Pixel Slam Jam PIXEL SLAM JAM Season 2 Trial I: Rebirth

Are you hyped for the official Relic Castle reboot?!

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Apr 17, 2017
Like Evan said, the main prize is this badge here→

If you're not familiar with badges, you can read about them here, but basically they're pretty collectibles that you get to show off on your profile. For the most part we don't take competitive side of events too seriously, it's mostly an excuse to have fun. n_n

Ok thanks !


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Apr 20, 2017
[Small disclaimer: I know I suck at these sorts of things, but in the spirit of community, I decided to give this a go]
its actually not real i made it

type; fire,water,flying
height; 5'07"
hp 200
attack 50
Defense 120
Special Attack 130
Special Defense 45
Speed 25
it is said that a special stone mad it into fire most scientist could not know what type of stone it is but some people say it became due to fire stone but i belive its from some other stone


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Not a bad concept gco360 but the submission has to be in a pixel art style. We might be able to talk about an exception to allow voxel art, but coloring over an image doesn't really meet the requirements for the Pixel Slam Jam. Feel free to resubmit; there's still a few days left!


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Apr 20, 2017
Im bad, sorry :C



Giant swan pokémon
Ability: Gale Wings

"Is an extinct, very large swanna known from fairy tales mostly, leyend says his eggs are made of gold."

to be critiqued...


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Apr 15, 2017
Krookodon competition ready.png

Krookodon- Reaper of Mythicals
Honestly I had no idea what to do with the lore for this mon. It feels like I could make good mini fan-game, with it as the protagonist. Idk this is my first post, and I'm a total newb. Feedback would be appreciated.
Once a Krookodile, corrupted by the death of its trainer during a battle of Gods. It swore even in death to avenge his trainer by taking down every last legendary. Empowered by the essence of Darkai, and fear of mortal mons, Krookodon is a force able to pierce through anything.
I have never came up with stats for a fakemon before, but I figured it worth a shot.
So advice here would be appreciated.


10 Foot
1 ton

Hp: 110
Attack: 148
Defense: 98
Sp.Atk: 70
Sp.Def: 82
Speed: 112

Ability: Soul Harvest
Gets the ability of the previous Pokemon it killed.
Thank you for reading.
P.S. Please comment if the photo doesn't show, I am totally new at this and just uploaded the photo.
Krookodon competition ready.png


Ї'м иот cоммциїsт
Apr 20, 2017


Doppelganger Pokemon​

"The rumors says this Pokemon is the double ghost of a Legendary Pokemon because this is a unique and stronger Pokemon... others says that it is the embodiment of ghostly entities. The only truth if it finds an original "self" probably would unleash chaos for humans and pokemon because he can reach his unlimited powers"

Type: Ghost
Ability: Shadow Tag / Ilusion [Hidden Ability]

To be critiqued, too... and English isn't my native language probably the Lore have a lot grammal errors.
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Just a reminder that tomorrow is the last day to submit or edit your submission for this Pixel Slam Jam!
After that we'll move into the Award Round where critiques will be given to those who asked for them, and the winner(s) of the Pixel Slam Jam Badge will get their prize!

If you're waiting on the results for the Pixel Slam Jam, you might want to check out the next event which is already getting started: Iron Mapper, the Relic Castle mapping competition!


Apr 1, 2017

Ability: Harvest

Said to be the ancestor of Shuckle, Dionyshuck is a slow but quiet legendary Pokemon that lives alone. It stores berries within its shell and allows it to ferment into what some say is the most delicious wine berry juice man has ever tasted. Some even say it can grant eternal youth.

Critique would be appreciated!​


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Mar 24, 2017
If it's not too late, I'm ready with my entry!

A breeding study gone horribly wrong led to this Legendary Pokémon's birth. While studying the mechanism behind Pokémon Eggs, a Professor in the Johto Region used a device obtained from a faraway region known as the DNA Splicers to merge 18 eggs together, forming one huge egg. The terrifying hatchling was named after the man who created him, and ran away after it tore up Elm's lab in a tantrum using its unstoppable combined power. Professor Elm still searches for it to this day...

