Completed Holly goes to the F*cking Lake

This project is complete. Any future revisions will be bug fixes or small updates.

Holly goes to the F*cking Lake

A calm and euphoric fishing experience



Are you tired of battling? So are we.
Come join Holly as she is roped into a fishing competition, where you can expect the following:
-A new, fun fishing minigame inspired by Stardew Valley
-A Big Book of Fish for you to fill in with details of 40 obtainable fish
-Three elusive Legendary Fish to track down

Do you have what it takes to fish them all?

Its mechanics are very similar to the fishing minigame from Stardew Valley, but if that means nothing to you, here is a nice infographic to help explain!


Tomix9tomix - Mapping and some other stuff
Ranko - Protag spriter, cutscene queen, and pogchamp
Vendily - Scripting goddess and a great teacher
Lichenprincess - Trainer sprite magician

This game was made in ~3 ~4 days spurred on by a foolhardy thought by Ranko. And I, also in a foolhardy fashion, was completely on board with the prompt of making a fishing game. Originally the new fishing mechanic was not even planned, but very last minute Vendily joined on board and worked very quickly and very well. And I am very glad for it as I fricken love that fishing game.

On a more serious note, I really enjoyed making this game, it was a fun little rush for a few days, and I'm quite happy with the outcome. It was really great to make this game alongside my amazing team members, I hope you enjoy.

Resource Pack Download:

Made Using:
RPGMaker XP and Pokemon Essentials

Holly goes to the F_cking Lake
Made by Tomix9tomix, Ranko, Vendily, and Lichenprincess

Ekat Gen 3 Tiles:
Heartless Dragoon
Ross Hawkins
Pokemon Dawn
Pokémon Rejuvenation

Tower of Hats Tiles
Elle aka Midnitez-REMIX
Pokemon - Fire Red & Leaf Green
Pokemon - Ruby, Sapphire & Emerald

Gen 8 Project

Battler Sprites:
Gen 1-5 Pokemon Sprites - veekun
Gen 6 Pokemon Sprites - All Contributors To Smogon X/Y Sprite Project
Gen 7 Pokemon Sprites - All Contributors To Smogon Sun/Moon Sprite Project
Gen 8 Pokemon Sprites - All Contributors To Smogon Sword/Shield Sprite Project
Overworld Sprites
Gen 6+ Berry Tree Overworlds - Anarlaurendil
Gen 6 Pokemon Overworlds - princess-pheonix, LunarDusk, Wolfang62, TintjeMadelintje101, piphybuilder88
Gen 7 Pokemon Overworlds - Larry Turbo, princess-pheonix
Gen 8 Pokemon Overworlds - SageDeoxys, Wolfang62, LarryTurbo, tammyclaydon
Gen 1-5 Pokemon Overworlds - MissingLukey, help-14, Kymoyonian, cSc-A7X, 2and2makes5, Pokegirl4ever, Fernandojl, Silver-Skies, TyranitarDark, Getsuei-H, Kid1513, Milomilotic11, Kyt666, kdiamo11, Chocosrawlooid, Syledude, Gallanty, Gizamimi-Pichu, 2and2makes5, Zyon17,LarryTurbo, spritesstealer, LarryTurbo
Icon Sprites
Gen 1-6 Pokemon Icon Sprites - Alaguesia
Gen 7 Pokemon Icon Sprites - Marin, MapleBranchWing, Contributors to the DS Styled Gen 7+ Repository
Gen 8 Icon Sprites - Larry Turbo, Leparagon
Cry Credits:
Gen 1-6 Pokemon Cries - Rhyden
Gen 7 Pokemon Cries - Marin, Rhyden
Gen 8 Pokemon Cries - Zeak6464
Script Credits:
Golisopod User, Luka S.J.
Compilation of Resources:
Golisopod User, UberDunsparce

Fast Forward Script

Marin - for the original Better Speed Up script
Phantombass - updating the script to Essentials v19.1


"Pokémon Essentials" was created by:
Poccil (Peter O.)

With contributions from:
Boushy<s>MiDas Mike
Brother1440<s>Near Fantastica
Genzai Kawakami<s>Popper
Golisopod User<s>Rataime
Jacob O. Wobbrock<s>the__end
Lisa Anthony<s>Wachunga
Luka S.J.<s>
and everyone else who helped out

"mkxp-z" by:
Based on "mkxp" by Ancurio et al.

