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    Help Play my Pokemon game on Android?

    Hello guys. Is it possible play my Pokemon game on Android? I saw tutorials where guys covert projects from RPG Maker MV to Android. But what about RPG Maker XP? Or can I convert my game from RPG Maker XP to RPG Maker MV and after to Android? Thank you.
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    Help Animated GIF in TitleScreen

    Hello, Is it possible have animated GIF in TitleScreen? If is possible, how to make it? I tried force way and replaced basic "splash" by my GIF, but in game is static. Thank you all for reply and help.
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    Solved Move events at same time to square

    Solved! Thank you, I absolutely forgot on it. Sorry, for this primitive question. Thank you again for your time :-)
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    Solved Move events at same time to square

    Hello! I need your help. It is in Mossdeep Gym. I know how turn 3 events to square with "Wait: 1 frame" but this work only if 1 event miss in square. I would turn 4 events to square but "hell" I don't know how. Thank you for help. Click here for IMG
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    Resource Wild Item Drops

    Can you help me pls? I have this error: --------------------------- Pokemon --------------------------- [Pokémon Essentials version 17.1] Exception: NoMethodError Message: undefined method `fainted?' for #<PokeBattle_Battler:0x945d0e8> Wild Drop:3:in `pbFaint' PokeBattle_Battler:3170:in...
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    Solved Starter Pokemon Randomizer

    Random Shiny Use extendtext.exe species = [:BULBASAUR,:CHARMANDER,:SQUIRTLE,:MEWTWO,:MEW][rand(species.size)],5,$Trainer) poke.makeShiny pbAddPokemon(poke) by bo4p5687
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    Solved Starter Pokemon Randomizer

    Hi! Thank you for help but I tried this and other like pkmn.makeShiny, pokemon.makeShiny, etc. It doesn't work. [Pokémon Essentials version 17.1] Exception: RuntimeError Message: Script error within event 19 (coords 13,7), map 139 (MAP139): Exception: NoMethodError Message: (eval):3:in...
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    Solved Starter Pokemon Randomizer

    Hello Is it possible generate shiny Pokemon? Thank you.
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    Pokemon Essentials Takedown

    Hey! Maybe this theme is actually out, but what this mean for us? Is this end for pokemon fan game development? Will be created some warez version of Pokemon Essential Wiki? What do you think about it?
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    Help Pokemon Tower - Ghost

    Well, this script isn't compatible with EliteBattle System. I tried add point 3. in to EliteBatlle_0 (#Initialize wild Pokémon#) and name of pokemon changed to Ghost. It works but without correct graphic. What another must I change in EliteBattle? Thank you for help!
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    Help Pokemon Tower - Ghost

    Hi! I need little help with added script. I would see "Ghost" in Pokemon Tower without SILPHSCOPE. Pokemons can't be attacked or catched, this is working. But I don't see new graphic Ghost and name Ghost. I normaly see Gastly and etc. "Graphics/Battlers/ghost.png" Already have. I have script...
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    Resource Hyper Training Script

    Tested with EBS and working well!!:blush: But with egg I have same error like Morningdew.
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    Help Load game/Back to Starting menu from Modular menu by Luka S.J

    Hello! I would like add to Modular menu by Luka "Load" and "Exit to menu". But Idk how to call it.. Please help me. Thank you! EDIT: Something like this?
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    Solved Mr. Hyper

    Thank you very much!!
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    Solved Mr. Hyper

    Hello! I would add to my game NPC Mr. Hyper from Pokemon Sun/Moon. It is IVs trainer for Pokemon lvl 100. I would be grateful if anyone have this script and can share it.