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    Solved Starting Over Position

    The location of the player's home is defined in the metadata.txt PBS file. You should see a field named "Home" there, followed by four numbers. Looks like this: Home=2,27,10,2 The numbers look confusing, but it's really simple to wrap your head around. The first number, 2, is the map ID...
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    Resource Following Pokemon

    Then that means it can't find the sprites you have for the followers. They might have not have a name for the script to read. Mine are listed by their PokeDex number, IE Bulbasaur is 001, Ivysaur is 002, and so on.
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    Resource HGSS Trainer Battle Sprites

    Sparta submitted a new resource: HGSS Trainer Battle Sprites - Essentials-Ready HGSS Trainer Sprites Read more about this resource...
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    HGSS Trainer Battle Sprites - HGSS Trainer Battle Sprites

    I've had these sitting on my computer for a while now, and I figured I figured they might be a bit helpful to other people so... here's some cool stuff. HGSS Trainer Battle Sprites This is a collection of the trainer sprites from HGSS formatted and ready to use with Pokemon Essentials...
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    Resource Following Pokemon

    Then make sure the events needed to activate the followers - shown in the overview - are set up right and run correctly.
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    Work in Progress Pokemon Origins of Peace

    A longer demo is usually a better route to take. Two or three Gyms (or whatever you're using in their place) is a good goal to have for a demo, as it allows players more time to get to know the characters and the story, and will likely hook their interest more than a shorter demo would.
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    Resource Following Pokemon

    Do you have graphics for all the follower Pokemon?
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    Feedback Map Showcase

    It's extremely empty. There are large open areas with nothing but open space. Which is bad. It's uninteresting and it's easy to lose track of where you are. I would definitely make the map a lot smaller, and add in some paths, flowers, rocks, basically some form of decoration so that there's...
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    Feedback Project Sandbox

    Personally, I'd recommend being a bit more descriptive when telling about your project. You said what it was and what you wanted, but it still felt pretty vague to me. That said, the little bit that I did see looked pretty solid to me.
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    Solved Help with Choose your Pokemon Events

    Parallel Process means that the even will run even when other events are running. It runs along side them, IE parallel. Autorun means that the event will start automatically when triggered, whether by entering the map or through a switch, etc. And it will keep automatically running unless...
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    Pokemon YOU: The community made fan game

    I'm not trying to sound rude or critical or anything, but my main problem is that, from what I read, it doesn't feel much like a community project. It sounds more like people submitting stuff for a game, and then you go through and decide what you want to use, and even making changes to it...
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    Creative Fakémon Feedback

    Drawing's a bit rough, in my opinion, but that's not a terribly big deal. Personally I think it feels kind of basic, and there's not much that gives off a Grass-Type vibe. The ears are leaves, and the neck thing might be a bush, but it still feels pretty simple. It could use a bit more...
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    Questions & Feedback Thread

    To be honest, that doesn't sound like a reason why to have a podcast. That's more or less just an idea of what the podcast would be. Admittedly, it'd be a cool idea if there were a way to do it, but the mods/admins do actually have lives, so it might not be easy to get them all together once a...
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    Overview Tutorials and Resources Requests

    That would be helpful, for sure. There might be an issue, though, as the reasons scripts stop working after Essentials updates often differs. And the level of skill needed to update those scripts can vary based on the scripts. One script might just need to change one line. Another might need you...
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    Feedback Project Sandbox

    If you don't have anything to show other than a synopsis and the features, then you might want to wait on recruiting. People look for developers capable of showing they can actually make a game, not someone who can only list what they hope to do. I'd say to take some time and learn RMXP or...