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This project is complete. Any future revisions will be bug fixes or small updates.
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[Current Version: 2.3.6]
Welcome to the Egho Region (Ee - go)

You wake up in the middle of a forest with no recollection of who you are.
With the help of a local professor and his assistant,
you are thrust into an adventure around a mysterious island in hopes of regaining your memory.
Fun times and tough challenges await!

  • 1st through 6th Gen Pokémon and mechanics
  • 100+ Fakemon, including regional forms, new evolutions, and original designs
  • Online Battling and Trading
  • Dynamic weather system that changes with the day and time
  • Unreal Time System which means the world runs on its own time
  • Extensive Post-Game content to keep you busy
  • Level cap has been raised to 150
  • Trade Evolution Pokémon are available via other methods
  • Over 650+ battle animations
  • Randomizer mode (must activate at rivals PC before leaving first town)
  • Speed Up using Ctrl
  • Quick Save using F8

2.3.6 - November 5th 2022
  • minor bug/typo fixes (berry consumption, explosion, hazards/magic bounce, and roost bugs fixed)
  • New location added to the west (left) of northern hayfield path
  • gifted PorygonX level raised from 40 to 75 to make it plausible for the final battle
  • Egho Hoothoot static encounters added to Moon Stone Path and Ridgestone Cemetery (at night)
  • 30 new player passwords to share added (along with more mystery gift access)
  • Kokiseed's line shiny changed
  • Sky Drop TM replaced with Dark Pulse and added to Stone Grove Lake
  • Added Knock Off tutor to Hazeport bar
  • Added static Unown encounters to the temples in post game to make hunting them easier
  • male protagonist walking/running sprites tweaked to have a bit of hair movement
  • Irenes first encounter team tweaked (replaced Sorcerice with Mamoswine)
  • some data updated
- Wereyena and Gigantusk base stats tweaked
- TM/Tutor compatibility updated
- Dark Void accuracy lowered to 50
- Removed Foul Play access for Eeveeon, and UTurn from E.Oddish

2.3.5 - September 16th 2022
  • bug fixes (choiced baton pass, knock off power)
  • can check EV/IV's at the EV Hologram Trainer now
  • Metronome added to traveling merchant in Diamondpeak
  • pokemon data updated ( -Whave and Orcabyss lost access to Encore
-Galvantula gained access to Stickyweb
-Ludicolo now has access to Autotomize
-Marcus is more challenging when fought down in the sewers
-Rotom now learns Defog
-Reaptide gets Workup and no longer Swordsdance
-Kokismash new BaseStats=80,130,85,85,65,80 and he has access to Bulletpunch now
-Shuckle gained access to Stickyweb
-Flareon gained access to Flareblitz
-Victini has Vcreate as its lvl 1 move
-Vaporeon gained access to Flashflood
-Skullgreymon lost access to Suckerpunch
-Rapidspin was given to Shellmon
-Viledoom and Gloom2 saw a tiny buff in their Defense at the cost of speed
-New set for seadramon
-Betamon also has Moldbreaker as its primary ability
-New ability for Sphynxeon, Synchronize instead of Sand Force
-New Reaptide BaseStats=28,130,57,118,90,57
-New Fearalynx set
-New tangrowth2 BaseStats=114,55,107,92,90,77)

2.3.4 - August 27 2022
  • bug/typo fixes (losing held items in online battles fixed)
  • added quick-save feature (F8)
  • berry pocket is sortable now
  • Mega Punch/Kick animations updated (game changing, I know)
  • Mystery Gift compatibility updated (new gift won't work on old versions)

2.3.3 - August 16 2022
-bug/typo fixes (most notably, roaming alert glitch is fixed)
-Sun Stones added to traveling merchant that shows up on Merchant's Ridge
-Deerling/Sawsbuck form changer added to bench in Sculpture Garden
-Some more berries and items added to vendors to make sure players have access to multiples of most items
-traveling merchant added to Diamondpeak Town, Thursday nights
-Iron Head tutor added to Koros Cave
-Reveal Glass added to the ship, DNA Splicers added to Thorn's lab after the Genesect mission
-Ability changer can now teach any tutor move, for a price
-some battle animation tweaks

