Completed Dr. Professor's Quest for the Perfect Jam

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Game Title: Dr. Professor's Quest for the Perfect Jam

Summary: The annual Professor Convention is approaching, and the great Dr. Professor needs your help acquiring the perfect item to show off - a jam so jammy that it is only spoken of in legends - the Perfect Jam.


Game Download: version 1.2

Made Using:
RPG Maker XP and Pokemon Essentials v18.1

Brysoon - Playtester
Zaffre - Playtester


Resource Pack: Resources Here!

Pokemon Essentials
  • Maruno
  • Poccil
  • Flameguru

With contributions from:

-MiDas Mike
-Near Fantastica
-Genzai Kawakami
-Jacob O. Wobbrock
-Lisa Anthony
-Luka S.J.

and everyone else who helped out

WJ2 Resources
- Relic Staff

RSE Shiny Animation Graphics

From the Spriters Resource

XY Item Icons

From the Spriters Resource:

Golbat OW Sprite

From the Spriters Resource

Aggron OW Sprite

From the Spriters Resource

One variant of the Nintendo DS is in the player's room.

One variant of the Table was used in the Card Game League.

All three variants of the Jam Item Icon were used as Key Items obtained through the story.

Two variants of the Letters were used as Key Items obtainable in Lucana City and Duvale Town.

Three of the Overworlds were used as the Jam Keeper Sprites.

One of the Trainer Sprites was used for Jam Keeper Jay.
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It has been a long time since I've played one of your games, and I'm excited so excited to be able to again! I'll leave my thoughts when I play, but I just wanted to say congratz. Making a jam game is not easy as all, anyone who does it deserves a big pat on a pat. And from the looks of things you've done it well, so you deserve a big big pat on the back. Looking forward to the quest for the perfect jam!


Hoothoot enthusiast
Hey, I just got done with playing through the game! I was blown away, this may be one of my favorite fangames of all time- not just a favorite jam game, but in general.

Writing was smooth, genuinely funny at points, and the ending as it applies to the real pursuit of goals and making games gave me pause. I think the moral of the story, which I won't say due to not wanting to spoil the story, is excellent and well-done. It is choreographed well throughout the story. The characters were all fun to be around and all had their individual charm, with the exception of the Jam Keepers that I think could have used a bit more fleshing out to really give their words the weight that I think the game intended them to have.

The game isn't particularly difficult aside from some of the card game battles, but that's okay! I don't think I went into this game expecting a very difficult experience, and the game doesn't present itself in that way either. The gameplay was fun, the routes were large enough that I felt like I had a lot to explore without becoming genuinely lost, and the Pokemon selection was excellent. I found myself with a team of 4 Pokemon that I genuinely felt a strong connection towards through shared experiences. There was also fossil mining akin to the gen 4 games, the card game that I mentioned above, and a hand-to-hand minigame that requires you to learn everyone's individual vocal cues to know which moves to use. The game always kept me on my toes by introducing new things while still never going overboard with new mechanics and difficulty.

The character sprites could have been better, I don't like that they're all recolors or public resources, but given the time available to make this game it can be easily forgiven and this comment is easily overshadowed by the other great aspects of this game.

All in all, I recommend even the most passing of Pokemon fans to check this game out. You'll get a few laughs, see what the software is actually capable of when used to its fullest potential, and you may even learn a few things along the way. Maybe the true Perfect Jam was the friends we made along the way, Doctor Professor. Maybe it was.


AKA Pelegocan
Feb 29, 2020
Hi, I played your game and I loved it. I probably wouldn't have played this if it wasn't for the positive replies left above, they convinced me to play and I'm so glad they did. I love how the game has a tendency to make fun of itself. It is just so self aware and simple but effective. Just fun. I had fun. Thank you. I have been having trouble finishing games lately, playing them I mean. I mean also I've tried to make a couple games for Jams but I never even got anything worth releasing. Maybe I just have a bad attention span? But this, this game I started it, and every chance I got I played it, until I finished it. That sentence probably had too many commas oh well. But yeah, this game was fun, funny, and actually has some real meaningful lessons and themes in it that kind of struck a cord with me.
I felt like I could relate to Dr. Professor and Erica and I love how the game teaches lessons to both those characters. The Explorer Kit was fun, rock smash and mining to break up the gameplay. Plus you had the fist fights and card games so those really helped keep my short attention span from getting bored. I got a shiny Golbat in my playthrough of this game. I was just complaining to myself how I bought zero repels and then boop there it was. I'm guessing increased shiny odds but still fun either way. Nicknamed it lol. I did use the shiny Kirlia btw. Came in handy vs the Jam Master. My final team was Heracross, Salamence, Omastar, Gardevoir, Donphan, and Rotom. Replaced Lucario with Heracross, considered using Spiritomb and Zapdos, didn't end up using shiny Golbat because I had a Salamence. Zangoose helped me catch a couple of things with false swipe. I didn't do Erica's sidequest the first time but I did the second time. I wonder how that first one went. I just felt bad for that old guy gardening. Guess I'm a wimp lol. Oh man and those fisherman were hilarious. I always went ahead to go talk to them before continuing with the story. There was that swimmer in one home that mentioned how there's no water in the region lol. So much good dialogue. Some guy was like, yeah I'm a super boring npc and you just wasted your time talking to me. Idk this stuff was just perfect. Well, maybe not perfect. Heh. It all kind of fit with the theme and the lessons in the game too. The rpg maker music and even just the tiling and whatnot made it feel like the few failed projects I've tried to make. Almost felt nostalgic. Please don't take anything I'm saying the wrong way these are all positives. I like your style :)
I'll mention some potential bugs I found though:
-When you leave a cave your on top of cave exit tile. Idk it looks a little off.
-When you enter Cyana Town Erica has a text error where it says "it" not sure of the exact line.
-There was one mining spot next to blue flowers that DIDN'T open up into a secret cave! Jk lol I found the base.
-Posters in the secret O base can be walked over/wrong passability
-I used brick break on a light screen and it had bubble beam animation and an error came up.
-I'm glad that electrics types are immune to twave but I was able to synchronize a paralysis on to an electric type.
-Is there supposed to be two karate dudes in the bottom right corner of the void in Duvale Dojo?
Other potential improvements is I wish the pidgeotto taxi went to all prior towns and not just the last one. I'll also say the games title screen is uh, lackluster (I see its the same style as Pokemon Round hmm). In my opinion a more interesting title screen that you could display on this page would get more people to play it. Just my opinion. I just fear many will overlook this mostly perfect Jam. I mean to me it's perfect, the flaws it does have don't bother me. It all just kind of works. And it was fun the whole way through. I sure hope you had fun making it. I for one really enjoy the final result but I really hope the journey of making it was also a positive experience.
Btw I started playing Pokemon Round in the middle of writing up this reply. Already loving the jokes and silliness of it. I'm definitely interested in whatever game you come up with next. Shoutouts to them there beverages and I hope you have a good nap.
Finished off the game!

