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    Resource HGSS Style Transitions Script

    @Jonas930. Yep still does it. Don't know why. Specifically what happens it the map name drops down but quickly fades out at the transition picture fades in, masking it until the transition pictures fades out again. Should I try the v16.2 fix?
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    Resource HGSS Style Transitions Script

    @Jonas930. Yes to both. Maybe my transfer event is set up incorrectly. Could I perhaps have a screenshot of how you do it?
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    Resource HGSS Style Transitions Script

    @Jonas930. Ahah, Sorry, I think I didn't make myself clear enough. I know how to show map name on entry through debug, the issue what that when the transition picture is shown, it hides everything else under it. Including the map name window.
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    Resource HGSS Style Transitions Script

    @Jonas930. Love it. Works great. My only question is this: How do you get the Map Name window to show above the transition picture? Thanks.
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    Demo Pokemon Shattered Stones

    @Charizardthree. Good game. I beat the demo and I liked it. I couldn't figure out how to make burst form work (or if it's even implemented yet) but it was a fun little go around so far. Your mapping is really clean and straightforward, yet there were times where I could walk on top of trees and...
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    What are your Fan Game/Pokémon Pet Peeves?

    I'll start off by saying everyone starts somewhere, and I understand that not everyone has acquaintances or the abilities to do certain things. (But even then you can put forth an effort.) Anyways- 1. ,"Oh My Arceus!"- Oh my god or oh my gosh is just fine. Please don't use this in dialogue...
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    Resource Following Pokemon

    There's only one issue glaring bug here. If the first pokemon in your team is fainted (therefore it's invisible until healed-) If you attempt to Surf, it shows up again walking around on the water, somehow alive again. Yet, since it's still fainted you can't interact with it, and the only fix...
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    Entertainment What Pokemon need removal/improvement?

    @TheBarmyBrit. I actually just recently implemented this change into my game with all the points you stated. Of course I tweaked the stats around a little but I always did think it was weird they weren't connected as they share a ridiculous amount of similarities. Other Pokémon that I think need...
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    Creative Make a Fakemon Game! v2.0

    Sorry if I ruined it. v_v
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    Report Bugs in the Latest Version of Essentials

    Another bug, this one is inexplicable and I can re-create it almost every time. For some strange reason, in a double battle, if an opponent sends out a new Pokémon and you switch a new Pokémon in yourself on the same turn- the chat box text goes to the absolute smallest setting, making it...
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    Help [Scripts]Forcing AI To Hold Pokémon?

    It's me again. Sorry. So, I was looking for a way to for an enemy trainer to hold a certain Pokémon to send out last after the rest of their team has been defeated. And I found this on PokeCommunity: def pbDefaultChooseNewEnemy(index,party) enemies=[] for i in 0..party.length-1...
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    Work in Progress Pokémon Fallen Light

    This looks good. I like it a lot. You've put a massive amount of work into this and it shows. The only thing I'll say is- PLEASE don't keep the bad default battle animations. Even one custom animation for each type is good enough. But everything looks lovely. I don't mean to sound rude, but...
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    Resource Following Pokemon

    @Aki. Oh cool! It works. Unfortunately though, it seems like you can't actually move the follower. Trying to do so (I.E. PBMoveRoute::MoveRight,) ends up in an error and crashes. Is this working as intended? Last question. (Sorry to be a bother.)Is there a use for all the follower file...
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    Tutorial Weather Sound Effects

    @DerxwnaKapsyla. Love this. The only issue I'm having is Importing the RGSS Linker and FmodEx scripts. Upon compiling and start-up, it says there's an issue with loading the script library, naming the Linker script as the issue.
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    Demo Pokemon Dreams

    Looks nice. I'd like to play it.