2.3.2 - August 9 2022,
-bug/typo fixes
-wearing tech suit will alert you if a roamer is on the map
-Can now choose if daycare provides exp and move learning
-Path from Echorock to Stone Grove Lake was added
-Lance moved to Stone Grove Lake
-elemental punch animations refined slightly
-slight adjustment to Haytide Cape to make it easier to access Tidecliff Cave
-Reversal Stones can only be used on a Pokemon one time now, and will show an icon on the summary screen if one has been used
-Surfing music removed so you can enjoy the areas theme
-Flower Bouqets in an Amberfield home will change Flabebe line colors.
-Giragira given Psychic Fangs
-a short final event to certify completion of the game (requires dex completion and beating the banished trainers run on hard mode)

2.3.1 - July 29 2022,
-New area added south of Stonedust Grove
-Lake Trinity events moved to this new location.
-Hilltop Cave removed from Haydust Town.
-Bug Catching Contest added to museum.
-Some battle animations have been updated/refined (Eruption got a glow up)
-Minor bug fixes/typos
-Some pokemon stat rebalancing
-Friend Passwords: Pool of 25 random passwords upped to 100+ (don't forget to share yours!)

2.3.0 - July 23rd 2022,
-bug fixes
-more fakemon added (Dex total comes to 849)(so +18)
-two more missions added (the entire dex is now catchable)
-ONLINE FUNCTIONALITY ADDED (check out the new floor at Trident Tower)
-EV Trainers in post-game added to 6f of the Trident Tower
-Password Vendor for a Mystery Gift like system has been added (6F of Trident after beating game),
-A form of Soft Reset has returned, use F9 to return to the title screen. (best to be used during battle or in the overworld. Can be buggy if used during dialogue/events)
-Move Relearner ends up in Trident Tower Tournament Lobby after beating the game.
-Safari Zone tweaked to not require some HM moves. Instead, guests are in your way.
-Can now fly straight to Trident Tower
-More name tags for important story characters have been added.
-Mortossum and Viledoom have their bulk stats buffed
-Kokismash line has its offense stats buffed
-Mushling is now a bit faster

2.2.3 - June 8th, 2022, [bug fixes, randomizer mode added, ability to clear your entire PC Box added, eggs go straight to PC if your team is full, added more apricorns to pick up and find in chests]

2.2.2 - May 23rd, 2022, [You can now give the apricorn crafter multiple apricorns at a time, bug and typo fixes, Alakazam shiny updated, when choosing a starter, their preview image will be displayed as shiny if it generates as such, Ranks are displayed on Hall of Fame wins, tweaked Volcanions movepool so it didn't have Explosion for its wild encounter, updated the Speed Up option to be better, and made it a permanent feature finally. you did it. you won. [still use with caution, CTRL is the button used to cycle through speed options]. Added salesperson for power breeding items in the Dept Store, made default speed of text faster, trainers updated on boat]

2.2.1 - May 16th 2022, [bug fixes, donny acknowledges some of the static shinies you've run into, Feraligatrs shiny was changed, tournament team tweaks, updated speedup instructions to tell you which button to use lol, added some "event pokemon" to Rubble Island. These Pokemon know moves that are not in their native learn/egg move pool)

2.2.0 - May 11th 2022, [minor bug fixes, Shininess rate increased from ~1/5400 to ~1/3000, more fakemon added, new post-game island added, interior of big boat added for more post-game content, arceus mission added, minor mapping change to Moon Stone Path and Rolling Trail, speed up option returns (included in download), tweaks to tournament team layouts, new item for checking your Triad Cards was added (can get from Lucy or Card Seller in Hazeport), decreased encounter rate in caves and desert a bit, added a mission to get a max IV Ditto in post-game, the kitchen for the cafe in Hazeport got expanded, power items yield 8 EV's instead of 4, Fairy form Arceus and pixie plate added, increased amount of reality jumps required to summon Arkhaos by 1, removed weather conditions from Trident Tower roof, completed remaining battle animations, made getting the Varia Stone more of a chore lol, added shiny pokemon icons, every pokemon should now be obtainable (aside from Genesect and Hoopa which will come in a patch later this year)]

2.1.1 - February 10th 2022, [Minor bug and typo fixes, no longer get called the wrong name by the condominium attendants, Lucy doesn't crash in the final two ranks anymore, some battle animation updates, Calm Mind compatibility updated to include gen 6 'mons that were missed, added NPC on Hayfield Path that elaborates on field moves being used without knowing the move]

