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    v18.1 I'm having this weird (bug or script issue I don't know which) for battle ends

    I see that Camper Liam in default Essentials, whose lose text has a comma in it, displays his message properly. Can you show your trainer entry in trainers.txt for this trainer?
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    v18.1 Mystery Gifts Are Not Working

    I don't know the fix, but I have heard that Pastebin links no longer work with mystery gifts because Pastebin now uses HTTPS links instead of HTTP. I guess you'd have to find another site that just uses regular HTTP to host your mystery gift links.
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    v18 How to make the bike faster?

    Go to script section Game_Player, and underneath the function "def update_command", find this line: self.move_speed = 5 # Cycling The move speeds you see in this function correspond to the speeds defined in the function "def move_speed=(val)" in script section Game_Character. In your case, try...
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    v18 Broken Shadow Move? (Shadow Half)

    Can you please also post your full error message?
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    Croped images in "Large" screen size

    In addition to Golisopod's response above, the other plugins you're talking about will surely be updated before you release your game, unless you're so far into your game's development that you're literally ready to release within the next month or something.
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    Recruiting Pokemon Dark Rising 3

    Hi, thank you for the interest, but unfortunately we aren't recruiting any roles other than composer at the moment.
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    Recruiting Pokemon Dark Rising 3

    Bump. We've filled most of our roles now, but we are still looking for a composer/musician to help us create custom soundtracks!
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    Freelance Composer looking to help out on projects!

    Hi Darius, would you be interested in helping out with my project, Pokemon Dark Rising 3? Here is our website: We mostly use soundtracks from other games, but there are a few cases where we would like to have custom soundtracks, so it won't...
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    v18 setBattleRule

    You can also use the pbWildBattleCore function that pbWildBattle, pbDoubleWildBattle, and pbTripleWildBattle all eventually call, by replacing your line with pbTripleWildBattle with this: pbWildBattleCore(:BULBASAUR, 5, :CHARMANDER, 5, :SQUIRTLE, 5) This function can take any number of Pokemon...
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    v18 Need some pounters creating a picture album

    Hm, you could look at what the Battle Animation Editor does in the Debug menu. This menu increases the dimensions of the game window when you enter it, then restores the dimensions when you exit. The code for this is in the function "def pbAnimationEditor" in script section...
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    v18 Changing wild battle music

    Look at the "Music" section on the wiki page:
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    v18 Got errors. I already made a post about them, but there are more and I think I would make another post.

    Hm, I've never heard of the game deleting lines from encounters.txt before. It could be trying to throw out duplicate encounter entries (like accidentally writing two Land encounters for the same map) or extraneous lines within encounters (like accidentally writing 13 lines for a Land encounter...
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    v18 Consecutive encounters with random coaches

    You could try using the Random Battle Generator script:
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    github-dev Field Terrain error--What kind of error is this?

    Did you change any scripts recently, or have to revert some of them or something? I see that the constant WEATHER_SETS_TERRAIN is defined at the bottom of the Settings script in a clean version of v18.1, but it seems you don't have it in your own Settings script because the error says...
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    v18 List Pokedex

    I'm not completely sure, but I think the number of items is determined by the variable @sprites["pokedex"] inside script section PScreen_PokedexMain. This line sets up the item list menu: @sprites["pokedex"] =,30,276,364,@viewport) The first 4 numbers are the x, y, width...