Iron Mapper IRONMAPPER Season 5: Trial I

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Can you handle the cutthroat and perilous trials set forth by the judges?
This is IRON MAPPER: Relic Castle's mapping competition!

Trial 1. Ominosity
Deadline: Sunday, October 18th

Iron Mapper
Iron Mapper is a mapping competition on Relic Castle. Each mapping competition, otherwise known as a "trial", will have a deadline clearly stated, and you will have this time to complete and submit a map according to the theme and criteria of the trial. Once all submitted maps are judged after the deadline (this depends on the volume of entries, usually a few days), the judges will post the results, and prepare for the next trial.

For more information (overall rules, how judging works, a list of trials) please visit the Discussion thread:

Trial 1. Ominosity

Sunday, October 18th 2020

We're kicking season 5 off by staying to the spooky Halloween theme with ominosity. A haunted forest or mansion? An abandoned city? Your goal is to create an haunted, foreboding, scary or otherwise ominous environment. How you do that is up to your own imagination and interpretation!

Have fun mapping!

The following criteria must be met:
  • Your map can be made with any tileset you want provided the tiles are public. You must include credits for the tiles with your submission if they aren't your own. You are allowed to create custom tiles for your map, but you are required to share them in your submission post.
  • Your map cannot exceed 120x120 tiles.
  • Your map may not contain a fog overlay. The omission of fogs with this theme is a challenge to test your mapping abilities even more, because a dark overlay is a very simple way to amplify the ambience of your map.
  • Your map may not contains NPCs.

Your judges for this trial are:

A tip from the judges:

"Remember that "ominous" doesn't have to mean traditional spooky themes! What other things give you an "ominous" vibe?"

Submitting your Entry:
[b]Trial:[/b] I: Ominosity
[b]Map Name:


Critique Requested:


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Void Entity

V̷̧̑̑o̶͍͆i̷̛̝d̸̜̦̔̇ ̸̛̰̑Ę̴͈̕n̵̍͝ͅt̷̡͋i̷̻̎͜t̷͇̥͗y̶
Jun 9, 2018
Trial: I: Ominosity
Map Name: Abandoned Graveyard

Critique Requested: yes pls

Credits: Magiscarf for most of the tiles and Pokemon Reborn Team for the graves / cross tiles also the hole things


Notes: 3 am mapping gg
also seeing how weird the tileset is put together whoops
Trial: I: Ominosity
Map Name: Haunted Town


Critique Requested: Yes, please.


Kyle Dove

The map is 90x111 tiles and is divided in 3 sections, and as such, to illustrate the division, I decided to have that little transition effect. The floor and wall tiles, as well as the tombs and tombstones used for the catacombs (all came from Lost Tower from Platinum) were ripped and cleaned up by me. I also made some small tiles, and edited some others. The 3 sections are:
  • The town, which contains the crop fields, the houses and the cemetery.
  • The abandoned mansion, which is filled with ghosts and is in a very degraded state.
  • The catacombs, accessible through a secret passage in the cemetery. It has a maze of tombs and tombstones which lead to an Ultra Wormhole.[b/]
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Feb 26, 2018
Trial: I: Ominosity
Map Name: Echo City

Iron Mapper.png

Critique Requested: Any

Credits: Reborn Team for the overall tileset, mlogan for the basketball court image, and werebat for the cars and police car. I made the fence edit to allow for traversable paths.

Notes: Paying homage to Silent Hill the best I can.
RebornCity - Peridot.png

RebornCity - Peridot.png
Team Reborn




Sep 24, 2018
Trial: I: Ominosity
Map Name: Groundkeeper's Playground


Critique Requested: Yes!

