Pixel Slam Jam PIXEL SLAM JAM Season 2 Trial III: Costumes and Disguises

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Can you manage your way through the perils of playing with tiny little colored squares?
This is the Pixel Slam Jam! Relic Castle's pixel contest that happens every once in a while!
Pixel Slam Jam Season 2 Trial III: Costumes and Disguises

Event dates: October 21st - October 30th 2017

Welcome to a slightly spoopy Pixel Slam Jam! This time we've got a theme that's open to spriting Pokemon or Trainers! Let's see some costumes and outfits fit for a masquarade!

Example sprite:


There are plenty of trainers with silly or quirky outfits, but Poké Maniacs and Poké Kids are trainer classes that specifcally wear costumes. There's also examples of trainers who wear a mask!
For examples of Pokemon, the most obvious would probably be Mimikyu, but there's also special Cosplay and Hat Pikachu who wear clothing.

Even without using clothing, there are pokemon that wear masks or disguise themselves!

About this event:
The Pixel Slam Jam is a friendly competitive event where participants create pixel art based on a theme. Submissions can be spliced sprites or scratch work, and do not have to fit the standards/limitations of Essentials or RMXP. If you have made something prior that happens to fit the current theme please do not submit it here; our goal with this event is to provide a fun exercise for our members. There is a special time window where submissions are accepted, and when that ends the judges take a short time after to collectively decide who to award and write up any critiques.

Event Objectives:
›Design a costume or diguise for either a Pokemon or trainer. If you're feeling ambitous, maybe a matching outfit for pokemon and trainer?!
›Post your pixel creation in this thread, and include your design thoughts with it!
›Mention in your post if you'd like to receive critique during the Award Round.
›Check back here after the conclusion to see who earned themselves a Pixel Slam Jam Badge!

Quick Rules:
›No submitting anything that was completed prior to the event.
›No Fakemon submissions for this round please!
›Do not critique in this thread. Got questions or comments? Post in the Pixel Slam Jam Discussion thread.
›One entry per person.

This Slam Jam not the theme for you? Check out some of these threads:
The Great Relic Castle Fake Off for designing fakemon from a prompt. Pixel style not required!
Make a Fakemon Game where everyone takes turns editing a sprite to completion. Allways open!
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The beetle is waking up
2nd entry gets 2nd place right? I wish :joy:

Meet a Spooky Sudowoodo. For Halloween Sudowoodo decided to dress up as a tree! Yep, totally a huge step away from its original design. He grabbed a brown potato bag, cut some parts, coloured in the eyes, and boom, a costume is made. It is very similar to the idea of putting a blanket over you to dress up as a ghost, but this is for a tree.

The actual design is very much based off the trees in the lost wood of Zelda BOTW, or at least that is what I was trying to go for.

I would very much appreciate honest and thoughtful critique, I am trying to get better at this whole pixel art thing.

Good luck to everyone who makes an entry!


does anyone read this?
Apr 16, 2017

a man and his hunter desided to go spoopy on halloween so they dressed as gaster and his gaster blaster, both wearing a mask
and for those who don't know what gaster is. its a hidden and spoopy mystery character from undertale
this dude: https://uru1.deviantart.com/art/W-D-Gaster-645551541

i would like to receive critique on this
good luck to everyone that enters!​


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Sep 19, 2017
I had to do it :


It's Z U B A T M A N. He's the hero this city needs, but doesn't want.

While this idea definitely isn't original, the outfit is (kinda). This was the first time I actually made my own trainer sprite (and finished it), so I'd love to get some critique too.

Good luck and have fun to the rest of you who are/will participate!​


Shuckle Kheen

Octillery needed a quick and cheap costume for his office's Halloween party so he got his good pal Smeargle to paint him up and put a cone of construction paper on his head. Also, he's totes ready for Super Mario Odyssey.

It's Octillery as a Blooper. I was going to do Indian Wedding Donphan or Ninja Shuriken Starmie but I needed to do something quick and easy because I'm really pressed for time right now :S​


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Mar 29, 2017

Hoothoot Girl

The awkward moment when you want a cute costume but end up with one of the scariest glasses out there making children cry....Doesn't help that they glow bright red in the dark.
Inspiration: Well, I wanted to make a costume out of a "scary" poke, not necessarily super scary but something well, dark so to say, but I also didn't want to do something out of the dark and ghost types because those are the obvious choices for a spoopy event, so whats better than a nocturnal pokemon without those types? Hoothoot stood out for me since the eyes would be a perfect mask-glasses for the jam, and came up with a design almost inmediatly....Except that I forgot my own limits of what I can do with pixel art and failed to scale down the eyes, resulting on this scary and derpy looking mask. I still like it, but I came way off on how I imagined it to be.



