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Recent content by greenartist7

  1. greenartist7

    Demo Pokemon Tempo Rising

    Was the Zorua unique for Herovoltsy? I didn't get it after getting the quickballs from the parents.
  2. greenartist7

    Demo Pokemon Edge of Reality (v2.08)

    Really hoping the next update will finally have the item to get Mudkip.
  3. greenartist7

    Completed Pokémon Christmas Stories

    Adding on to the list of bugs, I rescued 3 Growlithes and there's 2 left in Frost Cave R2. However, once I completed the ice puzzle, the stairs didn't appear. Also, after the random healing at the entrance of the Pokemon Center in Snowfall City, if you go back to heal later on and talk to the...
  4. greenartist7

    Demo Pokemon Jade

    Hi, just want to point out that the discord link has expired. Could you guys set it so the invitation link won't expire, please? P.S. the game is amazing so far!