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Hi there everybody!

I'm Involuntary Twitch, but you can call me Twitch for short. I'm a pixel artist, writer, and game developer. You probably know me from my biggest (now-complete) game project, a little game called Pokemon Uranium, for which I was the lead creative director.

Since finishing my fan game magnum opus, I don't plan on making any other fan games for the conceivable future and I'm not interested in getting involved with spriting for any other Pokemon projects. I do have plenty of advice and tutorials for beginners though, which are archived in my blog, Oripoke, along with my Fakemon designs and occasional fan game reviews.

You can see a gallery of my artwork on my DeviantART, here:

I can't think of what else to put here... drop me a line if you want to chat tho, I'm friendly.
December 21
New England
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