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    Resource Pokédex BW Style

    But then, I will not be able to use the latest plugins, because they're all for v19. I ain't gonna make my own project, but other project makers, the more you know.
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    Resource Pokédex BW Style

    No. The link go to the v18 version, not the v19 version.
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    Resource Pokédex BW Style

    I asked this before in the Gen V Summary Pack DX topic, but could this be made into a Gen V Pokedex DX? I don't think that it is compatible with ZUD Plugin (v19, the v18 version of ZUD plugin had a seperate version, but v19 is the new version of choice) yet, and plug-and-play compability like...
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    Resource Full regional dexes for Generation 8 Project

    Could there be a Gen 7 version? Pokemon Essentials 18+ already optionally includes all the resources for Gen 7 Pokemon, items and moves, except for sprites and sound.
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    Tutorial v19.1 Hotfixes plugin

    ...And thus, the cycle repeats: Maruno releases a new version of v19 Hotfixes, Golisopod User intergrates it into Gen 8 Project, and people who used the Gen 8 Project along with the ZUD Plugin have to manually do the ZUD Plugin's script edits again. Edit: I've noticed that the latest version...
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    Resource Bag Screen with interactable Party (v19.1)

    Just need to do a party script with the Pokemon's sprite on the right similar to Sword and Shield, and also a BW or Gen 8 reskin of this.
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    Resource Gen V Summary Pack DX

    Is SHOW_IV_RATINGS and SHOW_EV_IV compatible with each other?
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    Resource ZUD Plugin [Essentials v19.1]

    Maybe it's just because I specifically set it to 999.
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    Resource ZUD Plugin [Essentials v19.1]

    I think PE v19.1 is not made to deal with skipped item ID numbers, like here, because the "Fill Bag" command took forever, while it should only took 2-3 mins normally. Also, when I close the window, PE said that the RGSS script seems to be stuck, and the window will force-quit.
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    Resource Gen V Summary Pack DX

    To install ZUD Plugin in my Pokemon Essentials starter kit, I just deleted BW Summary Pack and BW Pokedex, and also BW Storage System just in case as well. Doing this would make this and BW Pokedex more desirable for people who need the ZUD Plugin.
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    Resource Gen V Summary Pack DX

    Since ZUD Plugin is now updated for v19.1, would you consider adding compability for it in this and BW Pokedex?
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    Resource BW Get Key Item update to v19.x + Bonus Icons

    [[insert airhorn noise here]] Finally, it was out! Also, do you have any other ideas for BW-styled scripts?
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    Resource Voltseon's Pause Menu

    Could you allow the player to change the theme themselves from the in-game Options menu or something? Beautiful, indeed. I actually deleted Modular Pause Menu from my PE 19.1 starter kit in favor of this. Yeah, MODMN (the name of the download) is also beautiful, but I prefer this now.
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    Pokémon Essentials, version 19.1 - 22nd May 2021

    Okay, could you make a v19.1 Hotfixes plugin? There's still quite a few bugs in v19.1 that is fixed in the Gen 8 Project v1.0.3, but not everyone would want to use that.
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    Resource Gen V Summary Pack DX

    When is the v19.1 update for BW Storage System out?