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    Fan games with Pokemon characters

    The problem is even if you made all of the assets yourself, but used any likeness, you could be shut down. (Like if you made custom mew sprites) Essentials itself had some issues with it too I believe. Now you could probably get away with using their combat and catching mechanics though. I'm...
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    A Couple Questions on Autotiles

    Thanks! I'll probably end up with that. 😁
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    A few Pokemon game ideas

    Oh! I limited the amounts of items someone could carry incase you were wondering. And all gym leaders, e4 members, tourney's, etc, had the levels of the players mons scaled to 50. And I'd just make it more difficult by giving leaders a more competitive team to work with. That allowed me to...
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    A few Pokemon game ideas

    These are just ideas that I've had in my game that I had worked on before. I don't plan on finishing it ever, so feel free to use these to any capacity. Bird seed. It worked like sweet scent, but an item. That pretty much explains it... So that you can attract flying Pokemon. The same could be...
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    Discussion Who do you look up to?

    Only my dad. Because of the loyalty. He sees something through when he starts it, and he's a work horse that refuses to slow down. He'll put up with alot of crap to get a job done the right way, no matter how long it takes. Past that, no one. I'm my own man that knows right from wrong. I know...
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    A Couple Questions on Autotiles

    Thank you! I've had to redo this anyways because of the joints in the Autotiles when it's low tide. 😒 Since I'm not goin for a Pokemon game, I'm hoping to use alot of triple battles. I need to figure that out, and then I believe I'll be good for awhile.
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    A Couple Questions on Autotiles

    So I wanted this water animation. The bad thing is I don't know things that would affect it. How much time goes by in between frames in RPGXP? I believe I set my example at 450millisecs. It looks like the waves move waaay too fast when it's any shorter. How many frames are allowed? This one is...
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    Introduction Thread

    Hello! I'm new to relic castle, but not completely green. I've messed around with RPG Maker XP + Essentials on a Pokemon project for 5 or 6 years. I took a break and got into creating textures players use for WWE games primarily for characters and mods, but I'm getting that itch for 2D design...