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    Recruiting Pokemon: Enjoy the Silence

    nobody? :(
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    Recruiting Pokemon: Enjoy the Silence

    Introduction: Hello There! After around 6 years of developing my Fan Game alone, I'm ever so close of finally releasing it's first full fledged demo! I planed on creating a recruitment thread after the first demo release, but, alas, I've found a big road block. Let's go straight to the point...
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    Possibility of animated trainers and/or Pokémon (Without use of EBS)

    Essentials does support gifs
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    Evil Teams

    I made this same statement on the middle of the year on another Evil Team thread on another forum, I just copy pasted here because it was relevant. The original was made before the Isle of armor, so imagine my surprise when I read Mustard's league card. Anyway, such a shame they would drop any...
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    Evil Teams

    Evil Team is too much of a stereotype at this point, it's not about the team of roadblocks, it's about the antagonist. Let's get Chairman Rose as an example, he was the antagonist of Sword and Shield at the 45 minutes mark of the second half. The problem isn't just that he was too late in the...
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    Resource PokeDex Maker

    Question: You can only generate up to 250 Pokemon? Is there a way to make more than that?
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    Project Names

    I have two projects in the works actually, the titles themselves are more defined by their plot and get out from the typical Pokemon title thing. Pokemon - Hard Lessons is a smaller scale project that is focused on the life of a high school student in a region that Professional battles require...
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    Resource The Mega Stone Resource

    Hello, do you intend to make them for Gen 8?
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    Completed Pokémon: Legends of the Arena

    the only thing preventing this game from being perfect is focusing too much on Gen 1~4 and not having much Gen 5~7 mons. Aside from that, a 9/10 experience that will serve as inspiration not just to me but countless game creators.
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    Resource v17.2 Gen 6-8 PBS Files and Sprites

    it seems that Marshadow's line (n/b/s/sb) are missing?
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    Gen 8 Models for EBS with Galar, Alola and extra forms. 1.0

    Hey guys This pack contains png files EBS compatible and animated battle sprites for generation 8 and Pokemon forms not included on battler3797's pack of gen 6 and 7 EBS pack. What it contains: All Gen 8 Pokemon released before Isle of Armor/Crown Tundra, All Gigantamax released before Isle of...
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    Resource Gen 8 Models for EBS with Galar, Alola and extra forms.

    TheLuiz submitted a new resource: Gen 8 Models for EBS with Galar, Alola and extra forms. - Sprites Animated Read more about this resource...