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    Demo Pokemon Heaven 1.0.1

    It seems like theres a bug that the new Pokemon can't learn any VM's If you go to the Juliet forrest in the evening you can catch a celebi at the shrine that can defenetly learn cut!
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    Feedback Map Showcase

    What do you guys think about this Atumn/Fall Map?
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    Feedback Project Sandbox

    what do you guys think about that gym design?
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    Demo Pokemon Heaven 1.0.1

    by the way the game won't stay by 50 Pokemon actually i planed a lot more. If you have any proposals for Pokemon just reply i take it anyway.
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    Demo Pokemon Heaven 1.0.1

    A brand new Adventure waits for you in Credits: Created by KazleHD Tools used:Pokemon Essentials by Maruno, Poccil and Flame Guru Gameidea: Pokemon by Gamefreak and Nintendo The New Region...