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    Released Pokemon Vanguard (Version 2.5 Released)

    Good to know! I'm not sure if you've watched the review on my channel, but I go a little more in-depth about how I like to think and act while writing dialogue, not sure it would be useful for you since everyone does the writing process differently. I'm glad that you're switching to one tileset...
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    Released Pokemon Vanguard (Version 2.5 Released)

    Hey there! I just finished playing this game, and I'd like to share my thoughts on this demo. I also played this game on my YouTube channel, and I'll link the playlist below. At the end of the last episode, I also go through my thoughts on the game. Ultimately, I think this is a great...
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    Game Jam Game Jam #6: Results & Community Poll

    Congrats to the winners and to everyone on a great game jam!
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    Released Pocket Monster Project: Ghosts of Knowledge

    Hello! I finally got the time to play through this game, and holy crap is it excellent! I'm gonna try to touch on everything I can remember. I guess before I go any further, I believe I got ending A. All in all, I really enjoyed playing through this game, and it's a massive step up from...
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    Released Pokémon TRAPPED

    Hi! Congrats on releasing a game! I found a few bugs on my first time playing and I'll list them below.
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    Team Mapper TEAM MAPPER: Trial I

    Plot #20! Also I think you may have missed Falcon :)
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    Team Mapper TEAM MAPPER: Trial I

    I'll take a plot!
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    Released Pokémon Infinity

    This game is super good! The world feels super alive, and it's a unique premise. But, you're saying I was saying the region wrong the whole time...
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    Completed White Rose

    This game is amazing. While I have no idea what was happening throughout the game, I had to complete it in one sitting. It was so addicting, in a good way. For the story, having this eerie and unknown aspect makes the player think and adds to the complexness of this game. The music was amazing...