Credits: Base Essentials tileset and overworld.
Edited Tileset:

I wanted to see how much I could do just with default tilesets. Had to do a bit of a recolor for the skinny tree and added wrench as well as the old man. The old man would normally be an npc but he was important to the overall feel to be left out of the screenshot.
Trial: I: Ominosity
Map Name: Silph City Office Hub



Critique Requested: Nah


Heartless Dragoon
Ross Hawkins
Pokemon Dawn



Welcome to Silph, the City of Skyrocketing Dreams! A newer area in the Kanto Region, Silph sprung up almost overnight. Silph boasts major tech businesses and their factories. Most notable of the bunch is the city's founding investor, Silph Co. Many flock to the city in pursuit of work, in the ever-expanding Pokémon tech industry. Pictured is the town's office hub.

Not only is Silph City a technological powerhouse, the citizens have great charitable spirit. An ongoing program encourages any and every trainer to donate their Pokémon to a powerful cause...

(My attempt at an ominous map while keeping a bright and colourful environment. I also stuffed in as many visual easter eggs as I could. See if you can figure out what's really going on...)


Oct 9, 2020
Trial: I: Ominosity
Map Name: Thalassophobia


Critique Requested: Sure, thanks!

Original tiles by Magiscarf
Original Lyra sprite from the Gen 4 OW sprite pack by Neo-Spriteman, VanillaSunshine, PurpleZaffre & Maicerochico and AtomicReactor



Notes: PC != NPC, yes? And a small dive area is technically still a map, yes? please don't disqualify me
I wanted to convey the idea of a bottomless abyss that also gazes back at you. The ocean is a scary place!


Some No Name
Jul 26, 2018
Trial 1 - Ominosity
Map Name - Ye Olde Church

Map -

Critique Requested - Criticism would be appreciated

Credits -
I made the church and cross tiles.
The rest are recolored, edited, or just straight up gen 3 tiles that came with essentials.

Tileset -

Notes -
I kinda wanted to go for a feel of being in or after some sort of apocalypse. The church building was heavily inspired by the old churches on plains and the old abandoned church on the side of some road near my house. Overall, I had a lot of fun with this and am hoping that I'll be able to noticeably improve over the course of the various trials.


Apr 16, 2017
Trial: I: Ominosity
Map Name: Derelict Mansion

Map Jam Ominous.png
Critique Requested: I don't mind ☺️

Credits: All by me, with edits to vanilla Crystal tiles
Map Jam Ominous Tilemap.png
Notes: since I work in Gen 2 style, the tilemap is formatted for pokecrystal, so feel free to rip from the map if it's easier haha


Jun 30, 2017
Trial: I: Ominosity
Map Name: Castoff Forest


Critique Requested: More than welcome!

Credits: Edits of tiles found here


Notes: First time submitting for Iron Mapper! I've always wanted to do one of these
Trial: I: Ominosity
Map Name: After the Storms
Critique Requested: Only if it's about the rules and if I bent them too much somewhere :/


Tiles by KingTapir and Magiscarf
with some edits by me but I don't wanna be credited

Notes: Urban search and rescue teams will mark structures with an X symbol but apparently that's just the American style! I learned while making this map that there's at least 1 symbol that's recognized internationally, but I'm not sure if every country has their own accepted symbolism... Anyway that's the cultural explanation for this map; I found the X more familiar and easy to draw even if it's based in a fictional Pokemon region.
Trial: I: Ominosity
Map Name: Haunted Hollow


Critique Requested:
Yes please! I want to make this map spookier in time for Halloween👍


@Voltseon for the amazing tree tiles
@Thundaga for the other, less amazing tiles
Everything else is just the default FRLG tiles!


This map will be added to Pokémon Splice as part of a Halloween update!
I listened to this song a lot during the mapping process, so that helped lead me in a playfully spooky direction!
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Jan 18, 2020
Trial: I: Ominosity
Map Name:: Abandoned PokéMart?