2.1.0 - February 5th 2022, [minor bug and typo fixes, Psychic resists the new Type, the main legendary switched abilities (Shed Skin and then Multi Scale moved to its HA), The Trident Tournament now has ranks (Normal, Super, Ultra, Master) which have higher level tables to provide more variety in challenge, Lepideon stats updated, a professor's duplicate Meganium was switched for a different 'mon, Final mission levels buffed so they're stronger than the tournament ranks,(must now win one Master Rank Tournament to unlock "final" mission), you will no longer need the specific HM move in order to use it. As long as a Pokemon has the ability to learn the specific HM related move, it will be able to use it as a field move assuming you have the right badge for it. Hazeport Condiminiums now open to guests of residents, once you've beat the "final mission". Shaymin is now available. Jirachi was also added in the last patch, but I forgot to mention it. DayCare added to fly list, regional Grimer added to Maintenance Tunnels, some battle animation updates, hatching fully evolved 'mons from an egg should be fixed,some TM compatibility fixes, ability changer prices increased,Some pokemon stat and movepool tweaks]

2.0.7 - January 20th 2022, [bug and typo fixes, that one Abra is actually catchable now, minor pokemon stat fixes, F12 has been removed to prevent other issues, some minor graphic tweaks, error when getting egg from pokemon with split evolution trees has been fixed, some items changed out in the Trident Tower Battle Simulator Shop, Quantum Upgrade has been made accessible in a couple ways, Lukpup won't show up at the well until after the festival is over]

2.0.6 - January 16th 2022, [bug and typo fixes, opponent's team count displays when switching to their next pokemon, ability changer added to post-game (must win at least one post-game tournament before they show up), egg/shard trader expanded inventory, some minor graphic updates, moves/pokemon/trainers tweaked, HA chances slightly improved, "Audino Trainer" tweaked to have one Blissey for more exp, Audino exp yield increased, most roaming Audino encounters have been removed since there's a trainer now, Shield/Protect moves priority fixed, vareon movepool revamped, blastoise can learn scald now, many pokemon stats were changed, uproar decreased to 60 bp, charizard can learn draco meteor, nidorooks moveset updated, Regional Altaria learns freeze-dry later and now defog naturally instead of roost, Omeon was nerfed by switching natural and hiddne ability, Chad is more difficult, Obsideon has new HA, Quezsparce has new secondary ability, Relic item prices updated, some chest treasures changed, removed some Reversal Stones for balancing, F12 related issues should be fixed for the most part, Stealth Rock issue fixed]

2.0.5 - January 10th 2022 , [The roaming chansey in Safari Zone will always have a certain item when you first encounter it, bug and typo fixes, some sprite icon and backsprite updates, added Audino trainer (repeatable fights that scale with story progression), slightly sped up player movement for walking/running/biking, pokemon and trainer balancing, boat house has a bed to rest in now, there are more groomers around the island, apricorn craftsman finishes in 3 hours instead of 24]

2.0.4 - January 1st 2022, [added some healers around Koros Cave, bug/typo fixes, minor balancing issues,some pokemon stats tweaks, respawning Audinos will now show up around the region that all get stronger the farther you get, providing extra grinding options, Spiritomb price increased, inflation am i right? added more places to sleep for convenience,some pokemon icons updated]

2.0.3 - December 28th, 2021 [bug and typo fixes, sleeping has been made more efficient, some overworld events changed, some battler and icon graphics updated, Rotom appliances made available,added some NPCs to areas that needed more clarification story wise, some more battle animations,map border updated]

2.0.2 - December 23rd, 2021 [bug and passability fixes, updated yields on berry harvests, some pkmn stat updates, some TM and move updates, removed cooldown on nature changer, 6th Gen pokemon TM compatibility updated]

2.0.1 - December 19th, 2021 [Tile error fixes, post-game mission fix, hid more berries and items in the earlier game, updated Nido stats, updated some NPC dialogue, other tiny fixes]

2.0.0 - December 16th, 2021
Z = Run
X= Menu/Cancel
C/Space/Enter= Confirm/Interact
Arrow keys to move
pg up/pg dwn keys to scroll through lists faster
F5/F for registered items and field moves
CTRL - cycle through speed up options (use with caution)
F9 - Soft Reset (Best to be used while standing in the overworld, or in a normal battle. during dialogue and special event battles, it can be buggy)


Q: Where do I go after __? Where do I find ? How do I evolve _? etc.
A: Play the game. If you explore enough and interact with things enough, you will naturally find the answers to your questions. We are not here to hold your hand, because you should not need your hand held. So try to refrain from asking questions like that unless you have exhausted all your other options.

