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    Entertainment Lets play a letter swap forum game!

    yoal this was all I could think of and if you wonder what it is it is the name of a type of boat in Shetland, Scotland.
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    Pokemon Essentials Takedown

    If relic castle were asked to shutdown, do you think we could make a new discord server for the community to go to. It would mean no fan games but at least we could discuss them and the official games and talk to the other members we've met over the years. It really would be a shame if relic...
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    Completed Pokémon Birdcall

    Finally solved it after another 10 minutes of thinking (ice puzzles are my bane/kryptonite or any other material that's toxic). Super genius for making it
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    Completed Pokémon Birdcall

    For some reason I cannot find Articuno. Is there something to do with that ice puzzle (the big one with a ladder at the end) because I have spent 1 or 2 hours trying to solve it (brain currently in porridge state). Just saying this incase there is a bug or missing doorway/rock.
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    Ask Me Anything

    What is your credit card number? (just kidding) What is your thoughts on the games for this years game jam?
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    Completed Pokémon Birdcall

    Found a sneaky exploit (by accident). Hope this helps Aki! Edit: Also good game! EditEdit: Also, this is off topic, how does Bonsly use Rock THROW when it has no arms?!?
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    Entertainment Favorite Pokemon game and Why?

    I quite liked Pokemon Black White 2 as well. There was interesting post-elite 4 content and I quite liked the C-Gear as well. Also, it was the first game where I completed the regional pokedex (didn't notice I'd almost filled it until the end) and it was also where I made my first LVL100...
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    Entertainment Anime?

    Konosuba is a pretty good comedy/isekai anime. Somehow I managed to enjoy every episode (very hard to get that in my case) and the characters have very..."unique" characteristics. Anyway, definitely recommend this, can find it on Animelab.
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    Creative Betamons

    Little recolour of HonoGuma. Got rid of unnecessary parts. Basically a cleanup. Had fun though. Edit: According to Google Translate, in Japanese HonoGuma means "Guardian Bear".
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    Entertainment What's your favorite Pokémon?

    This is tough. I'm gonna say that my favourite would have to be Cyndaquil. I've always loved that pokemon for some reason. Closely followed are Zoroark, Greninja and Darkrai.
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    Completed Pokemon Thyme

    Completed Pokemon Thyme