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    Getting stuck on door

    Are the door tile and the tile below(the floor) passable? If they are make sure the tiles in the layers above are not some invisible unpassable tile by mistake.
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    Melding mature themes into your fan game plot

    well violence is usually not a sign of a mature person ... it's what people resort to when they are either imature or have some mental problem. It's just in the category mature because children should not see and and have such people as role model. Usually kids can handle mature problems ...
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    Help with using cut...

    The right Subforum to ask for such help would be under Pokémon Essentials Regarding the question: you deleted this entire bit that handels what happens if you cannot use cut: if !pbCheckHiddenMoveBadge(BADGEFORCUT,false) || (!$DEBUG && !movefinder) Kernel.pbMessage(_INTL("This tree looks...
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    Making Fan Games vs. Making Original Games

    I feel that another thing hat makes people not like to show off their Pokémon fangame is because Pokémon is widely looked down upon as a game for children. So in fear of people judging one for being a Pokemon fan people forget to be proud about making a game. Also the perception that fangames...
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    Making Fan Games vs. Making Original Games

    I think making fan games is limited to being a hobby. It's the opportunity to use an existing universe and make it into what you want it to be. Making the game is your hobby as playing football or any other hobby. The tradeoff is you're getting easy access to assets and a comunity that helps you...
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    Talking protagonist

    I think it's important to keep in mind what kind of fantasy you're trying to deliver. What comes to my mind when I think of dialouge choises in many games there's often a self confident/egoistical and a modest/shy answer. I always knew what kind of answer I wanted to give at once because of my...
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    Discussion - Where to start?

    well if you're using a windows pc (which you probably are if you're using rpg maker xp) then you should look up the recycle bin ... if you didn't clear it everything you deleted should be in there that's only if you deleted it tough ... not if you overwrote it
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    Pokémon Daycare

    I also gave the game a try. It's a neat concept. But like Tomix said there doesn't seem to be much to do. So I played for 15 Mins and then quit. Also all those trainers interupting my taking care of the Pokémon a bit to much imo. I'm in the middle of going to a Pokémon and being interupted...
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    Iron Mapper IRON MAPPER: Season 4 Discussion

    congratulations kingpls! But in general all the maps were great ... got a lot of inspirations of those maps.
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    Feedback Map Showcase

    Nice work with the decorations. They look nice and natural without leaving "boring" empty spaces. I really like the lake park area and the garden of the houses. You might want to add something more interesting to the path in the bottom with the bench or maybe shift the house and the entrance of...
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    Iron Mapper HYPE!!!

    Iron Mapper HYPE!!!
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    Melding mature themes into your fan game plot

    That's an interesting point. Trying to start the player off as adult and seeing how the game will turn out would be different for sure. It would also force you to do a different intro setting which might be quite refreshing. And while writing that I had the thought that the game starting with...
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    Resource Rotation Battle

    I wouldn't really recommend using this script as basis. 2 of the 3 Pokémon are inactiv. This is different from your style. Make a normal Wild battle with a chance for SOS each end of turn whenever there is only one Pokémon and if it works for the first time reposition the opponents and set a...
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    Melding mature themes into your fan game plot

    I believe that the problem is not with mature themes but with emotionally strong themes. Imo in such stories it is harder to not break the immersion of the player with emotional scenes. If my parents are killed it's an emotionally intensive moment. So it needs to be handled as such. Just...
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    Feedback Map Showcase

    This map doesn't seem finished. On the right place of the bike shop there is something missing. If the space doesn't have any purpose I'd consider just removing it. The same goes for the continuation on the left of the path to the route to the right. There is just nothing there. Might as...