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    Overview Tutorials and Resources Requests

    I'm looking for a Hall of Fame script that is from Gen 4-8. Does anyone have it?
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    Recruiting Pokémon Super Squad Recruitment

    NEW UPDATE: We have Twitter! You can follow here to keep up with updates.
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    Recruiting Pokémon Super Squad Recruitment

    We add an new logo for Pokémon Super Squad. No update yet, but we will find out soon.
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    Suggestions to improve Essentials

    Here are my suggestions that I would like to see: Switching Pokémon Quotes such as "[PKMN], switch out! Come back!" and "Good job, [PKMN]! Come back!". To have 16 badges which is found present in GSC/HGSS, but it can be split into 8 badges in one region.
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    Recruiting Pokémon Super Squad Recruitment

    Looking for the PokéCommunity thread, read here: Hi, I'm Kiribartlett, and I'm making for a upcoming game called Pokémon Super Squad. This game is take place to Happilo and Sakilo region. What a we looking for: Story Writers Sprites Artist...