Released I Wanna Be A Vampire!!

This project has a release available. The full version is still a work in progress.
a solo project by trainer00002
made with pokemon essentials v19.1 for game jam #7


I Wanna Be A Vampire!! (Demo)

(unpatched v1.0 download)
resource pack



You are Kyuu Komori, and you want to be a vampire!

... What, that's not enough? You want more? That's all you need to know, though.

You're Kyuu Komori and within a month of moving to a new town, you've decided you're going to move out of your completely adequate apartment which is exactly the right size for you and your Pokemon, has a nice view, isn't too pricy, and only a couple minutes' walk away from a corner store, grocery store, and a well-equipped mall with everything you could ever need. Yeah, screw that place. You're gonna go live in that giant creepy abandoned mansion in the middle of the woods. Why? Well, some guys in the local library said a vampire used to live there, duh!

Of course, breaking into this giant creepy abandoned mansion is not the only thing you've set out to do today. If it was just about moving in, you would have done that already.

No, you needed to do something more important first:

Finish crafting the recipe of a potion that probably maybe might turn you into a vampire!!!

(You haven't tested it at all or even made it yet because you didn't know if it would work or not but more importantly you wanted to be in the mansion when you drank it because then what would be the point?)

Basically, your mission is as follows:
  • Break into the mansion. (It's illegal, but no one's looking.)
  • Get acquainted with your new house (because you're stealing it).
  • Explore the mansion and its yard to find ingredients for your potion. (Not all the ingredients are organic!)
  • Clean it up a little while you're at it, since you're going to be living here from now on (after stealing it). The spooky/abandoned/overgrown look is cool and all, but you're a bit of a neat-freak, so actually living with it the way it is would drive you nuts.
  • Create and drink your potion of become vampire, which may or may not work. (You're also going to make an antidote just in case it starts trying to kill you in a way that won't turn you into a vampire. You're naïve, not stupid!)
  • Now that you're successfully a vampire (or not), live in the mansion until squatter's rights kick in and the mansion is legally yours! (Unless the vampire comes back, in which case your new priority will be getting married.)
Now get out there and become a vampire!


  • Escape room-style gameplay (you aren't trapped anywhere though...)
  • Probably at least one vampire? (this is a demo though so there actually aren't any right now...)
  • Puzzles! (this is a demo though so there actually aren't too many right now...)
  • Lots of flavour text! (this is a demo though so while there's plenty of it, there's still less than i'd like...)
  • Lots of bats! You can talk to them too! (even though this is only a demo, there are actually a lot of bats)
  • Hint system in the form of said bats! Each Pokemon has their own thoughts and ideas and will give different kinds of hints.
  • A protagonist who looks like he's got cute bat ears, but that's a deception, his hair just sticks up like that naturally! (is this even a feature? this almost feels like a downgrade from him being a for-real batboy...)
  • At the moment, a total of three maps to explore, but more to come
What to expect in the future?
  • Completely(?) redone intro (if all goes well, fully illustrated in the first half! right up until the screen shifts to the mansion)
  • More puzzles (including in areas already in the demo)
  • More maps (probably at least three more, for a total of 6+) (definitely more than 3 more now, actually)
  • More flavour text yum yum
  • A heightened chance of at least one vampire(!!!!!!!!!!)
  • Music in the intro sequence, because as it is now I couldn't find a single track that fit it properly so it's completely silent. Imagine it with your mind for now... isn't it beautiful?
  • Two difficulty modes, depending on your Puzzle Intensity Preference; there'll be a plot mode (which, while puzzles will still be present, will be closer to the experience of a visual novel) and regular mode (with all of the original puzzles intact for more of a challenge)
  • An included hint book/walkthrough for both difficulty modes
  • Redistribution of the berries, so watch out! Don't get all used to those placements, buster! The only reason they're all in one place on the map right now is so you can look at the flavour text for them

  • As this is a demo, this is a very small game, but I can't give an accurate playtime estimation due to it being a puzzle game.
  • There are no battles. It's seriously just puzzles. Walk through the tall grass all you want.
  • Photosensitive players may want to avoid running while Swoobat, Crobat or Noibat are following them; it will cause their wings to flap more rapidly than usual and create a sort of flashing effect. I tried to make that not happen and failed. Gliscor does not flap his wings, so he should (presumably) only be as dangerous as Kyuu's sprinting animation.
  • At this point in the demo, Gliscor and Crobat provide somewhat vague hints, whereas Swoobat and Noibat provide more direct ones. They're also in pairs; if Gliscor's hint isn't enough, ask Swoobat. If Crobat's hint isn't enough, ask Noibat.
  • This is my first time making any sort of game at all. Hell, I hadn't even touched RMXP before until it was maybe a week before the jam. So, if things are a little janky, that's why.
  • ^ I've never mapped before either, so I modeled the mansion's interior after the Old Chateau, including using (edited) tiles from it. The mansion is not, in fact, the Old Chateau, though I do want to make a game about it in the future.
  • If you're stuck on a puzzle, feel free to message me for a hint! (By the way, one of the provided screencaps is also a hint... winks)


