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Step 1: Downloading files
Click on the Download link in the game's post. If you can't find it, press Ctrl+F and search "Download", and it should bring you right to it. You do NOT need to download any link marked Resource Pack, those are collections of graphics from the game for other developers to used.

You'll usually be met with mediafire, Mega, or Google Drive, and the download button will be pretty easy to find there.


Step 2: Extracting files
Note: If your downloaded file is not a compressed file (.rar, .zip, .7z, etc), you can skip this step and move on to Step 3

Usually, these files are too big to upload them all at once. To make this easier, people will do what's calling compressing a folder to make it smaller and easier to store. Compressing a folder usually makes a file that's a .zip or .rar.

To get these files to be usable, we have to do extract/unzip them. This is a pretty simple process, but it does require using an external program. I personally like to use 7Zip, as it's free and pretty easy to use, but you can use any program that can extract files.

Using your program, find the file that you downloaded in Step 1. It'll usually be located in your Downloads folder. Select it and click the Extract button.

You'll be met with a prompt that asks where you want the folder to be extract to. Just press OK, because the default is in the same folder where the compressed file is located, so it'll just be a new folder in your downloads.

Step 3: Running the game's files
Look in your folder and see if you can find a file named "Game". (It'll be an application, or .exe)

If you can find that, then you're playing an RPGMaker game, and you do not need an emulator to run the game. Just click on the file to run it, and it'll start playing!

Most games on Relic Castle are designed with RPGMaker, and the ones that don't will usually mark themselves as being a ROM hack instead.

RPGMaker games are generally designed to play on Windows, but you may be able to get the game to run on other systems with certain programs.

If you don't have a Game file, then you probably downloaded a ROM Hack's patcher. This means that you'll need two more things:
  • An unedited copy of the game that was hacked. (For example, if it's a FireRed hack, you'll need to search for a FireRed ROM)
  • An emulator to play the game on. (The emulator must be able to handle the platform the game was originally on- for example, for a FireRed hack, you'll look for an emulator that can play GBA games)
Applying the patch should be a simple process- just run the patcher and tell it to update the unedited copy. If you're having trouble, try asking the developer what program you should use to patch the game. From there, just use your emulator to run the game's file!
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