Iron Mapper IRON MAPPER: Trial II

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Apr 1, 2017
Map Name: Mt. Mountain Base
Trial: II, Mountain map
Critique Requested: Ye
Credits: Maruno, Poccil, Flameguru. The tileset is the essentials default.
Notes: I don't think I've ever made an outdoor map that didn't have any mountain tiles. Mountain tiles are fun because they're an easy way of making map look less boring. You start in the south of this map, on the nice little stone path. I feel like the water might not be too necessary, since there's so little of it. I didn't see anywhere else that would have benefited a lot from water though, and I liked how it looked too much where I put it to remove it. I decided to get even more creative with my naming for this trial. In conclusion, this is a map with mountain tiles.
Name: Heaven Road
Trial: II

It's a section of a lush green mountain range that stretches above the clouds. There are rumours of angels appearing there.

Critique: Yes
Tileset: Essentials default with edits by me. If you want the custom tiles badly then ask.
Credits: People who assembled the default Essentials tileset.


in another life, Starrcasm
Map Name: Mons Pico, post Rocket Mining Outpost takeover
Trial: II, Mountain Map


Critique: Yes please

Credits: Pokemon Essentials default tileset parts plus my dank dope public Moonbase tileset, soon to be updated with more stuff

Notes: Bleh I did it all on the last day and so there's definitely a lot lacking here--I can myself point out the dumb 'blending' I did with the weird mountain tiles to get the recolored entrances to look alright. With more time I would've actually edited the tile.
This is a moon mountain that is under Team Rocket's control.
FUN NOTE: I tried to be consistent with elevation--all mountain tiles one above ground are the blue-grey, and the stuff above that has been bleached by the sun and is lighter.

also here's my workspace for the map:



Trial II. Mountain Map
Submissions: 22
Deadline: Monday, May 29th 2017



22 entries is a pretty sizable amount! Thank you to everyone who participated, this was a pretty fun trial with some cool maps submitted! We know there's some mappers who find mapping out a mountain to be a chore, so thank you for sticking with it! Hopefully you got some good practice in!

Trial Champions: NoodlesButt & Cilerba


Once again, we had enough submissions to warrant choosing two winners for this trial!

Both of these maps are very well crafted and show great execution of the respective generation they picked, and excelled in the overall flow and balance of the maps. They do differ and show that you can map mountains in different ways, though, with NoodlesButt electing to pick a more varied style for mapping mountains, and Cilerba showing that mountains can be mapped in a simple and clean, yet elegant way.

Kudos to both mappers!

