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Recent content by Dawn Bronze

  1. Dawn Bronze

    Completed Pokémon Christmas Stories

    I thought overall, this was a cute little game, with decent mapping and quite a fun idea behind it! Having said that however, there are some major gripes I have with it. To start with, I'm a bit confused with your decision to Klein's outdated BW kit. If I remember correctly, the kit is build...
  2. Dawn Bronze

    Completed Pokémon Wayward

    Had a fun time with this game!! I loved the setting and particularly the tiles used to convey the environment I was in. The use of the safari trees was really nice, and I loved all of the custom tiles like the hut. I also appreciated how even though the game was set in such a small island, there...
  3. Dawn Bronze

    Solved Weather Overworlds Not Working?

    Hae you tried changing the weather by setting the meta data through the in game debug menu? If you're doing something wrong here, that should be easier and very straight forward.
  4. Dawn Bronze

    Pixel Slam Jam Slam Jam #8: On the Attack!

    The wild Surskit used Bubble! Here's the sprite without the scenery, just for reference.
  5. Dawn Bronze

    Work in Progress Pokémon Arkhe

    The maps for this project are very interesting to me, and on the whole I think it's a very unique take on using gen 3 tiles! I absolutely love the first screenshot you've shown off, I feel as though you've created a really unique atmosphere for the location that I haven't really seen before. I...
  6. Dawn Bronze

    Iron Mapper IRON MAPPER: Trial IV

    Trial: Town & Route Duo Map Town Map Name: Alpun Town Route Map Name: Alpun Trail Critique Requested: No thank you! Mapper Duo: @Dawn Bronze and @CloonieKing Credits: Fanking Omega, Magiscarf and Dawn Bronze for tileset: [/spoiler] We both had a lot of fun with this trial, and I'm...
  7. Dawn Bronze

    About the player's dialogues

    Since there is already a discussion thread on this topic, I'm going to go ahead and lock this thread. Any discussion can take place in the thread linked by @leilou in the previous post.
  8. Dawn Bronze

    Completed Pokémon Umber

    @SlinkyNoodle Oh no! This is a known bug, and I'm very sorry you've run into it!Don't worry though, if you upload your save file to a site such as MediaFire or Google Drive and give me the link, I should be able to get you unstuck, and send you back your save file. I would update the game to...
  9. Dawn Bronze

    Work in Progress Pokémon Defiance

    Hi @Fhauno, please don't ask questions like this on project threads. Your question would be better suited as a help thread here.
  10. Dawn Bronze

    Feedback Screenshot Showcase

    @Aki I think you've done a lovely job with the houses, they give me this really earthy feel that I also got from playing the Mystery Dungeon games. I really think this captures how a town build by Pokemon would be like, feeling more natural and rustic. I'm also a huge fan of the lineless style...
  11. Dawn Bronze

    Actually motivated!?

    Actually motivated!?
  12. Dawn Bronze

    Feedback Map Showcase

    @Kostas Lovely work!! I love the atmosphere of the map, I think you've really captured the woodsy countryside feel that starting towns usually have. I really like the tiles you've used as well! The tree stumps and flowers again really help with the forest feeling, and I love how you've changed...
  13. Dawn Bronze

    Too many ideas, why me

    Too many ideas, why me
  14. Dawn Bronze

    Completed Pokémon: Attack On The Space Station

    Hey Noodles, I just finished this and I have to say I absolutely love it!! I just thought everything about it was great, from the premise to the tiles to the difficulty and everywhere in between!! PROS: -I loved the difficulty, I never found like it was too hard for me, but at the same time...
  15. Dawn Bronze

    Completed Pokémon Fable

    This game was made for the 2017 Relic Castle Game Jam! >Story As a young girl living in the Forest with her Grandma, life has been quiet and peaceful for you, if not maybe even a little boring. However, lately strange happenings have been occurring throughout the land, and before long you are...