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  • Many months later, and still job-hunting. It's been really difficult. But I've gone to two interviews, so things might end well. Send me some good vibes~
    Wow, it's been too long. Been job-hunting and busy FYI. Go over to my main blog for something helpful~! As for me, things are alright :v
    Currently living the dream while I just spent the last six or so hours troubleshooting my computer. ...NO BIG DEAL OR ANYTHING
    Streaming... and troubleshooting my audio, FML. You can still DM me, because It's pretty lonely RN :/
    I'll be streaming about art, tools, life, and many other topics on my own Discord Server tomorrow @ 3:00PM. If anyone wants a link, DM me!
    I've opened up commissions! If you like my art/are curious, go to my home page for more info!
    Please stay safe, people in Las Vegas. My condolences to anyone who's lost family/loved ones.
    Computer screen pulled a middle finger and peaced out. Now I have to use a crappy one that's got wonky colors :X (Visit my Tumblr for more.)
    Is anyone familiar with the Streamlined template on SmackJeeves? Let me know, please! :-0
    Come and visit my Tumblr or Twitter. You will probably be pleasantly surprised. *Waves fingers mysteriously*
    DRAWING LIKE MY LIFE DEPENDS ON IT. NBD. Actually, I'm just testing a few things for the Fancomic~
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