  • Always be on the look out for things that are out of place! A slight or drastic difference in colour is something to keep an eye out for...
  • When looking for gardening supplies... Actually, three of Kyuu's Pokemon are the same colour as the flower Gliscor saw.
  • Of course, just because everything is visually identical doesn't mean there isn't still something to look for. Be thorough about those bookshelves!
  • That being said, there's only one tile you need on the red bookshelf. (There are some goofs and japes there, though, if you're looking for a heehee or perhaps a haha. Maybe even an "oh god NO" if you're familiar with a certain jojoke. You need to climb the ladder to find anything other than unreadable romance novels, though.)
  • Remember to ask Gliscor and Crobat if you're stuck with something. They've both got different opinions on what you need to do and when.
  • Swoobat has similar ideas to Gliscor, but he's a little more specific about his hints... Noibat doesn't agree with anyone but herself and Kyuu, but she supposes she has some similar priorities to Crobat.
  • When it comes to a certain tile puzzle... pay attention to the light source. The background of the puzzle itself is a hint. There may even be a hint to how to position the tiles in this very thread...!
  • Noibat might have more to say if you talk to her more than once.


This is likely the only update (11/08/2021) this demo will be getting before the final release.
  • Restored the roadblock event that prevents you from being able to walk all the way over to the edge of the map. Have to admit, was very confused when I saw people saying they could somehow get over there, considering that the roadblock event was actually one of if not the FIRST event(s) with speech that I put in this game (if it wasn't the roadblock, it was Gliscor telling you where to find the key). Somewhere along the line it got broken, I guess... Whoops.
  • Fixed issue with Antique Ball not being added to the inventory.​
  • Fixed pass-through-able bookshelf. (... I think?)
  • You can now view Pokemon summaries/try to give them an item safely! (... I think?)
  • You can now enter the mansion from any tile. Previously, entering from the rightmost tile would cause a softlock.​
  • You can now safely view all of the recipe portions.​

Known Issues
  • You can get infinite berries from the Berry Trees, and one or two items may be obtainable more than once. For now, having a boatload of berries isn't too much of an issue, but I'd avoid interacting with spots you've already picked up items from, particularly in the case of any and all keys. I don't wanna spend all my time fixing the demo version, so just put your trust in me that it'll be dealt with in the final release, please! (Unless something changes and I do make a longer demo or something, but... for now, this is the final version of the demo and there won't be any new IWBAV until the full game is completed. The wait will very likely be more painful for me than anyone else...)​
  • Apparently, the demo end's "roll credits" options are switched ("I want to explore more" will display credits, "Go to credits" will have you continue the game), however I was unable to replicate this issue in my own save file nor does there seem to be anything wrong (from what I can tell, at least) in the event that triggers these. Due to that, I unfortunately can't fix it, so for now... pretend it's Opposite Day, I guess! Sorry... Hey, on the bright side, this is a big "demo-only" issue, since it's not really gonna be a "yes/no" thing in the final version.


Writing, Coding, Other Stuff:
Griffin "Babbage" trainer00002 (my legal full name irl)

General Sprites and Tiles:

Gen 4 Overworlds:

Gen 5 Overworlds:

Gen 6 Stuff
Party/Battle Sprites:

Overworld Sprites:
Sparta users:
Random Talking Bush

Name Window Script:

"Biotope" / Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward
"Abyssal Badlands" / Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon
"Mystery of Fossils" / Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon

Following Pokemon EX:
Golisopod User
Amrin (Fairies Resource Pack)

"Pokémon Essentials" was created by:
Poccil (Peter O.)

With contributions from:
MiDas Mike
Near Fantastica
Genzai Kawakami
Golisopod User
Jacob O. Wobbrock
Lisa Anthony
Luka S.J.
and everyone else who helped out

"mkxp-z" by:
Based on MKXP by Ancurio et al.