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Apr 1, 2017

Kinda a first at a 100% custom non ow sprite but anyways, it's a child trick or treating in a costume based pokémon's number one cosplayer: Mimikyu! Instead of Trick or treat they say Pikaboo! (Please note that it's holding a candy bag).
Anyways I wouldn't mind getting critiques/constructive criticism on it during voting.
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Happy Halloween everyone! Thank you all for participating in Pixel Slam Jam and making Relic Castle just that much more festive!
The judging wasn't easy with all these awesome sprites, but it never is. These extra spoopy Pixel Slam Badges are going to:

artcanary and Tomix9tomix

For spriting Pokemon with such adorably appropriate costumes. Artcanary, your sprite was done so well it honestly a bit of a pain to find someting to critque. Tomix9tomix, there are no placements in Pixel slams, but you can call it an honorary second if you really want to. Your costume idea is immediately funny and perfect for Sudowoodo.

Also a shout out to both Makattack202 and Alaguesia, who although they already have Pixel Slam badges, turned out this time with excellent trainer sprites that look ready to be in a game.

Below are the individual critiques for those who requested them, but as allways please head over to the discussion thread if you want to talk sprites because this thread is closed.​

The idea and execution behind this sprite are hilarious; that Sudowoodo is wearing a costume on top of its' natural disguise, and that the costume is more or less what it already looks like. As for how to improve this sprite, the costume does stand out by not being pretty flat compared Sudowoodo itself. A couple of fabric folds (if it is made of fabric) would help sell it, or maybe a couple lines to represent stitching on the costume.
With a crossover pulled off this well, it's just a shame that Haunter doesnt' know any good blasting moves like Hyper Beam, to really get into character. The straps on Haunter's mask that wrap around its' spikes are a really great detail,even if it does raise the question on if/how ghosts can wear clothing in the first place. Anyway, Haunter is probably also the weakness of this pair of sprites. While the white masks and black outfit both use fairly subtle color changes in their shading, it makes Haunter look pretty flat in comparision when it's only got a little bit of variety on its' fingers.
Probably the most thematically approprite sprite for today, from the guy with a skeleton avatar. Even if it is a rushed sprite, this is great work like allways. Showing just a bit of skin behind the skull is a nice touch to show off that this is a masked person and not a really tall Duskull we're looking at here. The weakness is probably how plain the design is. Duskull is pretty plain itself, but the Pokemon does have one feature that's not show off here, it's one glowing eyeball. That's not the most practical thing to add to a mask though, so instead perhaps the post could be changed to be more dynamic? Something as simple as pulling back a sleeve to show a hand holding an item like a Pokeball or Spelltag would help add a little more interest.
Aww, what an adorable little life stealer! The pose on this sprite is really great at showing off the costume concept while still being able to see Litwick, and the lighting and shading are pulled off expertly. Frankly it's great; when trying to come up with ideas for improvements the only things that come to mind are superficial add ons, like having another Litwick helping put on the heavy costume, or animating it to show off that flame flickering.
This guy looks like serious competitor for Gligarman! While the idea is simple, you pulled it off really well. Zubatman is a really clean sprite and looks great next to Zubat. Weaknesses in this sprite are mostly nitpicks, like the mask being a bit plain (even though Zubat doesn't have eyes, so it makes perfect sense); waybe if the mask design incorpoated Zubat's fangs somehow. The major nitpick is that there's a superhero based on Zubat. No offfense to the little bat, but Crobat is obviously best bat. 😤
A costume based on a costume huh? Well the existance of Mimikyu does give cosplayers an excuse to handwave away any flaws in their Pikachu costume's craftmanship. This might be the smallest (in pixel count) sprite yet in a Pixel Slam Jam! While the head and body are easy enough to ready, the weakness of this sprite is probably in the limbs. The one on the right side seems to be a Mimikyu tail, but since this is a kid in a costume, the intent is probably for it to be an arm? The issue is that it's not connected at the same shoulder point as the left side arm, and the incredible length difference. Maybe moving the arm to mimic the other side more closely, and then letting the oversized candy bag drag/lay on the ground a bit would be a quick fix for this sprite.
This sprite looks like shit.

Obvious word play aside, you did a good job with the idea. The main drawback is probably just that beyond the wordplay with the costume name, there's not a lot going on here. Togepoo would proably be pretty cute if it had a pointed poo hat to go with this costume, or a trick-or-treating partner dessed as Togepee.
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