Type: Normal
Ability: Protean

135 HP
85 Attack
95 Defense
85 Special Attack
120 Special Defense
95 Speed​


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Mar 24, 2017


Creette is a legendary Pokemon that created Banette. When a plush doll is abandoned, Creette will give it life, for a chance at revenge towards the one that abandoned it. Its origins are unknown, but it is rumored that a malicious legendary Pokemon had a hand in its existence. If you run into a Creette, it will steal your soul to use for its own creations.

Please do give me a critique! Thanks!
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Mar 27, 2017
(Note: Heavily based on the work of Branflakes325 and Legitimate Username as seen here for the Gen VI Sprite Resource. I just wanted to start messing around with spriting, and this seemed like a simple opportunity to do so! Critique heavily welcomed. I have my own complaints for sure, but I won't sell myself short out of the gate, haha.)

There once was a king who had the heart of his people. Times were prosperous, and all was well. The king often communed with his people and their Pokémon. He celebrated with them as life brought triumph and mourned with them as the darkness swallowed their spirits. This man saw his duty not as a high person on a throne but as a herald of the common man. He sought to raise up every man and every Pokémon in his lands. To revel in the livelihood of one and all in his kingdom.

On one fateful day, Aegislash, the king's trusted companion, detected a disturbance outside of the capital. Many hundred men and many hundred Pokémon steadily marched toward the city, ill-intentions corroding their hearts. The king shuttered, for he knew of the forthcoming events. One by one, the kingdom rose to its feet and prepared to fend off the darkness that encroached.

At the gates of the capital, the city, men and Pokémon in arms, gathered, anticipating the most sorrowful of destinies. But in this moment, hope sprung from the back of the ranks. The king and his Aegislash, so loving of the denizens of these lands, cast aside their dread so as to unite the souls of the kingdom one final time.

Though the king did not return in flesh to eat with his kin, he imparted a lasting gift. With the king's passing breath, the king's loyal friend, Aegislash, took upon the man's spirit. Aegislash, the knight at the king's side, was born anew with the spirit of the king. Together, the king and Aegislash remained to serve the kingdom forever more.

Magnarend, Fabled Servant
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Submissions are closed! Thanks to everyone who entered!
There's a lot of great entries to sift through this time, and it's not going to be an easy win for anyone; see you all again when the Award Round is complete!

While you're waiting on the results for the Pixel Slam Jam, you might want to check out the next event which is already accepting submissions: Iron Mapper, the Relic Castle mapping competition!
Thank you everyone who participated in Pixel Slam Jam S2T1! We're really glad to see all the new and familiar faces taking part in the rebooted Relic castle events!

The winners of the Season 2 Trial I Pixel Slam Jam are Luka S.J. with Wailestial, and Hematite with Ascaleon!

Congratulations to both of you!

Judges remarks:
"There were a lot of awesome entries this time around which was great, but it was relatively easy for me to narrow down my top picks because I was looking for a specific concept to be implemented. The idea is that the Johto trio were reborn from already existing Pokemon, the Eeveelutions is a common theory. What I was looking for was a huge contrast in design when compared to the source Pokemon. I think both artists did a good job of taking the basic concept of their Pokemon (Whale and Chameleon) and added enough of a twist to them to make it it's own original design. Some of our other entries, though well made, looked more to me like mega evolutions or variants. Luka and Hem took the idea of the Pokemon and completely remade it, which was pretty much what I was looking for. Nice job guys!" - Atomic Reactor

"The quality of submissions was super high this time, but these two still stood out to me. I think what you both did is create great legendary designs that stand on their won without even knowing the lore or that they're inspired by a certain pokemon. At the same time, when you know that they are inspired by an existing pokemon, it's easy to see the traits that carried over! I would totally want to play a game with either of these legends in it, they're both awesome." - Aki

Very solid spritework. The ring looks like it can from a Volcanion, but it blends pretty nicely with the other metal additions! The details on that same ring do draw most of the attention to it though, while the sprite's pose seems to show off the canon more. If the canon is the main focal point, maybe adding some decoration to it, or toning the ring down a bit would help the focus more.

