Pixel Slam Jam PIXEL SLAM JAM Season 3: Discussion

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Pixel Slam Jam Season 3 Discussion

If you have questions about the Pixel Slam Jam, want to gush about someone's submission, have ideas about a theme, or just want to talk about an ongoing or past Jam, this is the place!

History of Pixel Slam Jams
Trial I took place October 25th - November 1st 2020.
The prompt for this jam was two buddies with friendship for life.
This trial's winner was @AnonAlpaca!

What is the Pixel Slam Jam?
The Pixel Slam Jam is a friendly competitive event where participants create pixel art based on a theme. The submissions can be spliced sprites or scratch work, just so long as it's pixel art style! The goal of a Pixel Slam Jam Event is to give the Relic Castle Community an excuse to sprite for fun without having to worry about any kind of restrictions that come with spriting something for a game project.

After everything is submitted, the judges then give out a Pixel Slam Jam Badge to the entry/entries they feel utilized the theme best. Winners aren't chosen purely by technical skill, but also through their original design choices, and any backstory they put into their sprite; so even if you're just getting started with pixel art, we'd love to see you attempt the Slam Jam!

How to enter:
Whenever there is a Pixel Slam Jam underway, it will have its' own thread separate from this one. Just post your submission into the active Pixel Slam Jam thread, and you'll be entered.

  • You may only submit one pixel work per Jam, and it has to be a sprite you made yourself, for that Jam. Sprites made before the jam, even if they were made by you and fit the theme, are not allowed.
  • You're welcome to sprite in whatever software you like, and use any variety of pixel art style. Sprites do not have a color/size limitation, and they do not have to meet any standards of RMXP or other game making programs.
  • Only post your submission once it is finished. You are allowed to edit your post before the Jam ends, but edits should not be huge changes to the artwork you're submitting.
  • Collaborative entries are not allowed unless specified in the criteria for a specific jam.
  • When splicing from an unofficial source (Fan made sprites, this includes Pokemon from generation 6+) be sure to give credit where it's due
  • Critiquing any entries in the submission thread is not allowed. You are allowed to post your Pixel Slam Jam creation in feedback threads, or in the Relic Castle Discord if you want critique prior to actually entering the sprite. (It would be nice to mention that it's an entry, just to help the judges remain impartial)

Judging and winning:
  • Because writing critiques lengthens the Award Round, critiques are opt-in. Your submission will not receive critique unless you specifically request it in your submission post. (You're always welcome of course to post your work in one of the appropriate feedback threads)
  • A Pixel Slam Jam can have more than one winner. This usually isn't predetermined, but may occur when any of the following happen: A) The number of entries is high enough to justify it. B) The quality of entries is high enough to justify it. C) The judges pick a winner who already has won a badge from a past Pixel Slam Jam.​
  • After winning a Pixel Slam Badge, you are more than welcome to compete in future Pixel Slam Jams. However, you will not be awarded more than 1 badge.​
  • Judges usually consist of members of the Relic Castle Staff. If there are any special judges brought on for the event, they will be mentioned in that Jam's thread.​
  • Judges can enter a submission to Pixel Slam Jam for fun, but will not be considered during the Award Round.​
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Pixel Slam Jam #9: Buddies for Life! has just begun! Find out everything about this new round of Pixel Slam Jam in the thread below!


Aloof Unmoving Maiden
May 17, 2017
I'm hecka stacked this week, but I love this competition (the first one I ever did I think) so I'll be giving it a show when I have time!


Jul 3, 2017
Congratulations to the winner of Trial I, @AnonAlpaca! Find the results here:
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