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    Yo, I know I like totally disappeared earlier this year, my b. If you can forgive me for my...

    Yo, I know I like totally disappeared earlier this year, my b. If you can forgive me for my shortcomings and wanna keep up with my current project, Forged By Virtue (which is not Pokemon related, gonna say that in advance), or get back in touch with me, peep my new Twitter...
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    Overview Community Streams

    Eyyyyyyyy what's good my 🅱️eople? Did you know that I stream on WorldWideWeb.Twitch.Television? Because I do 👈😎👈 "But Rhyden" I hear you say, "what exactly do you stream?" I'm glad you asked, anonymous, undisclosed citizen. For the most part, my stream has become a metaphorical home for...
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    Recruiting Pokedemia

    It sounds like you're looking for team members to fill in pretty much every area of a full development team. Since there's nothing that you've shown yet I'd like to ask this out of curiosity: What exactly are you doing for this game? It's kind of unclear from this post and frankly not many...
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    Completed Pokémon: Legends of the Arena

    >Gets Leafeon as my starter >Only beats brother's Grimer after 30+ minutes of soft resetting Sand-Attack RNG >Gets destroyed by the Pineco afterwards anyways. I don't mind a good challenge, but this was unfair and cheap really. I came into this with an open mind, but this was too big of a turn...
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    Creative Make a Fakemon Game! v2.0

    Oh man
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    Recruiting Help wanted

    I'm sure people would feel more inclined to help you if this thread included some background information about your game or some current screenshots. You should probably add those before asking for people's help, from my experience most people don't like to blindly start working on projects.
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    do u kno de hhhhhhhhhway

    do u kno de hhhhhhhhhway
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    I thought this year would be pretty terrible considering the current political climate in the U.S. but personally I've had a pretty good year overall. In terms of fan game dev stuff: -Making an April Fool's game was a fun time. -Hitmon! Jam was a much bigger success than I thought it would be...
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    Wonder Trade Event

    I pulled through big time for the badge children of the world this year. On my stream I bred 150 Tyrunt while shiny hunting it (and actually left it on for 2 hours looking at my screen because I didn't stop streaming after raiding someone lel). Every Tyrunt had Fire Fang, Thunder Fang, Ice Fang...
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    Creative Music from an abondoned game jam project

    Straight fire as always, my dude. Especially impressive considering you had time constraints to deal with. All the battle themes are super neat too. Shame the game never got finished (and I also know how it feels to put this much work into a short amount of time only to have it go to waste)...
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    I demand 280 character status updates. Get with the times, Relic Castle.

    I demand 280 character status updates. Get with the times, Relic Castle.
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    Pixel Slam Jam PIXEL SLAM JAM Season 2 Trial III: Costumes and Disguises

    Octillery needed a quick and cheap costume for his office's Halloween party so he got his good pal Smeargle to paint him up and put a cone of construction paper on his head. Also, he's totes ready for Super Mario Odyssey. It's Octillery as a Blooper. I was going to do Indian Wedding Donphan or...
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    Recruiting Accountability Partner

    I always like to hear about other people's projects and I'm working on two of them myself at the moment so if you wanna talk about stuff then feel free to get in touch with me on Discord.