Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

We expect members of Relic Castle to adhere to a set of rules that will be define below. These rules should be kept in mind at all time when browsing or using our web site. These rules are behavioural guidelines that, when acknowledged by all our members, will ensure Relic Castle is and remains a safe, friendly environment where everyone can express themselves.

These rules will be referenced and enforced by our Moderators and Administrators (“Staff”) when necessary. Consequences of breaking these rules is entirely up to the discretion of the Staff member. If you disagree with the decision of a Staff member, you may bring this up with that Staff member, contact an Administrator, or contact


As all our members must be 13 years or older, we expect all our members to behave as adults. This means that none of the below will be tolerated:
  • Disrespect towards other members; name-calling, harrassment, trolling, or else;
  • Discrimination on any basis; age, race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, belief, or else;
  • Providing of or linking to explicit material, such as pornography, nudity, or extreme violence;
  • Unsolicited advertising
  • Spamming
If you believe this has taken place, either privately or in a thread, please get in touch with a Staff member or report the content.


We do not condone any form of plagiarism on Relic Castle. Plagiarism means copying or passing of work that belongs to someone else without permission, or using someone else’s work without their permission. Not only is this conduct against our code, but also violates the author’s copyrights. If you are found conducting plagiarism, action will be taken to remove the offending material and you may find yourself removed from the web site.

If you believe your or someone else’s work has been plagiarised, please get in touch with a Staff member or report the content.

Illegal Goods

Similar to plagiarism, you are not allowed to distribute or link to illegal goods. This includes, but is not limited to: pirated movies, games, music, ROMs or other disc images of games, and more. If you are found doing so action will be taken to remove the offending material and you may find yourself removed from the web site. ROM Hacks are permitted so long as the ROM Hack is provided as a patch and not the ROM itself.

Financial Transactions

Monetary transactions on Relic Castle are allowed privately, but Relic Castle is under no circumstances liable or responsible for any misconduct performed in this way. This means you are allowed to discuss and execute commissions, but this must go privately via direct messages.

User Accounts

If your account has been rejected or you have been banned, do not create a new account. If your account was wrongfully rejected, which can happen if it triggers a spam log, you should contact or and an Administrator will review your account. If you have been banned, you may attempt to appeal your ban by contacting An Adminstrator may then reconsider your ban or not; they will get back to you with their final decision. Spamming this appeal email will reduce your chances of being unbanned.

If you are found to have multiple accounts for the same person, using the same e-mail address or ip-address, action may be taken against one or all of the accounts if there is no valid reason for there to exist multiple accounts.

In the same spirit, you should refrain from making accounts for projects or teams and instead create a personal, individual account. We want to interact with you, not your project or team. Your account should represent you as a person.