A Convience Store In the Woods.PNG

Critique Requested: It would be appreciated

King Tapir
(took inspiration from color pallet and thrifty megamart sprite)
(Edited trees)
(Edited Path and Grass tiles)
(Edited A/C Unit)
( Edited Trees)
Grassy Bricks, Car Park and PokéMart all done by me

Notes: This is my first time participating, so I'm excited to finally be a part of one of these!
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Ironically Unironic Edgelord Extraordinaire
Apr 4, 2018
Trial: I: Ominosity
Map Name: Tokara Slums.


Critique Requested: No.


The Reborn Team.
The Rejuvenation Team.
Myself for some small tiles and edits.

Description: Tokara Slums, an abandoned subsection of a bustling metropolis. Originally the first portion of the city to be renovated decades ago, it has since fallen into decay and dereliction. While the rest of the metropolis blossomed and flourished, Tokara Slums has spent its time rotting away; a shell of what it once used to be. A place where happy families and friendly Pokémon once lived together in (relative) harmony is now no more than a ruinous blight on a city that has long forgotten it. Who lives there now? No one knows. They say that if you look hard enough in the city, you can find the entrance to the slum. Many children and visitors have taken a liking to trying to locate the entrance as a fun pastime, but that does raise the question... What secrets does this place possess?

Notes: The map above will (probably) be featured in my game. I like making city maps, and I had to do make one for a specific purpose anyway; so, here we are. I tried to make it look as derelict and dirty as possible to enhance the feeling and ambience of the map. I also decided to include a graveyard where all of the previous residents buried their beloved dead Pokémon.


Professional Procrastinator/Idiot
Trial: I: Ominosity
Map Name: The Skeld


Critique Requested: Sure, why not.

Pokemon Reborn
Pokemon Essentials


Description: Absolutely nothing is going wrong on your mission through space. It's just ketchup in the Cafeteria, of course. The camera is down due to a completely normal malfunction. Why am I shivering? Why do the hallways have so many twists and turns? Why does it feel like the air is being sucked out... and why have the lights suddenly turned off?

Notes: Yeah, it's the Among Us map. Not the most creative thing, but I thought it would be fun to practice my tile making and indoor mapping. I'm mostly happy with how it turned out though. I think the walls and hallway floors are a little bland but I did do this a tiny bit last-minute. I tried to add my own spin on it with a couple of things, like the piece of the wall ripped open, the changing around of the rooms except the cafeteria, and creating a sort of narrative with the blood. I had fun, so I guess that's all that counts really. [b/]


Aug 28, 2019
Trial: I: Ominosity
Map Name: Secret Team Rocket's Experiment Site.

pokemon mansion iron mapper.png

Critique Requested:
Yes, please.

Pokemon essentials basic tiles
My brain
Took some inspiration from the mansion at Cinnabar Island.

(My first Iron mapper :D)

Somewhere hidden in the Kanto Region is an abandoned Team Rocket Experiment site. It seems that Team Rocket was doing research on different types of Pokemon here, mainly Mewtwo. What kind of research/experiments were they doing on these Pokemon? Why is this site no longer in use by Team Rocket? What's going on in the basement? These kinds of questions are still unanswered to this day. Who will be the one to figure out the mystery?
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Trial I. Ominosity
Deadline: Sunday, 18th 2020



We were excited to see 17 entries for this long-awaited Iron Mapper trial! Thank you all for your participation, and congratulations with all your outstanding maps! This season will have more trials than season 4, so look out for trial II sometime soon!

Without further ado... let's see our winning maps!

Trial Champions: @Ekat, @Aki & @Frog wizard!




With the sheer amount of success of this trial, we've decided on three champions! As always, they are in no particular order.

@Ekat's map provides a unique interpretaion of the theme of "Ominosity", managing to capture an appropriately ominous atmosphere that screams indoctrination with bright and numerous colors!
@Aki's map receives similar praise, managing to tell a more realistic story about the unpredictable side of nature while still leaving the exact cause of the damage up to interpretation!
@Frog wizard's map took a more traditional idea of the theme and managed to truly make it stand out, utilizing unique set pieces to leave the player with much curiosity!

