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  1. Aki
    Aki Vendily
    omigosh I just saw the flatdex link in your signature and it's ADORABLE
  2. Electiwirez
  3. Electiwirez
  4. Rhyden
    So close to finishing my jam game yet so far...
  5. Electiwirez
  6. Electiwirez
  7. Electiwirez
  8. Greninjauzumaki
    I am not bad , I am just evil
  9. Electiwirez
  10. Christian_Knight
    New member. I make pokemon rpg maker games to keep myself entertained.
  11. Electiwirez
  12. Electiwirez
  13. Electiwirez
  14. Sheldon Stewart
    Sheldon Stewart
    Working on Game Jam #3
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  15. Electiwirez
  16. Knight
    Working on #PKMNPsiAmethyst
  17. Greninjauzumaki
    Pokemon games taught me the lessons of life.
  18. Electiwirez
    Electiwirez [Insertnamehere]
    Happy Birthday!
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    2. [Insertnamehere]
      Heh, thanks for the kind words, my friend. ;D You're a musician, correct?
      Jul 20, 2017 at 10:43 AM
    3. Electiwirez
      yes I am!
      Jul 20, 2017 at 10:45 AM
    4. Electiwirez
      what do you do?
      Jul 20, 2017 at 10:46 AM
  19. Greninjauzumaki
    Playing Pkmn Alchemist
  20. Vernelion
    Having fun! ^^
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