"RPG Maker XP" by:
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Arbiter of Doggos
Dec 12, 2017
I have 100% the game, my Legend of the River King qualifications from years ago got me through. Here's my review:

  • Charming presentation and small eventing touches
  • That junpei kid, and the talk of realities remind me of a certain visual novel.
  • H-how is pikachu a fish? Cause it can surf? But it can't dive... By that logic, because it can use fly, it should be included in your next fangame, Duck goes to the f*cking Hunt
  • Charming text, and some of the character touches either visually (glasses ice cream gramps) or Fisher X ultimately being you, and the likes
  • Why can I not destroy the sandcastle
  • for such a small game made in such a short time its surprisingly spiced up in gameplay variety, despite being inherently limited
  • nicely connected things you can find, leek, maps, the different balls
  • BBoF entries for the most part are nicely written, and its design and colors are befitting of such a book
  • lmao at the buoy events, poor kid
  • nice that the "range" of bar represents the type of rod and how deep you can fish with
  • a cool addition that the fishing music changes with the legendary encounters

  • I think it was a psyduck cry but man that was loud (title screen). Seems like the cries are louder than other sfx and music
  • The camera takes a moment till it synchronizes with the ship at the very beginning while fading in
  • Camera resets abruptly before the fisherman leaves, and the player assumes control
  • "The standard bobber has been equipped" is missing a full stop. Same with great bobber. And all others.
- Shouldnt fishing npcs return to their fishing-facing positions after being talked to? Johnny doesn't. Cave either. Probs others. Farfetchd too.
  • Signs say "trainer tip" instead of "tips". Unless that changed in recent gens?
  • Each time you talk to shuppet, the camera moves up if you select a wrong answer and ask again (and get it wrong). See attachment
  • You can cheat the weed rod by using one of the speedup stages and simply hitting confirm button fast, same for deepsea rod in lower range
  • you forgot to replace the "added to pokedex line" after catching a mon
  • not a bug but a question: are legendary fish catchable before getting the prompt and/or the maps for them (as soon as you have the right rod)
  • I think master fisherman didnt mention what rod you need for the zard, though its easy to guess
  • tile bug in bottom left corner as shown in the attachment

- It'd be pretty nifty if we could see what fish are left to catch in each area. I know this is a 3-day jam game, but still. Perhaps categorization/sections in the BBoF? Though they do seem to appear in order of areas, kinda

- The fact that mons can run away is pretty annoying imo, since you get another catching safari minigame on top of the fishing one. Also, I got the super rod quick and didnt leave the first area (only to catch the 5th mon required) and almost every super rod + ultra bobber catch got away. Perhaps reduce the fleeing rate enough. Quickballs help a lot tho.

- Was there a hint for the buoy thing? Cause I can imagine some players not finding it

- better make the encounter rates of mons that can be found from same rods the exact same, so they have50/50 change of appearing, otherwrise the catching drags a bit, particularly in conjunction with fleeing chances

- that wailord is a pain to catch even with a heavy ball. Charizard too. Generally, the high flee rate made the game tedious at some parts - being pretty well-paced otherwise.

It was a much more enjoyable game than I had expected, especially considering the development time. I personally liked the minigame, , though I actually forgot you could alter its difficulty until after I finished the game. There was enough spice surrounding the main mechanic to make it feel fresh throughout, and the general pace didn't feel dragged. The only exception was the aforementioned catch rate and fleeing chance. Also, it could be a bit less meme-y while also being more humorous, but that's a subjective thing.


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~snip snip~
Aaaaa! Thank you so much for playing and reporting those bugs! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

To reply to one very specific point:
In hindsight it is probably kinda dumb to make one of the first NPCs that you're going to talk to an obscure reference, but it's a fangame so I'm going to self indulge a little bit at the cost of the common player's experience. :P
But yeah it makes me happy to see someone get the 999 reference, so thank you for mentioning it <3