Kudos to Ekat, Aki, and Frog wizard!


I love the subtle storytelling in this map. The book mysteriously beside the gallows, the elevator alluding to further carnage, and the single closed door hiding the one room with unsullied bedsheets... As a player, all of these little things would make me ask many questions, encouraging me to explore more to find out what happened! I think the sheer amount of blood across the map is a bit much; by the time I walk past the receptionist's desk, I would already be desensitized to the blood and wouldn't find it shocking or interesting as I continue exploring. "Less is more" might be a better approach here, to help highlight the rooms/areas that you wish to put more emphasis on!
I love the details on this map! Often, details maps can make it difficult for players to know where they are and aren't allowed to walk; however, your use of paths made it easy to know what was important and what was simple decoration. I like the fact that there's only two of those black holes/pits and they stand out so much, because it makes me want to find out more about them. I'm going out on a limb by assuming that the furnace to the north is meant to function like a building of sorts, though I'm not sure if the player is intended to start from the southern blood-lake or not. The lake itself feels a bit empty, and if the player is intended to come from it, I would want a bit more decorations there to keep them interested! There are a few tile errors, specifically with the decorations under trees and the shadows not being semi-transparent.
Wow, this is a beautifully detailed map! (Maps?) You've done a fantastic job at creating not only a single map, but an entire inner-connected area with lots of potential for great storytelling. Who are all the people in the cemetary? Why is the Ultra Wormhole in the crypt? What's behind that blocked cave outside the house? What are the red eyes? How am I going to cross those holes in the floors?! I think the highest praise I can give to this entry is that I could see this being an entire game's worth of content just in this image! Although the reception room of the mansion is a little small compared to the size of the mansion, its consistency makes it an interesting place to explore. I think a few areas are unnecessarily large and void of meaningful content, such as the dirt path near the north-eastern exit, the path leading into the cemetary, most of the cemetary itself, and the farm land. Though these areas look fine when viewing the whole map, they may become cumbersome for a player to walk through when there isn't much there besides decorations. There are a couple tile errors with some of the scarecrows in the farm.
A city map is always nice to see when they aren't required! The cracks around the city leave me with a lot of questions, and I wish I knew what caused them! Was it an earthquake? Was it a Pokemon? Why are all of the exits blocked off? It's definitely a creepy energy! Though there is a maze-like quality to the whole map, some areas seem completely inaccessable depending on where the player starts (which isn't entirely clear), such as the northern-middle road and thus the grassy block near the top-middle of the map. Is the player intended to be able to jump/hop over the cracks in the ground at some point? Overall, I enjoy the detail put around the map, but there isn't an immediate goal that stands out. (Irrelevant to the actual critique because we aren't taking tiles into consideration, but I'm very curious: What was the motivation behind the Japanese graffiti on some of the buildings?)
What is with that golden grave?! That was the first thing my eyes were drawn to, and I imagine it will be the first thing that truly captures the player's attention! Already, something feels amiss... Why is it gold? Why is it fenced off? Why does it have a big boulder on top of it? I'm already getting the spooky vibes that there's some zombie or vampire being contained, and I don't want to stick around to find out! And then it just gets worse if we manage to get through the backdoor and find all these bodies and a creepy entrance to some crypt or ruins! This is quite a scary mystery being set up! I think the unnerving atmosphere could be heightened if the graves were not so perfectly aligned; perhaps their perfect organization helps add to the uncanny feeling of that golden grave and that might be the vibe you were going for, but I would prefer to see less square rows for a graveyard that doesn't seem to be in a very fancy place! There are some tile errors with the mountains at the top: the transparent ones should be replaced with the non-transparent ones if they are on top of other mountains, but it's such a small thing that it could be chalked up to personal preference!