(Congrats on your first post!) Frankly, the spritework here is just excellent, it's well done and very clear what the concept is. Improvements at this point are mostly personal taste or some nitpicks, but here's some suggestions, since this is a critique and not a gush.
  • It's not entirely obvious if this is a solid shape, maybe the base could be sturdier. It looks like it could just as easilly be a soft, shifting shape closer to Grimer/Muk.
  • There are a lot of little poofs of smog, but only 1 visible opening spewing them. Adding a trail of smog coming out of one or more of the other visible mouths might help explain that number of poofs being below the main exhaust.

You mentioned you weren't an artsy person, but combined with the creation story really makes this sprite work even better.
Onto the serious critique though: The outline could use a lot of cleanup, it's very jagged and unsteady in many places...Although noticeably, the tongue is not outlined at all. There are a couple of nice shades on the sprite, but it looks like only the end of the tail has any shading done to it.

The pirate theme for this sprite was a very cool direction to go in. The main weakness in this sprite is probably how busy the face is;the headpiece, plus two small tentacles and the other tentacle from behind all in one place is a bit much. Speaking of that headpiece, it looks like it might vaguely resembling a ship's anchor, but if that is the intention, the shape could be defined a bit more to emphasize that fact. The lopsided look of the head marking is pretty cute, but could still use the same shading as the rest of the head to be believable.

This particular pokemon's name wouldn't happen to be Dave, would it?

Anyway, this is a great sprite. Changing the tail bait to a sharpedo was a great design choice that really says a lot about the size and nature of this pokemon without even looking at the lore and stats. For that reason though, keeping the tail as such a small detail in the back of the sprite may be the weak point of this sprite.

This sprite is really solid, good show of technical skill (plus the lore and details show a lot of thought were put in!). The only weaknesses here are mainly the odd shape of the feet, which almost seem to be melting? The tail wind looks good in itself, but it does stand out as being much less defined than the rest of the sprite; if it's purely a whirlwind then that's probably the best way to represent it, although if the intent was for more of a sandy look some grainy texturing would help sell it more.

Congratulations on a great first post!
Although the concept and design here are pretty straightforward, it's your execution that really shines; recoloring the extra fur to become more like shoulder pads, and adding in the alternate sprite with hair flowing are both really great touches. As for how to improve this sprite, maybe experimenting with making the staff more ornate/detailed? The simple design of it does mirror the marking on Ursaring though, so this is more of an experimental suggestion.

Don't apologize, your sprite isn't bad at all!
Frankly, the sprite itself is great and there's no glaring flaws with it. The design itself is pretty simple though, it doesn't really have the over the top kind of design that is more typical of legendary pokemon.

Congrats on the first post!
The design here is pretty simple, but it's executed really well especially since it looks like you only needed two sprites to pull off this look? The smokey nostrils are done really well, and that claw reaching through there is a great touch. The grayscale is also pulled off really well, that's not something seen often!

Ultimately it's a solid sprite, it just doesn't have a completely "legendary" feeling to it; it makes for a cool retyped sprite however, a sooty smoking fire type perhaps?

Any grammatical errors aside, art is a pretty universal language.
This is a pretty awesome looking ghost pokemon, and it seems to carry features from quite a few ghosts (seeing some Gengar, Mismagius, and Banette in there at least)? The weakest feature of this sprite is probably the face though, it's a bit hard to read and the small size does some of that.

Those wine berry juice wings are a very cool detail, that really makes this sprite. The largest and most central feature of this sprite though- the red body- is probably the least interesting part of it. Maybe if there were more holes, or some wine berry juice dripping from the holes, or perhaps even moving/changing a couple of the leg's holes to utilize some of that space.

Is that an armload of organs? Gross.
In a serious note though, that body is hard to read. The idea of a legendary that gives life to dolls in order to create Banette is a really cool theme though, honestly it should have its' own game.

The lore behind this submission really made it great. The sprite isn't too bad, but the hand holding the crown is both a big focus on the sprite, and one of its' weaker points. The fingers just need a little touch up to make them the same size. The crown though could perhaps use a bit of a redesign, maybe an excuse to add more color? It at least could use some shading to define it some more, as the flatter looking shape resembles more of a decorated shield than a crown.
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