NoodlesButt's entry - Cilerba's entry


- Town layout doesn't seem very well thought out; there's buildings with doors facing the mountain. Using a different house here would be advisable.
- Using another gym as a building makes it look like there's two gyms in the town.
- Having the exact same house style in a row is rather off-putting.
- Rocks with a 'white shadow' are usually for use in water.
- The many different levels of elevation on this map are really nice and add some great depth to it.
- There's some technical errors with the map. (some of the deep sea water, the north mountain tiles having shadows despite being on other mountain tiles, and there's a cut off mountain on the bottom left of the map.)
- The right side of the waterfall area of the route seems a bit lacking, maybe adding something like a cave entrance there or an area with an important item would be an idea. As it stands right now it feels a little unnecessary.
- Given that you aren't providing us with a top-down view of the map, we cannot accurately critique it.
- Additionally, this map was not considered for judging as it breaks the 90x90 criteria.
- The idea of a small tunnel on the same map is a cool one.
- The map is rather open and plain, some extra detailing would be a welcome addition.
- The grass patch on the left should maybe be tweaked so passing through it is mandatory for that area.
- An interesting take on a big mountain which is cool.
- The amount of cave entrances feels a bit confusing, they could be a bit simplified and then you could use that extra room for the player to traverse the mountain.
- Having tall grass in accessible places might make the player think they can access it in certain places.
- On the right side of the waterfall, having the cut trees and then the strength boulder seems a bit redundant.
- Map's flow feels a bit conflicting as there's open space on one side then the mountain moves south and makes things feel claustrophobic.
- The mountain feels a little large for the size of the rest of the map; you could shrink the mountain some and still have it feel like a pretty big mountain.
- Having your trees on different grids feels a bit off.
- Map has a really good flow, and the elevation changes look really good.
- The elevated area with the house feels a bit off, along with the mountain color being brown and next to the white mountain.
- The trees being on different grids feels a little strange. There's also a tree missing a top on the left side near the bottom.
- Map feels claustrophobic with how little space the player gets to move around.
- The top of the mountains have the same tile as the walkable mountain area which doesn't look fantastic and might give the impression the player can go up on them.
- The rock on top of the darker mountain on the left side has the incorrect tile behind it.
- Map has really good flow, feels very close to something that would be in a main series game.
- The tall grass on the left and right feel a little bit heavy handed.
- Having the trees on different grids feels a bit off. (Mainly the area below the wild grass patch on the left)
- Very interesting narrative going on in the map, the map itself is lively.
- The mountain paths themselves seem a little boring, just straight paths with rocks.
- Decoration on the mountain tops might be too repetitive.
- Interesting map with several different paths that all interconnect, which makes it fun to explore.
- Grass patch thickness might be a little inconsistent, small patches in some spots, overly huge patches in others. We suggest balance it out a bit.
- Path at the top of the map is too small and tight, we suggest add some padding so the player doesn't feel restricted.
- Nice use of 3rd gen tiles creating a volcanic warm atmosphere.
- The path to the right of the map (assuming connecting the the adjacent area) is a little too open. Rock formations or trees to contain the path a bit is suggested.
- The grass patches seem oddly placed, perhaps add thicker clumbs on the top of the mountain and down towards the bottom of the map.
- Very impressive scale, it's a huge mountain that seems like it would be a world wonder in the Pokémon world.
- Tiers of the mountain are little boring, just one big circle. We would suggest making the paths vary a little more and make the mountain less circular and predictable.
- Break up some of the huge grass patches with rock formations or different terrain.
-Interesting use of tiles gives a country side/fresh area atmosphere. The creek is a nice touch.
- The paths in general are a little too small and restrained. We would suggest adding some padding to most of the areas that are explorable, so the player doesn't feel claustrophobic.
- Good use of tiles to create a relaxing lake/waterfall atmosphere.
- The area at the top of the map and the area around the lake is too open.
- Circular bodies of water don't usually work very well aesthetically since it's a tile based game. We would suggest less edges on the lake, more rectangular, but not one big square. Find the right balance.
- Nice atmosphere and openness for the player.
- The repetition of the same houses so close to each other makes the map a little boring. We would suggest spreading them out more and vary the actual design a bit more to make the place more interesting.
- Nice use of tiles, the spacing is well used.
- I would have used more "mountain top" instead of "grass" in the inaccessible areas. Can be a little confusing for players.
- The path is relatively straight forward, other than a few branches. We suggest creating more connecting paths.
- Left side of the map is the weakest. Very straight forward path.
- The right side is much more interesting and seems like it would be a fun area to play in.
- Overall the map is very well done, great execution and consistency. We would suggest balancing the map out more with a little more path options on the left side if that makes sense.
- We like the idea of a floating island, the waterfalls are a nice touch.
- The idea is good, but the default tiles used as placeholders are jarring. The tiles used break the cohesion of the game. We would have suggested taking the time to make edits to the tiles to better execute your idea.
- Adding a couple more objects such as rocks wouldn't go amiss, for the areas the player can access. Maybe one or two by the cave entrance.
- The original tiles and theme make for an interesting and unique entry
- There's a few tile errors with the mountains (the edges and entrances)
- The map itself feels open yet crowded at the same time. One tile paths near the rocket ships, and big open areas everywhere else. We would suggest balancing it a bit more.
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