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    Feedback Project Sandbox

    Oooh yeah I like that idea. I could use the 4 seasonal pokemon and make it so you can only catch 2 in each version. Gonna develop on that concept some more, thanks man.
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    Feedback Project Sandbox

    So, I have a few basic concepts down for my fangame in terms of story, but I fear it might be too bland. So, the two legendary pokemon from the region are basically the masters of snow and land. And my idea was to include a unique evil team for each version (much like ruby and sapphire). One of...
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    Feedback Project Sandbox

    @Oracle of Delphox: The story seems pretty interesting, not sure how you would go about introducing the story to the player. But if you can pull it off it could definitely be a good plot to work with.
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    Work in Progress Fierce Melody (Updated 16/03/2019)

    It looks absolutely stunning, from the spriteart to the fakemon design, it all looks awesome and falls into place really well. I'm really excited to eventually play a demo of this game.
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    Pokemon Essentials Takedown

    My timing to come back to fan game creation has been pretty poor too yeah. Even tho the future may be uncertain right now, that wont stop me from continueing to create fan games.
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    Project Names

    I've always had trouble with coming up with names. But the trick is to not overthink it and come up with something simple and catchy. I, for example. Want to revive my project called Pokemon Frosted and Pokemon Drought. Once i’ve settled on the names I try to design the box art legendaries...
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    Introduction Thread

    Hello, I'm Juliandroid98. After working on and off with pokemon essentials for years now I've recently decided to finally pick it up again and actually start to develop something. So yes, im still fairly new to creating fangames but i'm well on my way to learn My strong suit at the moment is...