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    Released Pokémon Zero [v0.10.2 alpha] - FRLG enhanced remake

    I believe you're just given the Pokésummon when someone gives you a Pokémon to summon. The first one I got was Dugtrio from the Old Man on the construction site in Vermillion City.
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    Resource RSE Character Overworlds for RMXP

    _pheebs submitted a new resource: RSE Character Overworlds for RMXP - RSE Characters imported to RMXP for any RSE style Projects Read more about this resource...
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    RSE Character Overworlds for RMXP 1

    I needed RSE Overworld for a secret project of mine. Couldn't find a resource of them online, or a good quality resource so I have assembled them myself. I've tried to include what I presume is every Overworld from Emerald (and by extension Ruby, and Sapphire(including Capt Briney's Boat)). I...
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    Completed Experimental Gameplay [Pokecommunity 2019 Game Jam]

    There is a simple script in the game that reads your PC's username and that is all. If you're using a Windows 10 and it is connected to your Windows Account it may grab the whole name. That's all it does though.
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    Released Pokémon Starfall Version [DISCORD DEMO OUT NOW!]

    A bug fix demo is availible on Discord. 1.2 Changelog: Intro changed slightly. Rival on bridge changed. Sound moves added. Trainers levels tweaked on Hargan Plains Wild Pokémon Added to the right side of High Library. Healing PC added to Center High Library. Forest Trees are no longer...
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    Released Pokémon Starfall Version [DISCORD DEMO OUT NOW!]

    Recently I have released a special discord demo on the discord server, I am releasing it here too! Download Here Things to note are: I have felt rather demotivated for a while with how Starfall is so far, and will be re-doing almost everything. This demo is merely released as something for...
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    Resource Ekat's Public Gen 3 Tilesets

    Heck yeah, your tiles are the best!!
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    Released The Elder Scrolls V: Pokémon

    This looks like a cool idea, and would be 100 times better if you made some tiles and overworld that fitted Skyrim's style. Get some castles, stone paths, medival looking overworld sprites~!
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    Released Pokémon Starfall Version [DISCORD DEMO OUT NOW!]

    Started making the first town/city to have a gym. Also, it'll be the final area for the exclusive discord demo. You've got to join the discord before it releases to have a chance to play it. You get a free Eevee plus a sound stone, and a light stone to get the new Eeveelutions.
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    Released Pokémon Starfall Version [DISCORD DEMO OUT NOW!]

    People who are members of the Starfall Discord before the release of Demo 1 get a few goodies at the Post Office. Including the chance to use 2 of the new Eeveeloutions. please note demo 1 is not anytime soon, so there's no real time crunch for this.
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    Discussion Using Essentials/etc to create a non-Pokémon monster catching game?

    I would say making a game and selling it would be a morally grey area. I don't think Essentials has any more of business license attached, but also Essentials has been given the no-no from nintendo. Even without using any Pokémon Naming, Imagery, or Sounds it's still (in nintendo's eyes) a...
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    Released Pokémon Starfall Version [DISCORD DEMO OUT NOW!]

    Updates Screens in first post but also posting ad: Looking for Mappers, Scripters, and Spriters. Mappers need to follow the basic style of mapping I've already done. Scripters need to be fluent in RGSS and able to make new features if I described what I need. Spriters for battle sprites is a...
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    Released Pokémon Starfall Version [DISCORD DEMO OUT NOW!]

    Small Update: First up is the Pokédex is basically completely planned now. With 285 Pokémon here's The List. If there's any Pokémon on the list that I haven't given Light or Sound Typing too but you think that Pokémon deserves that typing, do tell me. According to Stardex here's the amount of...
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    How do you decide your Pokédex?

    Yo. I did not know this "Stardex" was a thing. And, I've just used it and it's been 1000% helpful. Got me a "perfectly balanced" Pokédex according to the tool!