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    Discussion Pokémon Direct 6.6.2017

    Disappointed Sinnoh fanboy here Ultra Sun and Moon sound fine for the moment, I do hope they develop the original storyline furthermore! I wouldn't mind more information on the origin of Ultra Beasts and all the dark stuff Aether was working on. Also more Lillie yes please. Tbh I don't think...
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    Creative I draw stuff sometimes :0

    Welcome to my Gallery u.u Maybe I'll post stuff here and then. If I remember to post it. That's the hard part :P Feel free to leave any feedback you want~
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    Throwing Stories into the Wind

    This was an old storyline of mine called Pokémon Timeless Journey. As always, I'm sorry for any mistakes you might find while reading :P "Despite its title, the flowing of time in this adventure is more than relevant. The story is set in the gorgeous Mythos Archipelago, a beautiful land made...
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    Introduction Thread

    Good evening folks, Vin here. English is not my native language, thus I'msorry if I make any mistakes. I joined Relic Castle back in Spring and I'm happy it has updated itself with fresh graphics and optimized coding. I'm sure it will continue to be a nice place that supports creativity and...
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    Whatever happens panta rhei.

    Whatever happens panta rhei.