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    Resource ZUD Plugin - Z-Moves, Ultra Burst, and Dynamax (for Gen 8 Project)

    Hey guys, do you have the goal to update it to v19?
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    Tutorial Generation 8 Project for Essentials v18 and v18.1 (Scripts, PBS, Sprites, Icons and More)

    Hey guys! Do you guys have a goal to update this to 19 at some point?
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    Completed Pokémon Daycare

    That's really cool! I'm really curious about how do you made the Pokémon overworlds to appear on the day care! Is this something that you can share to be used with vanilla Essentials 18.1?
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    Thanks for sharing the GIF converter!!

    Thanks for sharing the GIF converter!!
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    Resource Animated Sprites for vanilla Essentials

    That's awesome! In the beggining of Luka Script I can read this section: "use my GIF to PNG converter to properly format your sprites" It's possible to share this tool too? I have some gifs that I would like to convert for my game.
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    Resource Multiple save files (PE v.19)

    Thanks for your reply - I didn't create the folder - the folder was created automatically by the script. Later I'll try to install it again and I'll let you know how it goes!
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    Resource Multiple save files (PE v.19)

    It's happening the same thing he mentioned: "Whenever I load up the game I cannot and lag out." There's no error messages - I can save multiple files fine, but when I try to load any of them the game just closes with no error message.
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    Resource Multiple save files (PE v.19)

    Followed the steps, it saves well, but the game breaks when trying to load a game.
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    Resource Apricorn Tree Charsets (With Animation)

    Someone has the images for this to work properly?
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    Use newest Pokémon on Johto/Kanto game?

    Thank you so much for that!! This really makes sense! I think that adding just a few new Pokémon here and there it's a better idea than trying to add all of them! Great article!
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    Use newest Pokémon on Johto/Kanto game?

    Hy guys, I'm working on my own Pokémon fan-game for a few years already, and now I'm translating it to English and making some improvements before launching it later this year. It has the Johto, Kanto, Orange Islands and Hoenn region. My questions is, do you think I should create a new Pokédex...
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    Resource Following Pokemon EX

    Here is an example in case someone else needs it, you just need to call the script using: Move forward and wait: followingMoveRoute([PBMoveRoute::Forward,PBMoveRoute::Wait,10,], true) Move left and wait: followingMoveRoute([PBMoveRoute::Left,PBMoveRoute::Wait,10,], true) You can use Left...
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    Resource Following Pokemon EX

    I have the exact same question. Were you able to do this in some way?
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    Resource BW Gender Selector

    Got it, thanks! I need this bacause I used a switch to check later in the game if its a boy or girl, I didn't know I could check who the player character is. And I mentioned variable, but its a switch
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    Resource BW Gender Selector

    Awesome job! It's working very well! But how do I can activate a variable based on the selection?