I designed this game to reward your curiosity and promote discovery. Just play the game.

Q:What emulator do I use? Can this be played on Mac?
A: None, this can only be played on a Windows operating system. After extracting the download, open the game folder, then open the Game.exe (little galaxy pokeball icon). It runs by itself.

Q: Are there Mega Evolutions? Nuzlocke mode? Following Pokemon?
A: No.

Q: What are the shiny odds?
A: ~1/3000, and nothing is shiny locked.

Q: What about ability capsules or nature mints?
A: Also no. But there is a nature changer in Hazeport. There's also an ability changer in the post-game.

Q: How rare are Hidden Abilities?
A: There is a 1/200 chance of a wild encounter having it, but roaming overworld encounters are far more likely to have them. The chance increases as you collect badges, as well.

Q: How do I update my game?
A: Your save is located in a different location, so you can just delete the old versions folder, then download and extract the new one.

Q:Where is my save file?
A: C:\Users[User Name]\Saved Games\Pokémon Infinity
Q: How long/ how many badges are there?
A: 5 badges and a four person tournament. Then, if you make the right decision, there is post-game content. Average play time has been ~20 hours, ~30-40 with post-game.

Q: Where is Astral Stone and Miracle Seed?
A: Searidge Town, after you get Cut

Q: How do I make the game full screen?
A: You can't. There are 3 window size options in the game that you can access from the options menu, full screen is unfortunately not one of them.

Q: When do you get the Exp. Share?
A: You get the Exp. Router shortly after the first badge.

Q: What Pokemon are all in this game?
A: 1st through 6th gen, and 100+ new fakemon. Here's the dex, beware spoilers.édex

Q: Can I use __ for my own project?
A: Consider everything private, but if you want to use something, I'm open to discuss it. I can be pretty open with tiles and other resources, but some stuff I want to keep private for Infinity. So just contact me if there's something you want to use, I may be more generous than you'd expect.

Q: Is there a speed-up button?
A: Yes, use Ctrl to cycle through 3 speed options (normal/fast/faster) Use with caution, speed up functions may cause unexpected gameplay issues.

Q: Are the key layouts customizable?
A: No, but I would just use an app called JoyToKey, it allows you to set up custom configurations for any apps/controllers.

Q: Is there a wiki?
A: It is very new and in development, any help with filling it out would be appreciated.

Q: Can I play this on my phone?
A: There is an app called JoiPlay that is able to play on Android phones with minimal issues.


This game is free and should never be involved in any monetary exchange.

Special thanks to the friends that I bounce ideas off of and that provide me feedback and assistance when I need it.
Max, Aki, Josh, Teo, Tom, Andy, Jose, Sam, Sabs, Iwan, Justin, and Ava.

The graphics that were used were either my own or original/edits of the artists below

Atomic Reactor - Lead Developer
Feutor - Competitive Mechanics Coordinator
Homeless - Fakemon Designer
Tomix9tomix - Quality Assurance
SimonAsenime - Scripting

Poccil - pokemon essentials engine
Maruno - present day essentials director and general help
Luka SJ Utilities, Menu, Title
KleinStudio - grass,fly, and transform animations
Marin, Overworld shadows, Footsteps, Speed Up
FL - Unreal Time (that's redundant)
Mr. Gela - Random script tweaks and additions
GolisopodUser - Random script fixes, updates, and additions
TechSkylander - Lots of help with QoL features