"RPG Maker XP" by:

Pokémon is owned by:
The Pokémon Company
Affiliated with Game Freak

This is a non-profit fan-made game.
No copyright infringements intended.
Please support the official games!
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Hoothoot enthusiast
Just finished my playthrough! Firstly, I wanna say that the writing was absolutely charming. Highlight of my game. I live Kyuu as a character, I love the interactions they have with their Pokemon, just... wow! Everything I love out of dialogue in games like this. Afterwards I'll just go off my list of pros and cons:

  • Writing, obviously.
  • Your cutscenes were excellent. They were full of emotion and set the scene perfectly. Lots of eventing movement, turning, etc.
  • I liked the interior of the mansion! The tiles used fit together nicely, and the layout felt large without having us be able to be lost. I notice a common trend in games like this, "one location games" where they make their maps too big, and thus the player can get lost easily. Not the case here, though that may be due to how most doors were blocked off for now.
  • Music was well scored, though unfortunately missing for some scenes.
  • The puzzles all felt really satisfying once I figured them out! I especially loved the seats at the table (spoilers) representing which number position each of the puzzle pieces were moved into.
  • Exterior mapping. I think the outside of the mansion could have used a bit more elevation changing, like perhaps a hill leading up to the mansion itself, or the backyard being on a lower level.
  • I also noticed the same tiles being used a lot, there could have been more variety!
  • Some of Kyuu's flavor text goes on for a bit too long, especially when inspecting things that specifically relate to puzzles. One notable example of this is in the library, when you have to go through at least 3 or 4 lines of dialogue after inspecting every shelf.
  • Some of the puzzles can be a bit obtuse in terms of actually activating them! (I may be in the minority here, if I am let me know because my brain is pudding.) Examples of this are the slight color changing in the grass for finding the first key, and the entry to the book shuffling puzzle.
Overall, I really enjoyed my time with this game even if I was a bit too smooth-brained for some of the puzzles! I really look forward to seeing the whole release, I'll absolutely be watching out for anything else you make as well.

There isn't anything stopping me from walking off the edge of the map here
Screenshot (64).png

Grass is missing the proper bush terrain tag so that Kyuu actually sinks in rather than standing on it.
Screenshot (65).png

(This one may be intentional) Berry trees can be picked infinitely. Also, the soil returns to a soft and loomy state even though the tree is still there.
Screenshot (66).png

Kyuu really is a vampire, flight and all!
Screenshot (67).png

Slight priority issue on the side of the mansion
Screenshot (68).png

And I already mentioned the last one, but credits aren't linked to the appropriate option after you open the safe.


Short for Armament Robin
Oct 9, 2020
Hello! I played your game first because I LOVE VAMPIRES, so here are some thoughts about it!

It's too short! I want to make some potions and interact more with my bat Pokémon friends and clean up the mansion and make it pretty and discover all its secrets and meet a handsome and mysterious vampire husband etc, etc. I want Kyuu to finally realize his vampire dreams! Of course, I understand that the game is how it is given the time constraints of the Jam, but that doesn't stop me from hoping to see more from it, and hoping to see more of Kyuu!

I just wanna be a vampire, okay? Please let me be a vampire in the full version...

About the aesthetics
  • Kyuu is sooo precious. Just... the entire vibe of the game resonates with me so much. Bats and vampires, what's there not to love?
  • The red and black mansion exterior is really to die for! I can understand why Kyuu wants to live there.
  • Those handwritten notes have so much charm, and reflect so much of Kyuu's childish yet earnest enthusiasm. The "paper" you used for it is pretty nice too.
  • Maybe it's a personal thing, but I wish to see more hints of a "past splendor" (i.e. more "fancy" and "opulent" tiles, like chandeliers and roses!), though I'm aware there might not be tiles for these kinds of things...

About the puzzles
  • The fact that 2 of the numbers are topsy-turvy in the tile puzzle kind of got me stuck for a while because it didn't even cross my mind that they'll be in any orientation other than the "correct" one. (Also, if the OG vamp's intention was to throw intruders off from discovering the safe passcode, why even underline the number 6, and why invert a 0 when it's a circle every direction you look?)
  • If the numbers for each color from the book puzzle represents (row,column), shouldn't blue be (1,5) instead of (5,1)?
  • Other than that, I thought that the puzzles were rather clever! They require some thinking, but it's easy to connect the clues from your Pokémon together, and I do feel satisfied solving them! Perhaps, instead of a single Pokémon sprite that can be switched around, all 4 of your Pokémon can be in the same room together? That way, players won't need to go through the hassle of pressing the switch option (they can just walk up to each Pokémon for hints), and the room becomes livelier as well.