AKA Pelegocan
Feb 29, 2020
Hi. I played your game and it was very well done for something made in 3 days. Here is my spoiler filled feedback:
The fishing game is fun. You fail once or twice (or so) and then you get the hang of a given rod. I didn't mess with speedup or the easy mode but the standard difficulty was in a good place. The dialogue is funny (even if I don't get all the references). I was pretty amused at the Relic Gold being completely useless. I ended up 100%ing the game since the master bobber just makes that a lot more doable. I thought the pacing was excellent. It was nice how I felt like I was figuring out how to get all the fish and the legendary fish myself but also there is dialogue that can point you in the right direction. I love the treasure maps too. One thing I didn't realize is that there was a pc option in the menu so I wasn't able to outdo the Rhydon until the postgame. Not like you really need heavy balls anyway. Especially AFTER completing that quest... I facepalmed multiple times playing your game (this is a compliment). Somehow I aced the Shuppet quiz first try, that was entertaining. Not sure what happens if I got the answers wrong. Man I knew the best fish Pokemon would be Charizard (because Shuppet told me) but the scuba mask was too good. Throwing the buoy was a nice addition as an alternate way to fish (yes I saved the little girl). Also I am a fan of the tiles and gen 3 music so that made it that much easier to enjoy for me. The whole running joke of "this is totally a fish" or the kind of "close enough" vibe was great and made that much more sense knowing this was made in such a short time. It just ended up making the whole game that much funnier :)
So yeah thanks for making this charming, fun, funny game! I quite enjoyed it :)


Don't Go, Pikachu! & Ulix Dexflow framework
May 20, 2021
Beat the game in just under an hour. I had a great time, esp for such a small game!
The game looks great considering the time constraints. The critique below ignores those time constraints, it's more of an "if you'd spend more time on this you could do X" kind of thing.

  • In the starting cutscene the camera suddenly snaps to the boat which is a bit jarring. Would be nice to get some water trail behind the boat.
  • A game like this might benefit greatly from a dedicated fishing button.
  • The dialogue is definitely one of the strong points in this game, it's fantastic.
  • The only dialogue that I didn't like was the shuppet quiz. The animation felt long and making mistakes felt very tedious, I'm here to fish gdammit!
  • BBOF is great, though considering the title of the game perhaps the name "BFBOF" would've been more fitting :>
  • I couldn't figure out a way of seeing what bobber I have equipped currently.
  • I really liked the fishing minigame, though I found it rather easy, even when the game was sped up. Perhaps would be cool if the "catch" area shrinks as you get higher on the meter.
  • For all I liked the fishing minigame I wasn't a fan of the dynamics behind catching the pokémon, and personally, I'd wished more of the gameplay was on the fishing minigame. Still fun though!
  • The maps look great in general with plenty of NPCs to interact with, though there are some small tiling issues, primarily around the rock and beach areas.
  • Receiving the master lure at the end was a nice catch, though it does remove a good chunk of the gameplay. I'd preferred if the NPC would tell me in what areas I could find the fish that I'm still missing.
  • When saving the Pokédex reports how many Pkmn that you've seen you also caught, but I feel it would be more logical if it told you how many of the total you've managed to catch.
  • I played the game with max speedup, no casual mode. Interestingly I found the old and good rod the most challenging rods to fish with using these settings.
Had a great time with this!
The UI edits were all great little touches! I feel like the game manages a distinct atmosphere with the little details like that, plus the tiles, like it's not just "a game in Gen 3's style" but "a game with a style based on Gen 3", if that makes sense?

I loved the little quips Holly wrote in her book, it was a great way to repurpose the dex and give her more characterization!

Holly sprites are all really nice! The backsprite especially has a really clean animation!

The minigame was a lot of fun! The different movements for the rods was a fun touch, and the difficulty options were really nice! The pacing of it was great, too - between having the rods registered and the Safari Zone battles not taking too long anyways, it's real easy to get into the swing of things! I And I loved the music change and little crown for the legendary fish, haha, it was a great way to make a simple UI like that still exciting!
I feel like there should have been a background when displaying Holly's trainer sprite in the intro cutscene, it was a little visually cluttered to have her directly above the map. (Honestly, I'd even say you could just skip naming her entirely - she's enough of her own character that I don't think anyone would mind not being able to rename her - but with no trainer card, this is the only time to show off her trainer sprite, so I get it, lol)

I think it'd be a fun touch to change the Run button to Toss, and the "Got away safely" message to "(Player) threw (Pokemon) back in the water!"

The treasure maps all have the same item description, so there's not really any way to tell which is which. I was (very mildly) inconvenienced scrolling through them to see which was which when going for the legendary fish, and I think a bit like "A treasure map depicting a beach", "A treasure map depicting a forest", etc. would make that just a little bit easier.

Speaking of scrolling through items, I think it'd be useful to have the key items pocket use the autosort, and put all the rods together, all the bobbers together, etc.

