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    Where is my Master Ball?

    Shiny insurance. If the player finds a shiny legendary they can't afford to faint it! So just use a Master Ball on it.
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    Solved What does this NoMethodError mean?

    You must've accidentally deleted the line that defines the "pokedexSeen" method. If you have a clean copy of essentials to compare your scripts to (I recommend this if you don't already have it), ctrl+f for "pokedexSeen" in the scripts to see where it's defined. I could totally be wrong though.
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    Creative The protag for Daybreak

    I feel like I don't know enough about pixel art to give you in-depth critique, but I'll list the first couple things that stick out to me: 1- the hair on the walking sprite (with his back facing us) could use some shading so it doesn't look flat 2- in the full sprite, too many of the outlines...
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    I try to hit a balance of not too hard for potential newcomers to get into, but able to be challenging enough to get you to think about strategy if you want to. You could get something with Taunt to help with Castform in the Lurantis fight, or you could just power through with a Trumbeak. It's...
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    Solved Unexpected file format

    Can you give us some more details? Hard to tell which file is in an unexpected format from here :P
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    Route Distribution Rant Thread

    Whether it's having too many different Pokémon on a route, new Pokémon being too rare compared to old ones, or an overabundance of Gumshoos, here's a thread to vent your opinions on Pokémon's biggest mistakes in distributing Pokémon in routes and caves.
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    A Speed-up button in Fan Games. (Do or Don't)

    Just a quick idea, maybe it'd be a good idea to give the Oval Charm that added effect. That would help speed things up for breeding.
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    Entertainment Rick and Morty (Spoilers)

    Aw jeez Rick, I-I don't know how to start the conversation... Well, yeah, Rick and Morty is a sci-fi cartoon on Adult Swim, but you should probably should've known that before clicking on this spoiler-filled thread... Since we all seem to love the show but don't want to give spoilers on...
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    Entertainment Undertale

    Great humor, interesting story, fun boss fights when they're not too challenging. Difficulty spikes are really annoying, and I was never able to beat the final Geno boss. Geno was also really, really grindy, and took hours just to find the last couple monsters remaining in an area. And yeah, I...
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    Report Bugs in the Latest Version of Essentials

    I've heard of (and seen) this bug before, and AFAIK it's a bug with RMXP itself, not Essentials, so unfortunately I don't think Maruno can help with that. It only happens if you set the screen size to large/full, so it should be fine if you just keep it at medium.
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    Help text does not show up in pokemon essentials

    Have you installed the fonts?
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    Completed Pokémon Desiderate

    Hehe, Jamataba. You should win just for that pun alone.
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    Discussion Username Backstories

    People started calling me it in 8th grade, so... it caught on :P Previously I was Platinum Cyndaquil, which... is self explanatory... but it was over 16 characters (meaning it didn't fit as a username in some places) and I didn't want my username to be linked to another IP when I started doing...
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    Entertainment Caption This!

    Game Freak carries Talonflame to RU after nuking it out of viability (2016, colorized)
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    Creative Fakémon Feedback

    I still think Chompex is a good name for it- chomp+apex. I really like the feel you gave it with the vertical teeth. Gives it a great uncanny valley feel to make it more menacing.