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    Completed Pokémon Nightshade

    The guides linked in the readme text file that comes with the game explain everything for you and should answer all your questions!
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    Game Jam Winter Game Jam 2: Results + Community Poll

    A great selection of spotlights! Congrats to all of them and to all of the entries submitted for the great jam!
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    April Fools Announcing Relic Castle NFTs

    I’d like to tokenize Pokémon Insurgence, Reborn, Rejuvenation, Desolation, and Xenoverse pls.
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    Completed Pocket Monster Project: Bloodlines

    Hey Ranko, congratulations on releasing another jam game! I beat Bloodlines in about 40 minutes and I thought I'd give you some thoughts. My Thoughts: Thanks for making the game! I had a lot of fun playing it and writing this!
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    Entertainment Relic Castle Pokedex

    Applin: it’s an apple, but in a past life it was an orange Next: Appletun
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    Released Super Sludge Islands

    Oh, one last thing-- the door to the intro world from the world map doesn't lead to the correct tile on the map.
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    Released Super Sludge Islands

    Hey! I played Super Sludgemon Islands on stream (vod is probably still saved on twitch Foxowl23) , and I enjoyed it. Here are some thoughts: My thoughts:
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    Completed *~*~♥Pokémon Fairies♥~*~*

    Hi Armin! I played Fairies yesterday on stream (the vod is probably still up on twitch Foxowl23). Here's some thoughts on your great game! My thoughts:
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    Completed Sudden Snowstorm

    Hi Vendily! I played your game yesterday (if you want to see a scuffed stream of it I think it's still saved as a vod on my twitch Foxowl23). Here's some thoughts. My thoughts:
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    Completed Pokémon Nightshade

    I should probably give a review for Nightshade, since you did the same for Slice of Life back during the summer. Seems only fair, even if I did test this game for you. I'll even shamelessly steal borrow your Jam game review format and apply it back at you. Look at my laziness! Marty would truly...
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    Discussion Relic Castle Game Jam Preservation Project

    Winter Jam 2 Update! I've added the games currently released to the list. I think there might be a couple more and I'll add them once the threads are approved.
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    Public Gen 3 Tiles!

    So I dropped out of the Winter Jam for reasons, but I figured since I spent a bit making/editing tiles I might as well upload them. They're not all great and are a little weird in places but I know I always like to have more Gen 3-style stuff out there. Enjoy, they're free to use (with credit to...
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    Resource Public Gen 3 Tiles!

    Foxowl submitted a new resource: Public Gen 3 Tiles! - I made some tiles for what was gonna be my winter jam game. Might as well make them public now :) Read more about this resource...
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    Completed A Slice of Life

    Hey everyone! I know this is like... months late, but I've finally finally gotten around to creating the final update to A Slice of Life. Pretty much all reported bugs have been fixed and there's a bit of new battle/bag UI. I was gonna make a small postgame thing but I decided I'd rather just...
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    Released Pokémon Ashen Frost [14 Cases!]

    Will be in 1-2 months