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Recent content by Voltseon

  1. Voltseon

    Voltseon's Handy Tools

    Short description Basically this script allows you to manipulate Pokémon/Items, Start (Trainer) Battles, Set Self Switches and Play Pokémon Cries using more memberable scipts that are targeted to people who don't want to look up the longer versions online. How do I implement this script...
  2. Voltseon

    Resource Voltseon's Handy Tools

    Voltseon submitted a new resource: Voltseon's Handy Tools - Shorter script utilities Read more about this resource...
  3. Voltseon

    Work in Progress Pokémon Zorua

    Introduction Pokémon Zorua (Placeholder Name) is a game I've put over 2000 hours of work into. I am doing my best to make it possible with a team of only myself. You play as a Zorua who got caught up with some events of <insert evil team name>. You disguise youself as a trainer and enter the...