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Recent content by Radical Raptr

  1. Radical Raptr

    Completed Elle's Winter Game Jam Entry!

    Question, but upon playing your game, I wonder if I have stumbled upon lore or if I'm reading too much into this. You mention that there are both humans and a fantasy race that is not a demon. However, upon closer inspection, all humans have collars? Also, most humans tend to be working class...
  2. Radical Raptr

    Work in Progress Pokémon Oblivious

    This is a hack I've been working on for some time! Originally, it was slated to be released during the 2015 Game Jam, but instead I opted to make it as it's own full fledged game! This is a hack of gen2 Story A young man stands in his bedroom. It just so happens that today, the 13th of April...
  3. Radical Raptr

    Iron Mapper IRON MAPPER: Trial V

    Map Name: Sire's Grove Trial: V Map: Critique Requested: No Credits: The Spriters Resource, Raonak Notes: South of the town lies a somber resting place for loved ones. During the Day of the Dead celebrations, ceremonies are held to honor the passing of the ancestors who brought forth this...
  4. Radical Raptr

    Jojo memes

    Jojo memes
  5. Radical Raptr

    Iron Mapper IRON MAPPER: Trial IV

    Trial: Town & Route Duo Map Town Map Name: Aurum Village Town Map: Route Map Name: Midas Way Route Map: Critique Requested: Yeah! Mapper Duo: @bir al jr and @NuclearOmega Tileset: Credits: My own tileset Notes: We decided to play to our strengths and work on a mountainous terrain style...
  6. Radical Raptr

    Evil Teams

    Personally I believe that Evil teams are vital to the experience as a whole. It's a fair point that they are secondary to the true goal, the gym challenge as the elite four - without a main goal or main opposition, the gameplay feels a bit lacking; without a major source of conflict, the game...
  7. Radical Raptr


    Something I found really unique and interesting about Hoenn was how it made the player experience the region - up until that point, the path was sort of linear around the region, but Hoenn started the trend of experiencing the region in different ways, where you started in one area, traveled a...
  8. Radical Raptr

    Feedback Screenshot Showcase

    Oh that's cute! I love the colors and the quagsire fits the overworld sizes well! I really like it, great work I would add a bit more sand paths to connect the areas together, but for a town its a really cute area! The only thing is that there's a lot of empty space that could be filled with...
  9. Radical Raptr

    Battle Modes

    I always like when there's a new battle mode to try, the only problem I have is there's all of 2 trainers who use it and you never get to have any fun with it. The thing I love about new battle modes is that it lets you get a change of pace from the usual battles and allows you to make weird...
  10. Radical Raptr

    Resource Sun/Moon Battler Sprite Pack

    Do you have screenshots or examples of the battle sprites? I'd rather see what they look like before I start downloading and using them.
  11. Radical Raptr

    Discussion Happy birthday thread!

    Happy birthday @Shipley I hope you have a great day!
  12. Radical Raptr

    Feedback Screenshot Showcase

    initially, the change from traditional indoor view to this is a little awkward, but I suppose its a style choice - however, the tile have different shading and stylistically clash - I would recommend simplifying the colors and shading on the new tiles to fit the pokemon style if you're serious...
  13. Radical Raptr

    Discussion Happy birthday thread!

    Happy Birthday, @Dtrey529 I hope you have a great day!
  14. Radical Raptr

    Discussion Happy birthday thread!

    Happy Birthday, @Gav and @Tomix9tomix I hope you have a great Sunday! Take it easy.
  15. Radical Raptr


    The way I always saw Gyms and the idea of defeating each gym was under the unofficial/official name: The Gym Challenge. Each Gym leader was more than a powerful trainer to defeat, but a skilled trainer meant to test and determine the player's skill. Pokemon Origins did a really incredible job...