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    [Legacy] Bug report thread

    Found in V17.2 Summary: The player can choose the target for the enemy when they are encored in a double battle. Description: In a double battle if the player encores an enemy, on the next turn the player can select the affected enemies target. I recorded an example here: When the AI is making...
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    Tutorial Fogs and Panoramas

    At the top of the script where it says AUTOSCROLL_MAP, you put in the Map ID where the panorama is used and the x/y movement speeds. There's an example already there.
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    Tutorial Fogs and Panoramas

    There isn't one built into RMXP (although there was for it's predecessor...) so you'll need a script. I used this one in Attack On The Space Station for the scrolling space background. Make sure you credit The Sleeping Leonhart...
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    Autotile Help

    No need to give me credit :)
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    Autotile Help

    I already moved the corners for you, use the image I attached in my last post. If you look at the top right part, I moved the dark brown corner pieces closer to the edges. You were right that the corners were too high up but you just needed to move them closer to the edge
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    Autotile Help

    The issue is that the corner pieces aren't close enough to the corner. The tracks underneath should also match the center most tile of the autotile.
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    Iron Mapper Iron Mapper: Trial 1

    Trial 1: City Map Name: Nerium City Map: Critique Requested: Yes Credits: Spherical Ice and Alistair for tiles Notes: Nerium City, is home to the region's Poison type gym and Experimental Potion Laboratory. The city sits high up on a cliff that looms over the sea. To the north, lies a forest...
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    Overview Tutorials and Resources Requests

    It says the problem right there, you're missing the image trainerNearby from the pictures folder. Also I don't think this is the place to ask for error help
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    SetTempSwitch("A")-Error + Random Wild Pokemon Battle?

    SetTempSwitchOn should be setTempSwitchOn (lower case in set)
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    Checking a pokemon's held item

    pbSet will store pkmn.item (which is the id of the item) into variable 2 pkmn=pbGetPokemon(1) pbSet(2,pkmn.item) Then you just need a conditional branch checking if variable 2 (or whatever variable you stored the item in) is equal to the id of the item you want to check. This example checks if...
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    Checking a pokemon's held item

    Here's an event that checks the item of the Pokémon in the first slot. I wasn't sure which Pokémon you wanted to check. pbFirstAblePokemon(1) pkmn=pbGetPokemon(1) pbSet(2,PBItems.getName(pkmn.item))
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    Cannot Create an Ability past 256

    No idea where you got this idea from but it won't work. Pokémon Essentials v15 and lower can only have 256 abilities. v16 and higher can have 65535 abilities sooooo.... update to a newer version.
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    Resource JohtoBlaziken's Bootleg Pokémon FireRed

    If only JohtoBlaziken could read minds.
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    Iron Mapper IRON MAPPER: Trial V

    Map Name: Jubilation Town Trial: Trial #5, Celebration Map: Critique Requested: Yes Credits: Spherical Ice for tiles and over-worlds. Notes: What an occasion! It's all smiles in Jubilation Town as they celebrate Victor's 30th year as the Gym Leader. Visitors and past challengers have come from...
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    Lowering a Pokemon's Level

    Make the new candy item as you usually would and then in PBItem_ItemEffects, underneath the Rare Candy effect is probably best, add this: ItemHandlers::UseOnPokemon.add(:YOURITEMNAME,proc{|item,pokemon,scene| if pokemon.level==1 || (pokemon.isShadow? rescue false) scene.pbDisplay(_INTL("It...