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    v18 Built in Editor not saving to Trainers.txt

    It works that way because I didn't want it to rewrite the whole trainers.txt file too frequently.
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    v18 Pokemon evolutions

    The actual bug is that each evolution path needs three fields in it, but you've missed out the third field (which is blank) for the Trade evolution path. Evolutions = ALAKAZAM,Trade,,ALAKAZAM,Item,TRADESTONE Yes, you also need to make sure the mention is Trade Stone is that item's internal...
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    Pokémon Essentials v18.1 - 28th September 2020

    No. v18.1 was only a minor update to fix bugs. There's no reason "a lot of" third party code would suddenly become incompatible because of that. Have you tested whether they work, or are you just reading that they say "works with v18" and assuming that doesn't include v18.1?
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    v18 Truant causes the opposing Pokemon to stop attacking after 3~4 activations

    It looks like Bulbasaur only knows Synthesis, which only has 5 PP. I'd guess that this bug has nothing to do with Truant, and is in fact about Bulbasaur not using Struggle when it should.