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    Melding mature themes into your fan game plot

    Yeah. There's more to being "mature" than just graphic violence and that stuff.
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    Demo Pokémon Spectrum

    I have found some issues with some of the bridges, as the player is shown walking under them rather than over them.
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    Shadow Pokemon?

    Pokemon Rejuvenation uses Shadow Pokemon and overall it handled them properly.
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    Completed Pokémon Umber

    I do think that a Daycare Center should be added here so that players can get all 3 of Eevee's evolutions.
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    Demo Pokémon Spectrum

    A whole bunch of fangames do this. This is not a unique case.
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    Demo Pokémon Spectrum

    I presume that it is the same as the main series.
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    Demo Pokémon Spectrum

    However, I just find out that the Pearls in Sandy Cove respawn if the player sells the Big Pearl at a shop. This is presumably done so that the player does not permanently lock off the Dowsing Machine if the player decides to sell the Big Pearl rather than exchange it for the Machine.
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    Demo Pokémon Spectrum

    You should probably add more methods of acquiring Big Pearls. You will lock off the Dowsing Machine permanently if you sell the Big Pearl (like I did).
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    Work in Progress Pokemon Dimension

    Of course it is. With fakemon that good and an awesome story you know right away that it's going to be good.
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    Work in Progress Pokemon Dimension

    This game is looking good. I'm liking the cool fakemon designs and the story.
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    Work in Progress Pokemon Elect

    I hope this game actually gets released. I'm liking the concepts of the various professions.
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    How many established characters is too many?

    There's no real limit to how many established characters you can use. You just need to make sure that how they are portrayed fits their character in the games.
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    Melding mature themes into your fan game plot

    I believe that mature themes can be done right if they are done the right way, as shown in Reborn. Being dark and edgy for the sake of it, as shown in ZO and Insurgence, should be avoided.
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    Fakemon: Do You Need Them?

    Yes. Games don't need Fakemon to be good. If they are to be implemented they need to be done right, like Uranium, Sage, or Ethereal Gates, for example.
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    Completed Pokémon Infernal Red / Natural Green

    This is meant to be a remake of Gen 1 only. Sorry.