I am deathly scared of the ocean and this map is not making it any better! It actually triggered that thalassophobia of mine, and that's pretty impressive for a Pokémon-styled map! It would be exciting to see what would happen here in-game... I'm picturing a boss battle or some kind of Legendary encounter, maybe even story-oriented! This map truly captured how it feels to be the player, which I heavily appreciate. I can actually feel myself using Dive somewhere and dropping into this map and being absolutely terrified! Though I do enjoy the sheer amount of eyes, I think the map overall could be improved with a slight downtick on them. The idea of multiple creatures staring at you in the deep depths is horrifying, but when it feels like a school of them, it has a bit less impact than it would be if there was only a handful! I like that the map is more focused on the creatures than the map itself, and the map itself is quite pretty and well-decorated, but I would've loved to see a bit more to look at, and more to explore or progress through. Despite those criticisms, this map did a fantastic job at capturing the theme!
The first thing I noticed was the use of the taller grass near the church! It may feel like a small detail, but I think that detail is what really elevated this map to me. It makes perfect sense that the grass near a building would grow taller than the rest, perhaps supported by the walls. It draws attention to the church itself, and would really catch my eye as a player. The inscriped statue in the top-left is another great piece of detail, making me ask a lot of questions like "what was so special about the person/Pokemon?" and "is their spirit still lurking around here...?" I would suggest making the grass patches bigger, even if you don't want them to be required to walk through, just so it's easier for the player to hunt for Pokemon by running around! In the same light, some areas are very cramped, but especially the one-wide gap between the ledge and the church. It seems like the exit to the north is relatively important, it deserves a good path to it much like the statue has! I also recommend adding more rewards/incentive to walking through the grassy parts; the hidden item in the bottom-left could be moved all the way to the right-side and be a perfect reason for players to walk through that bottom-right grass, for example!
We aren't judging based on tileset or style, but I do want to take the chance to say it's awesome to see a Gen 2 map! The thing I like the most about this map is its unsettling use of symmetry vs asymmetry. Though the structure of the building is relatively symmetrical, very few of the items are. You can even see hints of how the room may have been decorated before it was abandoned, such as the two southern sofas being in relatively the same place, but one of them being turned to face the wall. The cushions and radio give me the creeps, and would make me wonder if I was truly the only person inside the mansion right now! It is surprisingly large, appearing quite small on my monitor until I took into consideration the one-tile sized player in Gen 2 and what the Gen 2 viewing space actually is. I don't have any direct criticism of the map itself; I wish I knew what was behind those 3 doors, but perhaps I would be too scared if I was the player - it's bound to be an adventure either way!
This map makes me feel nervous, and here's why: the name of the map suggests that we're in a forest, so I instantly imagined a forest like Viridian or Eterna. But then I open the image and see this little town?! Or perhaps it's simply the grounds of the mansion up there. The town looks like it's abandoned, and I wouldn't know if I'm going to find people living in these houses or not. And at this point, I don't even WANT to know what I'd find at the bottom of that well! Despite not being too scary of a map on its own, the precedent of what leads up to this map is quite unsettling! I also love the use of the marsh tiles here; it makes the whole area feel gross, humid, and damp, and I hate that in all the right ways! It gives me vibes of graveyards during the rain at night, and the dead trees help push that atmosphere. The marsh aesthetic isn't used very often by devs, so it's great seeing it here! It does its job as a "town" just fine, but could be a bit more interesting. Since it appears to be branching off of a traditional Forest, perhaps throwing around a few hidden items and wild grass could bring more incentive to exploring it? Regarding technial mapping parts, there are a few places in the map that look as though the player could walk there (the area directly left of the mansion sticks out the most to me), but I'm not sure if they actually could be reached. I know doors tend to be "events" in RMXP, but seeing the small houses without doors feels incomplete for a mapping challenge! There's a few tile errors with the trees on the right-side of the map, which are missing their edges, too.