There's not much to comment on here. I do, however, really like the mapping in this game. Even with the default Essentials tileset, you make the towns and routes a delight to explore. There's many little paths, and hidden side areas that the player can stumble across. Or, they can take a simple route from point A to B without getting lost in the process.

The Gameplay
I like how you mix in the different minigames that Essentials has to offer. It really helps break up the trainer battles, and give the player something interesting to do. I also like your inclusion of the fossil traders. I felt they were way more interesting than your standard fossil reviver, and they give you a reason to go back to the other towns. The fast travel NPCs were also pretty handy.

I didn't train much, but I didn't have issues with the balancing, either. One thing I did notice is that there are a lot of hikers in this game. A lot of hikers that train Onix. It was nothing Force Palm or Metal Claw couldn't deal with, but it did get a bit repetitious to see the same trainers with the same Pokémon.

I didn't run into any bugs, so that's a plus! I can tell that things are pretty polished.

The Writing
I enjoyed the Perfect Jam's story, it's a fun mini adventure! I also liked how the themes you were writing about were clearly linked in the gameplay.

One example of this is the game's openness. You see it with the mapping, with all the extra events and little things that you can do/explore. Even though you are technically being dragged along by the Professor, you don't have to play the game that way. You can wander off, you can do your own thing for a bit. Even when you want to progress the story, it isn't mandatory to complete the challenges. You can take the Erica route, and subvert things.

The journey really is what you make of it, but you didn't have to construct a ridiculously large open world to do so. There was still a main plot, I never truly felt "lost." So, I thought that was pretty cool.

When the Jam Keepers talk about perfection, it made me consider the theme as well. Particularly as it connects to my dev work. I find that, even if something seems perfect or near-perfect at first, its shine goes away as time goes on. Sometimes it's because my skillset has improved, sometimes it's because I'm way too picky and hard on myself. Either way, I think that if a perfect jam did exist, the Professor would find qualities he didn't like in it as he began to study it. The same can be said for the Almost/Mostly/Etc Jams. When you dissect things to study them, you start to notice the little things that bother you.

But that's just random thoughts on my part. It's not really connected to the quality of the game. I guess I could link it back, by saying that the game made me think. Even with the game's silly plots, and its funny NPCs, I was still able to consider take the themes seriously.

This was a fun entry! Be proud of your work!


Mar 5, 2021
Just finished playing the game! Great job with this jam entry! You did an amazing job and I had a lot of fun playing, with a total time of 4 hours. I did take time to build a team and collect all of the juicy secrets, though. I also caught a shiny (which could use better indication when encountered in the wild, but that wasn't a focus so it doesn't really matter)! Speaking of juicy secrets, I love the attention to detail and the small easter eggs that are interspersed pretty evenly. The dialogue was intriguing and funny, and the character development was pretty good for everyone except maybe the jam keepers. I like the cute little moral, and I like how you even gave random NPCs development. The game had nice quality of life changes and I liked the integration of the mining challenge and the fossils. The two new battle modes (I won't spoil more) were very well introduced and I didn't find either too difficult. Your maps were quaint and I thought they were a good size with the right amount of detail/secrets. The graphics weren't extra special, but it also doesn't really take away from the experience, since the cutscenes were still good. I did have a little error with a cutscene where an NPC wandered into Dr. Professor's path, but it wasn't game-breaking. I also had a little irritation with very high encounter rates in caves and long patches of mandatory grass (glad you included some skippable trainers, though). Like I said, the writing and the detail was the strongest part, with trainer Pokémon even having unique balls for their Pokémon and trash cans having custom dialogue. Overall, this was a great game and I really enjoyed it!

My final team: Lucario, Dusknoir, Rampardos, Omastar, Regice, Shiny Pidgeotto
Hey! I just finished your game and really liked it!

The writing is excellent, I never got bored of reading dialogue. I loved the overall theme, Erica's development and of course, the ending. Mapping was really good too, they felt complex yet compact. I liked how you added the mini-games to the story, and also ways to skip the games. The only critique I have is the default art style + music and maybe too many trainers. Good job with this game! Loved it!


Feb 22, 2021
Just finished off the game.
While I found the philosophy to be layered too thick, I still had a blast with the while straightforward quest and digging for many secrets - sometimes literally! The digging minigame is really addictive.