essentials v21.1
  • Added a pokémon variant star icon
  • Added an hue editor interface for modify the pokémons in real time
  • Modified the breeding mechanic to be more similar to shiny breeding
  • Modified the egg hatching scene to work with the plugin
  • Modified configuration variable names
  • Removed compatibilities with older plugins (they will be reintroduced in the future)
  • Optimized the code and added more comments
  • Rewrote the file hierarchy to be more modular and intuitive
  • Hue can now be applied to icons
  • Hue can now be applied to trainer's pokemons
  • Hue can now be applied to shiny and/or super shiny exclusively
  • Added a debug menu
  • Added compatibility with Visible Overworld Wild Encounters plugin
  • Fixed compatibility bugs with third party plugins