I like the overall layout of this map! It has great elevation changes, which is something I think is often forgotten about by some devs! The spooky blood drops being used to lead the player in the right direction is a very neat touch, but I wish the overall map had taken a bit more of a "maze" idea to truly push the blood drops to their full potential. While I enjoy the map's general layout, I feel it could be stronger by approaching that "maze" feel, because it is currently a simple circular loop. The only branching path the player can choose is in reference to the cave entrances near the beginning and middle, and I can only assume the caves meet up anyway and create another loop inside of the core loop. The building at the top-right is quite ominous, but given that it's so early in the player's path, it doesn't strike me as TOO scary. Maybe moving it to be hidden off near the bottom-left of the map would be a nice place to put it, perhaps further rewarding the player for taking the southern-facing ledge in that area? In many places, the path feels a bit cramped, only having one or two tiles to move through. If you hope to keep the general layout the same, I would recommend widening some of the paths so the player isn't claustrophobic for the entire time; claustrophobic paths are great in small doses though imo! As for tile choice, the trees are a little hard on the eyes and don't distinguish themselves as barriers or boundaries that well!
I like the seclusion of the mart, especially with all of the trees surrounding it! Usually marts won't be found so ingrained with nature, so I get the vibe that this mart has been abandoned for an insane amount of time! The single dead tree in the top-right gives me the creeps... My main critique is that I wish this map was larger or otherwise had something else going on with it! As a single map, it feels like the inside of the mart will be the most interesting part, and the outdoor parking lot doesn't have much going on for it. It's certainly spooky and ominous, but it's missing something to help it stand as a small map. The fact that it's small means that it has to really be interesting to stand strong on its own! There are some tiling errors within the trees, specifically on the left & right side, and with some of the shadows near the top.
This reimagining of The Skeld is great! It reminds me almost of a "mini Skeld", perhaps even a prototype of the one that properly exists in Among Us. All that blood is nerve-wracking! I think the place where this map shines is the little "stories" told around where the murders appear to have happened. The blood spots nearby some of the vents, the blood under the coffee near Security, the lunch someone was having in Storage, and even a kill right before someone got to the Emergency Button! And all of these are just things I thought of myself; it's up to each player to decide what truly happened to cause all these blood splatters. Fear + Imagination = Horror, and I think that's where this map shines! I feel like some areas might be a bit too big for the general scale of the overall map, specifically the cafeteria. There isn't much to see near the north-side of the cafeteria, so it might've been worth it to add a few more "decorations" there to keep it interesting. I love the loop from the south-exit of the cafeteria that leads into the east-exist of the cafeteria, and I wish there was a path connecting Storage and Security so another loop could be added! (Irrelevant to the actual critique because we aren't taking tiles into consideration, but you did a great job with your custom tiles!)
I love the flow of this map! It truly feels like a real building that one would be able to explore in real life. In a video game, it's easy to take some liberties, but I always love when I get a little bit of realism for particularly memorable areas. The room in the top-left is the first thing that caught my interest, especially because it's locked behind a door. To me, it looks like they were trying to excavate something, having moved aside the statues to pull up the floorboards... But maybe it was less purposeful, such as a Pokémon going berserk and destroying that specific room! I don't know! That's what makes it so scary! Not even to mention the weird cult cirle in the basement, which instantly gives me the creeps! My main critique is with the first two rooms, the foyer and the hallways with 2 statues near the bottom of the map. Keep in mind the view-size of the player! I feel like they're quite empty, which isn't inherently a bad thing, but they're also quite large! I like the "openness" of them and the pillars put in to add some visual interest, but right now they're simply existing without much purpose. Perhaps a rug in the foyer would make it less similar to the rest of the mansion. With the hallway room, I think the spot under the window is a great place to put a sofa, and then maybe a rug in the middle of the room as well. It would tell a bit of story, perhaps that this was the "common room" of the mansion where Rocket Grunts were able to relax and chat on their breaks or hold meetings with each other. It may even be a good opportunity to show how abandoned or not-abandoned the house really is! The top-middle room with the stairs doesn't have shadows for its walls, which seems to just be a small oversight.
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