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    Help Some question about programming

    A)Basically i created a txt with a code of a class that inherits from PokeBattle_Move, i executed it with the evals function, but in the PokeBattle_Move.pbFromPBMove the Kernel.const_get(className) does not recognize the new class(It says in the error message: uninitialized constant kernel). Can...
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    Short-term Need spriter for a item plugin

    Hello, i am creating a plugin that add new items to pokemon essential with the objetive to diversificate the early game itempool and add synergies to not too competitive pokemons. Its already implemented in code but i need some one to make the sprites. Please tell me if you have interessing to...
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    Solved How read a .dat from Data folder

    i made what you speak, it worked, thank you.In the end, i was trying to implement in a harder, stupier way than what i could do
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    Solved How read a .dat from Data folder

    Hi, i was trying to create a function that verify if a pokemon can evolve 2 times, but i dont know how to read the evolutions.dat and extract the information. How do i do that?