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Ambient Pokémon Cries 2017-07-21

Pokémon Essentials Version
v16.2 ➖
A 100% Plug-and-Play script for v16.2, it plays a random cry of a Pokémon on the route from all available encounter types, time allowing, every minute, plus/minus rand(5) seconds (but that's the default, play with the constants, yeah)
Optionally, it allows you to disable and enable the cries with a switch.
Place it in any script section under PField_Field, because it uses the Events Module, which is defined in PField_Field, and it will give an error otherwise.
Just me. Literally made this all in one day, with the logic all done this morning.
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  1. Roamers join the party

    Roaming pokemon will cry on maps they can be found on. They will be the only pokemon currently...