Some errors
  • Outside the mansion, walking all the way right will take you to the edge of the map, the path Kyuu walked in the beginning when he was explaining stuff. Might want to add an event to prevent players from doing that.
  • Certain events repeat themselves after they are completed. 1) The Berry picking, 2) The solving of the book puzzle, resulting in players obtaining unlimited Ancient Orbs (that do not show up in the bag for some reason). Might want to activate a self-switch for these event, with the self-switch leading to a blank page, for instance.
  • Some of the pictures shown for the recipes are not removed when the "A" button is pressed.
  • The option for credits do not show the credits, while the option that isn't the credits show the credits.

In any case, サンキュウ~ so much for making this enjoyable demo! I really do look forward to seeing the full game!


I exist!
Jul 27, 2021
I have to say I really enjoyed this game! It was fun and while the puzzles were a little tricky at times, they were just tricky enough to feel rewarding. Definitely looking forward to playing the full release of this one.


Feb 22, 2021
I'm STUCK on the puzzle in the book, where you assemble 4 number. I'm just "what else do you need?!", it's infuriating.
I made this
, same configuration but with two upper numbers swapped and rotated, same numbers but with the corner ticks meeting in the center instead.... Nothing. I cannot make this puzzle accept anything. I love the little part of the dialogue I've seen, and the atmosphere, but HATE this one puzzle.

Update: The hints helped ) Still, in my personal opinion, this one puzzle is just unfair, unlike the "3 codes for 3 colors" or the front yard key search - they are the examples of good puzzles.
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nothing but babbages in here tonight
Jun 8, 2021
hey everybody! i unfortunately have a disease where i'll explode violently if i try to directly respond to compliments, so i'm sorry i haven't given y'all any replies and just dropped a little heart on all your comments, but i'd like to thank you all sincerely for all your feedback and for motivating the hell outta me to keep working at this! for real, i made this whole game for... pretty much me and my friends and didn't expect anyone else to be interested in it, so the fact that other people seem to like it really surprised me... ;__; i'm really glad you guys enjoyed playing it and i hope you'll continue enjoying it when it's finished!

(also, Holy Shit I Got A Judge Spotlight, How Did That Happen, If Any Judges Are Reading This Thank You So Very Much, etc etc. eventually... one of these days....... i'll manage to post a comment directly on that thread....... once i can stop exploding violently every time i look at it... i have a lot of explosion diseases you see. it's unfortunate)

anyways, onto the meat of this post: firstly, i've taken these responses into account, and here is what to expect when you next see iwbav (which is not here yet. and will not be for a while. just letting you all know what i've been working on!):
  • added loads of new functions! you can now actually use your notebook, which has a quest log so you won't forget what puzzles you need to finish, a log of kyuu's thoughts as he progresses through the mansion (which may contain some #sweet #hints...! and sometimes just complete frivolity), the antidote and potion recipes, as well as kyuu's research notes, which is just some optional worldbuilding that you may or may not be interested in reading
  • massive redo of the library map! this has nothing to do with the feedback i got, actually, but... it's pretty drastic so i thought it warranted a warning, especially because it also means puzzle answers are changing
  • i've also changed some other maps but they're more minor differences i think (but if you want to see berry flavour text, that is most likely NOT going to be accessible anymore, so check those out in the first demo)
  • well the long flavour text is still there in some places, but i've made it so that you only see the preambles once, and on subsequent interactions with the event (or similar events) kyuu will cut right to the chase
  • working on fixing the tile puzzle (and the way that it sucks really bad) as i write this comment! now... i need to break it to you that i did technically make it longer, but hear me out hereHEY NO COME BACK I PROMISE THIS IS A GOOD THING i made it longer in the sense that you are completing four 2x2 puzzles separately, instead of a single 4x4 puzzle with all the pieces mixed together. once you've done all of those, you do one more 2x2 puzzle where you need to put each square in the right spot, which should be easier to understand if you put all the squares in the right order the first time around. if this still sounds confusing, that's PROBABLY because i can't speak like a normal person, and you'll PROBABLY understand when you actually go to do the puzzle. probably. if not, then... whoops!
  • probably other things i forgot i changed
  • i can't even remember if the new custom pokedex/pokemon descriptions were in this demo? if they weren't in there they're in the new one. planning on fixing up the party/summary menus too

secondly, there's also a bunch of stuff to maybe expect when you next see iwbav! and by that i mean. i haven't decided if i should put it in yet. and would like opinions on some of these ideas. so i made this poll here


(that's a poll by the way. if you skimmed this and then went "wait wtf is that about corn" that's a poll. i'm hoping if i sandwich that link with sentences telling you "THIS IS A POLL" that people who won't be tricked by my alluring corn offer will still click the link anyway)

i don't know if you could tell from reading this entire thing but i am in a strange mood today. not a bad one. just a strange one