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    Released Pokemon: Triad Tournament

    It's been a while and I'm sorry that no one has spoken up about looking into this. Then again, I'm willing to offer the people a live demonstration of how to play on a stream if it would help boost the idea.
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    Dexit: Fan Game Edition

    Another thing that is probably a surprise factor that doesn't usually come up is this: patience. How willing are people able to wait for a product. For people like me, I'm ABLE to wait and put int he work and effort to make it work And I even kind of futureproofed my game by having 8 "sets"...
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    Ask Me Anything

    Incenaroar. We don't need f-ing heels trying to hide their fighting type.
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    Released Pokemon: Triad Tournament

    Bumping 5 ways up with News to go with it. Great News. Set 2 is Finished. I will not craft set 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8. Not unless I do get help. I mean when you have a total of 4912 cards.. you need a break. But in good news, there's at least a good number of cards fresh made that were made...
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    Released Pokemon: Triad Tournament

    Can I ask a question here? Is my thing Readable? I mean I tried to simplify it and sort the writing out in the Manual.
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    Released Pokemon: Triad Tournament

    I managed to get all the new Pokemon in, from Kanto and Johto to Hoenn to Unova, and now Galar are now new in the game and can be playable in the game I made. And it took me a good while to get here too. **Holds up a cup of Eggnog.** the new total for the game... Two Thousand Seven Hundred...
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    Recruiting Help for Pokemon: Triad Tournament

    Hello, I wish to send out a call for help to try to get my game into more playable hands and more understandable methods. I am currently trying to do what I can but it's clear my power is kind of limited so if possible I'm asking for at least someone that won't mind Card game style work for...
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    Making Fan Games vs. Making Original Games

    This is in a way a double-edged blade. On the Side of Fan Games: There's ease of concept understanding and you can get the concept out as well as being able to get suggestions to make the game deeper. On the ediS of Fan Games: Yea, the C&D hammer is looming over and you know the moment it hits...
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    Released Pokemon: Triad Tournament

    (Mana, it's been so long since I posted here.) Salutations everyone. I'm still open to having more people come in and try my game on the destination. If anyone is still interested in the card game let me know.
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    Shadow Pokemon?

    If this counts as double posting then sorry. Just wanting to be sure this idea isn't forgotten as I do have a recent announcement but you'll have to see my project to get a hint of what it is.
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    Released Pokemon: Triad Tournament

    Hey Everyone! I am sorry that I haven't updated but I did wait for people to speak up. Then again... I at least am hoping to give a reason to do it since I just added some new things. One of them... well they come with their own rules. I know this might not be the game you want but I wish to...
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    Released Pokémon Sardonyx: Raised to Win

    I know I got into it a bit. Hope you keep going.
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    Released Pokemon Edge of Reality (v2.08)

    Ok. Just being a bit of a worry-wort. Sorry on that.
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    Released Pokemon Edge of Reality (v2.08)

    Might need to edit the post where it all begun and replace the old link with the new in case people don't want to search for your newest version.
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    Released Pokemon: Triad Tournament

    Thank you. I got it up as of now and if you care to know more I'm willing to explain or show more.