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    these sprites were a commission, and I took this opportunity to style the characters after fox mulder and dana scully from X-files, because it fit with the aesthetic. the pose is rather simple, though i made them without splicing parts from other sprites, or using another sprite as a base.
    When I first tried to make a modified intro sprite for professor Oak in the intro scene, I was completely unaware of the importance of similar aspect ratios, and he looked bad. Aside from that, the left hand is barely different from the Rowan introductory sprite, but by the time i thought about it, I had made a new sprite with these limitations in mind, which is much better
    here is a sprite i made with FRLG Red as the base, and then I fiddled with it to resemble a trendy kid wearing hip and trendy clothes. thermal sweater, ribbed pants, fancy boots and a snazzy hat. I was unsure about how to go folding the arms, and maybe in a few weeks I can look at this and say "what a loser, the arms look like crap!" but one can only hope.
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