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    Recruiting Pokemon Recondite - Roles Include Spriter, Mapper, and Other Misc. Roles

    (Find roles at Looking to Recruit and please read How To Apply? before applying, Thank You!) Background on Project so Far For those of you who haven't heard of Pokemon Recondite, which I expect is most, the biggest reason is because I haven't been active on Relic Castle. The first version of my...
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    Work in Progress Pokemon Origins of Peace

    Will the entire game take place in the past? ( If you don't want to answer for spoiler reasons I understand) I think it would be interesting to see how past events shape the future and what's changed. That's my opinion at least. I plan on doing something to that extent with my game.
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    Work in Progress Pokemon Recondite

    Updated-5/26/19 This project is NOT dead. Great, now that we got out of the way I can say what I've been doing. I have been working on this game on and off due to irl stuff and to give myself a break so I don't overwork and make something I'm not happy with. That being said, the game will...