Gigatom - [base of Pokecenter design]
Evolina [ mountain and cave tiles]
Phyromatical [mountain and nature tiles]
Zeo [various nature tiles, trees, grass]
The Red Ex [ some buildings and cave tiles]
19Dante19 [trees, wooden signs, and flowers]
Alistair [some rocks]
KyleDove [safari tree, graveyard tree, balloons]
PureAzuure [some indoor tiles]
Princess-Phoenix [museum tiles, various indoor tiles, marine building tiles, virtual tiles]
LunaMaddalena [gamestore machines, hydrant, trash bag]
Flurmimon [some desert tiles and rocks]
Magiscarf [various nature tiles, trees and such]
DaNerdyDude [cacti tiles for desert] -deactivated-
carchagui - [hay pile]
Aiirenee - [lab tiles]
JR.Master - [Some lab/interior tiles]
DStar99_Sprites [Giovanni sprite]
Pixelmister - [Pallet Town tiles]
WesleyFG - [Kanto HGSS tiles]

SirAquakip [Old Obsidian Fakemon]
Dreadwings93 [Unova Backsprites]
Foxeaf [Gorochu Concept Art used for sprite]
KryptonLion [Pokemon Type Icons]
Cuber [Terathwack back sprite and icon, some trainer sprites]
Zermonious [PSS Icons]
VictorV111 [Pokemon Eggs]
SJFzone [Shiny Pokemon Icons]

Character Sprites
trietnio [Protagonist and Other sprites]
cuberbr [Character/Fakemon sprites]
Horo [Donny sprite]
Scept [Fakemon sprites]
DiegoWT [overworld sprites]
VanillaSunshine [overworld sprites]
PurpleZaffre [overworld sprites]
DStar99-Sprites [Red and Giovanni sprites]
Duncapham [Archie and Maxie sprites]
Olivar Jonas Queen [Sunflorid Icon]
Rami [Eeveelution Icons]
Duncapham [Agatha Sprite]
Rekiemlock [Team Flare Overworld]
Zerudez [Yveltal Overworld]
XtraLucas [Fairy Arceus]
PixelMister [Fakemon Sprite]

Animation Graphics
hadecynn / Andy Chen

Title Screen and Background Graphic

Gen 6 Pokemon Sprites and Data (pulled from two public resource packs)
All contributors to the Smogon XY Sprite Project

All contributors to the Smogon Sun/Moon Sprite Project

All contributors to the Smogon Sword/Shield Sprite Project
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Atomic Reactor

I don't even like Pokémon games.
Nov 15, 2014
I love that UI design!
Thank you!

This game is super good! The world feels super alive, and it's a unique premise. But, you're saying I was saying the region wrong the whole time...
Yes, and I cringe anytime anyone else says it wrong too. That's okay though, I like waffles enough to let it pass.

I updated the download link with 1.5.1 and also added some night time screenshots to the main post for variety.
I've played through a good portion so far, and it's really piqued my interest. The game overall feels well-balanced, with normal trainers being fairly strong, but only on occasion do they really pose a challenge, probably because of the type variety - and for the better. The EXP Share has also proved invaluable for recruiting new party members, and really makes for less of a "grinding" feeling. I feel like the EXP formula has been boosted too, but whatever the case, I like it.

I was also pleasantly surprised to see new Pokémon sprites! I haven't seen anyone really remake existing sprites, and certainly not with a different pose. Great job there.

The maps are unique and lively, and a lot of fun to explore. I've yet to untap their full potential with rock climb and surf and what not (or their equivalents, I'm not all that far yet), but even the accessible sections were refreshingly unique and well-designed.

I'm not too far into the story to really say much about it, but I like where it's going from what I've seen so far. It starts of a little "Pokemony", but gets its own Atomic Reactor twist.

I'm really interested in this project - keep up the good work!

Atomic Reactor

I don't even like Pokémon games.
Nov 15, 2014
Thanks for all the kind words Marin, I really appreciate it. Let me know what you think once you beat it!

The first post has been updated with 1.6.0.


This should be the last update for a long time now. I kept wanting to add and fix things with all these updates, but I do really think this is it for the demo. I added one more bonus area in Palkhan Heights, Koros Cave, with new trainers and stuff. Check the changelog for other details. If any glaring issues come up or any bugs, I will probably fix them. But I will not be releasing anything new for this game for a while.

If you beat it, feel free to share a screenshot of your team, I like to see the different combinations people come up with!

Thanks for playing for those that do.


