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    Recruiting Melodic Royale is now recruiting!

    Melodic Royale is now recruiting! What is Melodic Royale? Melodic Royale is a Pokemon Rhythm Fangame currently being developed by Mewleon through Unity. Melodic Royale combines mechanics of some rhythm games (Stepmania, Idol Love (team system), and Arcaea (partner system)) and smushes Pokemon...
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    Completed Pokecards [Revamped]

    This isn't a forgot password option on the platform and I don't have access to the platform user info, you probably need to make a new account, sorry for the inconvenience!
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    Completed Pokecards [Revamped]

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    Demo Exterium, completion game with fully original critters

    Just tried it on mobile, it’s mobile comaptiable
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    Completed Pokécards - A PvP CCG Pokemon Fangame

    So it has been about three months since I last made this thread. I recently released a big update that I (am still semi testing with help from the community) have released to Pokécards. Gamemodes! Atm I released 3 Game Modes, Randomizer Mode and 2 Single Player Modes (Varying Diffciulty)...
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    Between Quality and Quantity

    Quality obviously, but really in all fairness, the GP (General Public) should stop pressuring devs to putting their demo out for a game people are very willing to play just to kill time. Quality is what makes a game what it is and putting quantity, well it would put some5hing out there...
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    Game Theft and Phishing Sites

    It's sad how people only steal fan games just for their own desire to make pocket change, smh
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    Recruiting Pokecards - Online CCG Game, Recruiting Card Artists!

    Heya! I am Mewleon, the owner of Pokecards, a online CCG game, if you don't know yet what pokecards is, I suggest reading about it first before viewing this thread. ( Anyways one of my plans to better improve the game is to give cards some card art, which...
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    Demo Super Pokemon Eevee Edition

    Wow, the ui is just amazing and how the battle system works, reminds me of a certain game (Final Fantasy I think?) Anyways excited for future development!
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    Dev Kit Pokémon Unity 2D

    I'm excited to see the development of this and knowing that unity can do so much, excited to make some fangames with this!
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    Watcha Playin': Playing a fan game? Let's talk about it!

    Started doing a Pokemon Insurgence Randomizer Nuzlocke. Because doing a normal Nuzlocke is just pretty hard lmao, even I tried myself :^)
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    Entertainment Winter Olympics 2018, Opinions and Thoughts

    Heya guys! I've been watching the Olympics the last couple of days and it's maybe one of the best Olympics years I've seen in quite a while. Seeing how all the athletes unite and the types of sports that are going on! And also the content in which the Olympics also provides us users. So my...
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    Work in Progress Pokemon Serenity

    Just the screenshots themselves, I can really tell I can hype up for this. Great UI and tilesets, looking forward to this! And the unique regional variants, pretty cool! Anyways I'll look forward to the future of this project!
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    Work in Progress Pokemon Recondite

    Just by first impressions, I can see Potiental in this upcoming project, mostly due to the plot. The features being featured in your thread are intesting as well, especially the custom shinies owo). Can't wait to see further development!