Since there's only key items and the occasional item pocket item, you could probably even make the Relic Gold (and the Mystic Water Castform holds) into key items and just get rid of the other pockets entirely, if you wanted to toy with the bag UI more.

The maps kind of feel a little static? With the exception of the bay, there's no moving autotiles anywhere, even as the ship docks, and all the NPCs stay in place, too.

Echoing Sipondo's point about seeing which bobber is equipped, and adding that I think it could be handy to register the bobbers as well. (Honestly, if you could figure it out, I think automatically registering every item could be pretty nice)

I think this game would do better to just have two fast forward toggles, so it's just on/off rather than scrolling through fast/faster to reset before fishing again.

I kind of think it'd be nice to have some indicator for when you've caught all Pokemon in an area? I dunno, though, the only options I can think of are the habitat list of Gen 5 or separate regional dexes, and both are kind of a lot of effort just to narrow down four locations for a Pokemon.

I kind of feel like Dune should have been a little more surprised at Holly finding one of the legendary fish rather than just saying "very impressive, but you still need more!", especially after his reverence at the end of the game.

"Holly received a The Best Rod" feels a little weird - you can actually tweak the script to change the word in front of it, like how Leftovers will say "Player received some Leftovers" instead of "a Leftovers".

This is probably more because of time constraints, but I was expecting some more dialogue updates as the story progressed, like the brothers realizing Holly had taken their maps, or that attendant at the dock finding out about her achievements.
After playing the quiz game with Shuppet, the BGM that resumes isn't the Sambo Woods BGM.

When catching a Pokemon, the message still says their data was added to the PokeDex rather than to the BBOF.

The top border on the Info page is still red when displaying the info after catching a Pokemon -

Lumineon, Dragonair, Sharpedo, and Wailord still have their normal dex entries.

Is Wooper's dex entry supposed to be just "this"? Wasn't sure if that was a gag or not.

Pokemon that are usually floating in the air - Geodude, Mantine, Kyogre, etc - are all on the ground. (If you used the auto-position script, I think that just looks for any non-transparent pixels and uses that to set the species metrics, so that's probably why?)

The yes/no for the ice cream quest is displayed in the upper-left corner rather than above the message box - it's probably not directly after a text command.
  • Oh finally! - Oh, finally!
  • Just take that old rod - old rod should be capitalized
  • is to hold down the rod button and releasing at the right times! - Either "holding down the rod button and releasing" or "to hold down the rod button and release it"
  • will go next too - go next, too -
  • by pressing "Q", But make sure - either change the comma to a period or don't capitalize But
  • Hey, what are you doing here. - should end in a ?
  • Hehe this treasure map - Hehe, this
  • The seem too occupied - They seem
  • Pretty nifty eh? - Pretty nifty, eh?
  • Now that I've hidden my treasure map in one of the dead trees I can - comma after dead trees
  • while I was getting some icecream for us - ice cream
  • Maybe once the twerps leave I'll see if my legs have what it takes to get that icecream to her - comma after leave, ice cream
  • Now your results so far - Now, your results
  • They do make it a lot easier though! - easier, though!
  • It isn't much but this is all - much, but
  • for saving me Miss! - me, Miss!
  • throw balls at these fish but now all my balls are just - fish, but now
  • God this fishing stuff sucks - God, this
  • Some icecream sure would - ice cream
  • Oh did my grandpa send you - Oh, did
  • her mouth full of icecream - ice cream
  • Wow you did well to - Wow, you
  • my heavy weight Rhyhorn - heavyweight
  • Look I don't have time to waste - Look, I
  • useless in this fishing competition but you have - competition,
  • With that I suppose it is time - that, I suppose
  • This Deep Sea Rod that I've given you here, is such a rod - no comma
  • However you'd still need to - However,
  • You've made good progress but you're missing - progress, but
  • Oh masterful Fisher X - Oh, masterful
  • your all seeing glare - all-seeing

Dex entries -
  • When I was in school we would hold - school, we would
  • don't annoy it or it will - it, or it will
  • a mysterious wonder as nobody can - wonder, as nobody


Feb 10, 2023
I'm trying to play this but after the start screen I get an error, saying SpriteWindow_Text has an undefined method ("viewport") in line 981. I'm playing on Joiplay if that makes a difference! I'd be really happy if someone could help. Thank you!