Apr 18, 2017
Glad you posted a youtube video about this game, it's been incredibly fun so far. I can't wait to progress in the story, but I'm having a ton of fun exploring the tiny details and all the unique dialogues you put into every crevice. The combination of beautiful new world and great soundtrack are really scratching an itch for me. Your characters, story, and world-building are enthralling and inspiring. I need to find a pikachu so i can see this double stone evo with my own eyes. Keep up the great work dude!

The only bug I've run into is that the trade guy in Amberfield Town morphs into a scientist making a machoke joke, from a hiker receiving rapidash.


Jul 3, 2017
Infinity has been beyond amazing to play! It's been a long time since I've had such a pleasant experience with a Pokémon game!

Your art and mapping style is one of my favorites out of every game/map I've stumbled across in the fan-game community. Every game you've done has been beyond beautiful, and Infinity is no exception, easily taking place as my favorite out of your games! From just the art alone, from the tiles to the characters to the unique Pokémon, I've felt hugely inspired.

And that's not to mention the charming characters, ranging from the core NPCs all the way down to the trainers and residents. Sometimes when I play fan games, I don't feel urged to talk to every single character I see, but I ended up speaking with the NPCs in Infinity at least twice! If nothing else, the unique charm that comes with your writing is the clearest staple in all of your games; it only takes a few dialogue boxes before it becomes obvious "this game is an Atomic Reactor game". I love that about your style; it's so raw and genuine, going from funny to deep without any warning, but it's never jarring or off-putting. Your sense of humor meshes so well with existential commentary, and you've managed to fit it into a Pokémon game so perfectly that it never feels out of place.

I love the little sliver of story we've been able to see in the demo so far. It was just enough to keep me excited without making me feel that I've already gotten halfway into the plot and need to wait to see more; you did a great job at teasing it for a demo! I'm beyond excited to find out where things progress, and figure out what the evil team is up to...

All in all, I cannot wait to see how you continue developing Infinity! I'm certain that Infinity is the game that has motivated me to pursuit working on my own fan games again, and being able to see a peek into your dev process has been an absolute pleasure. I can't wait to see what the future holds for Infinity!

Here's my team as of the end of the demo. Hunting for that Torchic was such a pain, but it was well worth it!
And a little close-up of my MVP~


A wild Minun appeared!
May 17, 2017
I just started playing but I want to write this before I forget it ^^
I really like the esthetics in every way. Tileset, Mapping, UI, Sprites, ... everything is great. I also think you found a great way to tell the story/lore.

I think that the difference in volume in between the first city and the houses is too much. I like the concept of it being quieter inside ... but the way it is done in this game really gave me a rip earphones user moment the second I stepped out of the house.

Also I used Teleport on the route to Stonedustpeak(I believe that was the name ... where the lab of that super smart person is). On my way there I used teleport expecting to be sent to the previous Pokémon Center. On my way backtracking to where I belonged because I didn't want to miss anything I triggered the story element.

But yeah I really like the game so far and I'm looking to continue playing the next couple days ^-^


Aug 7, 2020
I tried to download it but when I open it in My Boy it doesn't let me play. There are different files in it but none start the game. What should I do,


Jul 3, 2020
Are the tilesets public and free to use? Can you share them and the RPG maker database file?

Atomic Reactor

I don't even like Pokémon games.
Nov 15, 2014
@Eevee27 It looks like you may be trying to run it on an emulator? It is a standalone game that primarily only runs on Windows. I have seen a 3rd party app called Joiplay (youtube it) that allows you to play on android phones with few issues.

@katamuri The download is the entire project unencrypted. Check the ReadMe file that's included to see what's public.


Aug 7, 2020
UI looks amazing. Just amazing, really, love it so much
My main question - what is shiny rate in this one? Plz, don't tell it's like 1/8k....


May 7, 2019
Looks amazing, I'll definitely play this when I finish what I'm currently playing :)
One small thing though, It seems the name Pokémon Infinity brings up several other projects on Google, so it may be a bit troublesome to find reliable information on the game until it reaches high popularity


Aug 7, 2020
@Aine It's about 3/4096, so a little lower than the main series.

Aw, thanks, I'm glad to hear that - as an avid shiny hunter, I really wanna hunt the starter. One more question: if I hunt shiny starter, will I see it's shiny on the icon when naming or only after I check it from ui?