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Recent content by pkthedragon

  1. pkthedragon

    Recruiting Pokemon Azure Recruitment

    Hey everyone! Pokemon Azure is a game in the vein of Pokemon Reborn and Rejuvenation, featuring field effects and increased difficulty, and twelve dual typed gym leaders, along with a complex and hopefully compelling plotline about the conflict between a church and a cult that has torn the...
  2. pkthedragon

    Completed Pokémon: Legends of the Arena

    It’s not a rom, you can run fangames directly.
  3. pkthedragon

    Resource HM Items

    It'll work in debug mode regardless of whether you have the item, much like how hms will work in debug mode whether the player has a pokemon that can use it or not.
  4. pkthedragon

    Demo Pokemon Heaven 1.0.1

    Please install the fonts, they're in the fonts folder.
  5. pkthedragon

    Help Animated Title Screens and Opening Intros (V16)

  6. pkthedragon

    Resource Essentials PBS Editor Program

    I get this error every time I try to run the program, when I press close it exits and nothing happens and when I press continue the program says looking for updates and runs forever. I turned off my antivirus as well, so I’m not sure what’s happening.
  7. pkthedragon

    Recruiting Fierce Melody - Looking for fakemon concepts creator

    I’d love to help, and does it require drawing?
  8. pkthedragon

    Freelance Offering my services for SMALL requests

    Hello, Can you please make backsprites of these Pokémon? If this is too big of a task, then just the starters are fine. I’d like them in hgss style, so only part of the sprite shows. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1LgzLXBOUIkWCvlpO67y0_zYweW-_LKhG Thank you!
  9. pkthedragon

    Recruiting Project Morpheus needs your help!

    A little bump, as well as providing the link to our discord https://discord.gg/AcwVqA
  10. pkthedragon

    Recruiting Project Morpheus needs your help!

    Project Morpheus is a new fan game I’m currently developing; it has all 802 Pokémon and some new variants, as well as new mega evolutions and primal reversions. The plot follows our protagonist, living in a modest fishing village south of the region. Their uncle is the chieftain of the village...