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  1. Godric.sulphor
  2. Demondew
    I really wish there was a few apk file versions of Pokémon games because I got a recording software I can use
  3. Mr. Gela
    Mr. Gela
    Dab the clouds away
  4. TechSkylander1518
  5. Professor Colress
    Professor Colress Thundaga
    RANDOM SUGGESTION - Name Pokemon Garbage to Pokemon Whack 2.
    Get it? Whack 2 = Black 2.
    Just for lols
  6. Professor Colress
    Professor Colress Thundaga
    Happy Birthday! I am getting into your summit trials streams and it looks amazing. I can't download the game myself, because I don't have a computer.
  7. TechSkylander1518
  8. Professor Colress
    Professor Colress Thundaga
    I also watched the majority of your pokemon essentials tutorial series on youtube and your first session on Pokemon Tidal. One thing about the shiny tropius inlet on the first island: The water surrounding it should also extend into the centered area with the small trees. Just a bit of my opinion.
  9. Professor Colress
  10. Professor Colress
  11. Greninjauzumaki
  12. Capptier
    Capptier Shgeldz
    Ayy, yo what up shgeldz! Just wanna know you're doing, man! I think it's been a while since we last talked, i think. How has your playthrough of Gold and Silver doing? I know that Evan is pretty far in his playthrough but thought i shoild check on yours too. Reply soon to me!
  13. J&L Games
    J&L Games
    Hi I am Hoping to bring all kinds of content to everyone stick around and if you want to help digitally with my new game Pokemon Tropics .
  14. SuperSeiza
    Wassup, The name is Takeru and I love making games
  15. Kawaiiski
    Streaming... and troubleshooting my audio, FML. You can still DM me, because It's pretty lonely RN :/
  16. Tomix9tomix
    1. TechSkylander1518
      Oct 18, 2017 at 4:35 PM
  17. Kawaiiski
    I'll be streaming about art, tools, life, and many other topics on my own Discord Server tomorrow @ 3:00PM. If anyone wants a link, DM me!
  18. Greninjauzumaki
    Got my 8th Badge today!!!!!
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  19. Kawaiiski
    I've got some free resources for PTS 2 on my home page! Go there for more info~
  20. TechSkylander1518
    TechSkylander1518 ArchyArc
    Happy birthday!
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