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    Resource ORAS/XY themed battle backgrounds for EBDX

    Here -
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    Resource Voltseon's Pause Menu

    Ok , Hi Golisopod User, I'm not talking about map, Pokegear I'm telling adding custom one . and the error it's not a kinda any error, but a graphical issue i have unlocked all things in the menu pokedex, gear , map then I have added an egg Hatcher . So what happening, is all menus are...
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    Tutorial v19.1 Hotfixes plugin

    Pls Fix Overworld Lag ( AMD issue )
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    Resource Voltseon's Pause Menu

    HI, Voltseon. I want to add custom things in the menu like map, pokegear ( which is in the game). any help i try adding but its a graphical error
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    Resource Vendily's Evolve During Battle

    Hi, I used this script on pokecommunity. It works for me on 18.1
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    Resource Radial Menu - v19

    If we want to add custom thing to menu then how
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    Entertainment Word Snake

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    Entertainment Word Snake

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    Resource Following Pokemon EX

    So now the script works fine with Marin Pokeride
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    Resource Terrain Tag Side Stairs

    Also plz keep the 18.1 v script
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    Resource SomerCatching Tutorial Script

    Excellent script but why you are not making scripts with Pokemon Essentials 18.1 and 19. Btw Very great work
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    Resource Chapters plugin

    It is good because I have to make everytime a new one but with this it is easier.Thanks